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Illegal Internet cafes were completely different from 10 years ago.

They have become very high-end.

Each and every computer was placed within a single room, which not only had air conditioning, a single-seater sofa, but also a small refrigerator.

For Yaeger, it didnt matter how the environment looked, the key point was that there was no need to register an ID card and leave any information here!

After paying a deposit of 200 RMB, Yaeger came to a single room, locked the door, and then turned on the computer.

He was about to search for information about [Princess] but found that there was no need to search at all.

The computer automatically popped up a bunch of Hot Searches about Princess.

“I actually made it to the top of the Hot Search list…” The corners of Yaegers eyes couldnt help but to twitch, “Moreover, there are so many pictures of me!”

Seeing the comments from the vanity beautiful persons club and the simp crowd, Yaeger decisively turned off the screen, not wanting to see those posts anymore.

“I dont know if its safe to hide here.” Leaning on the single-seater sofa, Yaegers expression slightly relaxed.

“I am still too weak!” Shaking his head, he took out the terminal, “As long as I can last for about two days, I wont have to worry about things anymore!”

After that, he entered the game directly.

A burst of white light enveloped him.

Just when Yaeger entered the game, inside Roc city, in an office of Nancheng Department Store.

“Please hand over the surveillance video of the cashier area from 8:30 to 9:30 on March 30, 2019, for me to check.”

The person who said this was a young woman in her 20s.

She looked dignified, tall, and dressed in a simple manner.

She wore a pair of black leather boots and her raised hand showed a stamped ID.

Opposite her was a fat middle-aged man in a black suit.

“Please wait a moment.

Ill transfer it right away!” In the face of this young woman, the middle-aged man behaved like a yes-man.

He was the security manager of the Nancheng Departmental Store and was responsible for the security of the entire department store.

Soon, the security manager took out the surveillance video.

The young woman looked down at the display screen and immediately frowned.

The clarity of this surveillance video was so poor that she couldnt see anyones appearance!

When the security manager saw the dissatisfaction of the other party, his heart skipped a beat.

He was the one who asked for new cameras to be installed and because the costs were too steep, these cameras were of the worst level.

The more the recording zoomed in, the blurrier the video would be.

The young woman looked at the security manager as if she was looking at a bug.

She didnt know how this guy even managed to land this job, let alone hanging on to it for this long.

However, this was the companys business and she was too lazy to even bother.

The young woman took out a USB flash drive and copied the surveillance video.

After that, she took out another USB flash drive and plugged it into the computer.

Immediately afterward, the computer screen flashed a few times.

After retrieving the USB flash drive, the young woman looked at the security manager condescendingly and said coldly: “No one must know that I was here, otherwise…”

“I understand! I understand!” The manager of the security department promptly nodded.

His submissive appearance made people feel like he was a eunuch of ancient times.

The young woman nodded, turned around, and walked out of the room.

The security manager closed the door, went back to his desk, and clicked on the Hard Drive icon with the mouse but found that it was empty.

It was extremely difficult to retrieve the original files from the Hard Drive which was now completely formatted.

Moreover, only god knew if the other party had played any other tricks.

“Hehe, do you really think that would work” The security manager took out a golden colored USB flash drive from his pocket and smiled cunningly.

“This is the information about a closed beta player.

It is very valuable, who would be so stupid to let you delete it!”

Ding Dong!

At this moment, the office doorbell rang.

“Hehe, looks like, someone is sending money my way!”

The security manager fiddled with his thin bangs and a blooming smile spread over his face.


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