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[Worlds Greatest Stone]: F̲u̲c̲k̲! No wonder she dared to sell green equipment for 30,000! It turned out that she has already monopolized the entire market! [Burn My Mana]: Is it possible that this player got all the equipment and props during the closed beta! [Carefree Bro]: Its impossible.

The closed beta lasted for only 24 hours.

How can one person do so many quests Moreover, I have read the forum guides.

Many tasks require favorability, which takes time! [Burn My Mana]: Then how can you explain my quest reward was only a salted fish! [Morning Breeze]: By the way, can we buy all the things from the shop [Song Fairy]: Yes, there is a player in our village who bought 5,000 bottles of Health Recovery Potion, and then this potion does not get refreshed in the store.

Now, this player is selling potions in the public square.

The potion that was originally priced at a gold coin was now getting sold for 10 gold coins.

Its simply a black business.

[White Clouds]: Hehe… If selling a potion for 10 gold coins is a black business, then what should we call Princess who is now selling those for 100 gold coins per bottle!

Everyone: Princess, doesnt your conscience hurt!

Nangong Lin had been lurking and reading posts all this time.

Her admiration for Princess was like the surging river, continuous and unending.

Princess, youre courting disaster by doing this.

Does your family know about this

As a big capitalist, Nangong Lin naturally knew how to exploit and squeeze the lower classes, but she had never done anything like this because it was simply cutting off all avenues of escape.

How could there be anyone who shaved a sheep for wool to the point of killing it!

Sure enough, all the players of Newbie Village 101 who read the post became angry!

[White Clouds]: Lets punish the unscrupulous Princess and get back what should belong to us!

This players words immediately ignited their anger.

[Burn My Mana]: Lets punish the unscrupulous Princess and get back what belongs to us! [Worlds Greatest Stone]: Punish the unscrupulous Princess… [Brave Pelé]: Punish the unscrupulous Princess! [Vast Sky]: Punish the unscrupulous Princess!

The anger of the people was like the Yellow Rivers raging waters, once it got started there was no stopping it.

In a blink of an eye, there were thousands of replies to this post.

[Vast Sky] exited the forum, glanced at the distant onlookers, and then quickly went offline.

Back in the real world, [Vast Sky] immediately turned on the computer, activated the live broadcast function to take screenshots, and then added fuel to the fire, embellishing details on Weibo and other web forums to accuse Princess of her crimes.1

“Smelly woman, dont think that you can do whatever you want if you are beautiful! Im going to ruin you!”

[Vast Sky] still bore a grudge for an old grievance.

His eyes were bloodshot when he was staring at the computer screen.

He was now looking forward to the scene where everyone scolded Princess.

However, to his disappointment, his post and Weibo were instantly rebuked by the simps and bootlickers.

“This dog-like thing dares to slander Her Highness Princess.

Brothers destroy him!” “Hmph, I think this sharp mouthed mongrel wants to freeload on Princesss fame.

People nowadays want to get popular by whatever means!” “Even if Her Highness Princess is a black-hearted businessman, we will still love her wholeheartedly!” “Yes, yes, no one is perfect.

Who in the world is without flaws” “Oh, I remember this name.

Isnt he that dog-like thing who wanted to instigate the players to attack Her Highness Princess” “Princess has done good shooting this person down! Such a mentally unhealthy person will only waste air by living!” “Want to discredit Her Highness Princess, no way!” “Report! Be sure to report this damned guy!”

Looking at the constantly refreshing and ongoing comments on the screen, [Vast Sky] vomited a mouthful of blood: You simps, damned die-hard fans!

In the game, S.K.Y.

had been watching everything from the beginning coldly.

Like some other players, he was also hatching crooked ideas.2

The difference was that S.K.Y.

was looking at the issue from the bigger picture.

“Three pieces of purple equipment are worth my effort.” At present, the highest level equipment posted on the forum was only green equipment.

Not even the shadow of the blue equipment could be seen, let alone the purple equipment.


opened the game interface and clicked on the guild option.

An establishment fee of 3 million was required to be paid to create a guild now, which could be said to be a sky-high price.

However, S.K.Y.

paid the establishment fee of 3 million without even frowning and quickly created the [Limitless Guild].

“Next, let these losers be my cannon fodder!” S.K.Y.s gaze swept across the angry players in the Resurrection Square and the corners of his mouth curled upward forming a sinister smile.

Yaeger watched on as the players on the forum continued to accuse her.

Her stare was freezing cold and the corners of her mouth curled upward slightly: I will let you know who the king is here!


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