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In the Resurrection Square, a player named [Orc] perused the items on the stall while reading the forum.

[Orc] was a player with more than ten years of online gaming experience, he had been a goblin merchant for several years in 《World of Warcraft》.

He was one of the few elite players in the game who could rake in a lot of money.

Now 《World of Warcraft》 was showing signs of decline.

[Orc] then fixed his attention on 《Saint Demon World》 a few months ago.

A game that could make the five big nations promote it was definitely not normal.

The business opportunities contained therein would naturally not be small too!

After [Orc] really entered the game, he finally experienced what the so-called 100% immersive game really was.

It was simply no different from reality.

Moreover, he had tuberculosis in the real world, but here, he felt nothing.

His breathing was smoother than ever before!

His body had become strong and powerful.

It was very healthy.

He felt as if he had been reborn.

[Orc] had a hunch that this place would become the second home of mankind!

Nowadays, posts about physical conditions in the forum were filled with all sorts of equipment and strategies, which had almost no positive effect at all.

However, [Orc] knew that it wont be long before everyone came to know how amazing this fantasy world was!

Shaking his head, [Orc] once again perused the items laid out on the stall.

The average price of green equipment on the forum was about 40,000, which was very popular.

They were basically sold in a few seconds because of their scarcity.

The reason for this was nothing more than the drop rate of the green equipment being too low and it was too difficult to obtain a single piece.

Although the system gave each player a green-tier random equipment chest, few people would sell it.

Someone sold the equipment chest, planning to delete the game account and build a new one, so as to obtain the equipment chest repeatedly.

However, after the player deleted the account, he suddenly found that it would take a month before he could create a new account and enter the game.

He immediately regretted so much that his intestines turned blue from regret.

According to the observation of [Orc], some players had already reached level 5, but only a few people obtained green equipment.

Even the amount of white equipment was sparse.

From this, it could be seen that the difficulty of acquiring equipment in this game was very high!

At the same time, [Orc] also found that there were not many quests that gave equipment in the newbie village.

There were only about 100 pieces of equipment in each newbie village.

However, there were at least 3,000 players in a newbie village.

It was a situation where there were too many people, causing intense competition!

If one wanted to get equipment, he could also hunt monsters.

However, the equipment drop rate in this game was so low that one may not be able to get anything good even after grinding for a long time.

Moreover, he was in Newbie Village 101 where he didnt even have a chance to hunt monsters.

If he didnt buy the equipment from Princess, he might not even be able to get out of Broken Leaf City.

For example, if a magician had no blue potions, then after emptying his MP, he could only just wait to be killed by monsters!

Other jobs were not much better off, because no matter what job one had, skills would consume mana.

As for the health recovery potion, it was also a must-have.

Even the priest players had to bring a few bottles for self-defense because the punishment for death was too heavy.

Ones death may lay a whole days work to waste.

[Orc]s eyes flickered.

After careful calculation, he felt that he could make a lot of money by becoming a middleman!

Just when he was about to step forward to strike the deal with Yaeger, something unexpected happened.

Yaeger took out a signboard which was about 50 cm in length and width and then erected it in front of the stall.

Everyone looked at it curiously.

Then, everyone became tongue-tied, unable to believe what they saw.

What was written on the signboard:

A green equipment → 60,000 RMB A basic health recovery potion → 200 RMB A basic mana recovery potion → 200 RMB A basic antidote potion → 500 RMB A basic explosives potion → 1,000 RMB A basic endurance potion → 1,000 RMB A basic strength potion → 1,000 RMB A basic agility potion → 1,000 RMB A basic …

The prices of all the items had been doubled!

The more everyone looked at it, the more chilled they felt: Princess, are you not afraid of being struck by lightning for being so black-hearted!

[Orc] clenched his fists and regretted not buying these things a few minutes ago!

Now that the price had doubled, the risk would be too high if he bought everything.

Moreover, the return was not high.

As a player with goblin merchant-mentality, the idea of conducting business was the pursuit of maximum profit.

Currently, [Orc] felt as if he had lost hundreds of millions.

Nangong Lins eyes shined, admiring Princess more and more in her heart.

People like Princess would definitely be beaten to death in the real world.

However, in this newbie village, Princess was God!

Even if these players were squeezed dry, no one dared to resist.

Buy it, or stay here and die.

If you didnt buy it, you couldnt even get out of the newbie village.

Many players regretted it deeply.

Why didnt they buy a few bottles of potions when they were sold for 100 RMB before!

Now that the price had doubled, it was basically cutting their hearts out.

People were like this.

Only after losing could they know how to cherish.

Rakshasa covered her mouth and laughed secretly.

If you have the ability but you still dont buy then we will just double the price later!

Following Yaeger, Rakshasa seemed to also have been corrupted.

The faces of some players present were full of melancholy.

They felt like they were on the chopping block and Yaeger was the one with the knife.

If you buy it, you lose a lot.

If you dont buy it, the price may increase later.

If they had a chance to transfer to another newbie village now, perhaps everyone here would run away.

It was a pity that they could only stay in this newbie village and let Princess exploit them.

At this time, there was a player named [Tilapia] who came to the stall and bought 10 pieces of green equipment.

His heroic spirit caused many players to worship him.

Buying 10 pieces of green equipment for 600,000 RMB was a high price!

[Orc] immediately became anxious.

He knew this [Tilapia] and he was also a goblin merchant in World Of Warcraft.

Unexpectedly, this fellow was also here.

[Orc] instantly felt a strong sense of crisis.

He immediately rushed forward and bought the 15 pieces of the most valuable green equipment in total.

[Tilapia] saw his peer take similar action and his eyes suddenly turned cold.

He once again bought green equipment.

The two men competed fiercely offering no quarter and quickly divided up the green equipment on the stall.

Everyone looked at this scene, feeling very puzzled.

Are these two guys crazy They actually bought all these green equipment at such a high price!

“Damn, these two guys want to resell it!” Someone suddenly realized and quickly shouted.

As if Princess was not enough, there were two more bloodsucking vermins now.

How could they continue to live!


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