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Acquiring the red name status had severe negative effects.

Having the whole citys favorability reduced by 10,000 meant that Yaeger could no longer grind any favorability points.

Thats because no matter how hard she tried, she wouldnt be able to obtain even a single positive favorability point.

However, the silver lining, in this case, was that Broken Leaf City had long been plundered by her, so it didnt matter whether she had favorability points.

Ultimately, her biggest worry was the fact that her defense points were halved and there was also a 45% equipment drop rate death penalty imposed on top of it.

Currently, these ants couldnt hurt her, but they would level up sooner or later and would possess enough strength collectively that could threaten her.

That was unless Yaeger kept a watch on the resurrection square every day and slaughtered these players with extreme prejudice.

However, if Yaeger did so, not only would she tire herself to death, but also bore herself to death.

After all, a Newbie Village could accommodate up to 5,000 players, and the time for players to come online was not the same.

Only with a constant 24-hours vigilance could she kill everyone without any chances of an uprising.

The question was: Was Yaeger so free

If she really had that much time, it would be better spent to grind monsters to accumulate some experience to upgrade her skills and further enhance her strength instead.

As for the red named status which also granted 40% attack damage, it just looked good on the surface and didnt provide any useful boost to Yaeger at all.

Even if there was no such state, for Yaeger to crush any players below level 10, it would have been as simple as flipping her hand.

By the time these players reach level 10, Yaeger would very likely have migrated over to the main server.

This increment in attack damage was of very little value!

Looking at the temporary skills, the corners of Yaegers mouth immediately twitched: “This skill really makes people feel terrified no matter how many times one looks at it.”

Rakshasa walked over and wiped the non-existent sweat on Yaegers face with her hand: Youve worked hard!

Nangong Lin rolled her eyes: What hard work she has done! Returning to our main topic, you are taking advantage of the situation on purpose! Im envious, Im jealous, this is so hateful!

Many players had recovered from the previous shock.

However, when they started thinking of all sorts of pitfalls that would be used by this black-hearted businessman in the future, they immediately felt a headache.

You look so beautiful, but your heart is so black!

“Is Princess crossbow a Purple Equipment” At this moment, a player noticed that Yaeger hadnt stored the [Purple Sky Crossbow] away into the inventory and couldnt help but to cast an enquiring gaze.

This crossbow looked so exquisite.

Moreover, the purple light flickered on its body, further attracting attention.

“How is it possible” Someone immediately denied that.

The game had only been open for a short time.

He didnt believe that anyone already had such high-level equipment.


If color represents the grade, then mine is an orange sword!” “Then mine is an orange staff.” “And mines a pair of orange boots!” “I have an orange cape!”

Listening to these peoples ridicule, that person couldnt help but blush.

This swept away the oppressive atmosphere in the Resurrection Square and filled it with a cheerful atmosphere.

Among the crowd, a magician player frowned.

He hesitated for a moment before finally using the identifying spell on Yaegers [Purple Sky Crossbow].

After receiving the feedback, the magician players eyes suddenly widened and his pupils shrank sharply.

His trembling lips opened and closed, and then a shocked voice came from his throat: “The purple crossbow in Princess hand is really Purple Equipment!”

When everyone heard these words, they all froze for a moment before reacting by revealing expressions of disbelief.

“Its a lie, right!” “Yes, there is no way a Purple Equipment will appear in Newbie Village!” “Sensationalism!” “Thats right.”

The magician player didnt bother to talk nonsense with them and directly put the information obtained by identifying magic on the public channel.

“F̲u̲c̲k̲! So its true!” “Purple equipment…this turned out to be a genuine Purple Equipment!” “Purple Level 8, am I imagining things” “Hiss! You are definitely not imagining things! This is really a Purple Level 8 crossbow! Moreover, on top of the fact that its a Purple Equipment, its upgradeable too!”

The sound of inhaling cold air sounded one after another at the scene and everyones eyes were looking at Yaegers direction with enthusiasm.

Some people even made no effort to hide their greed and vain hopes!


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