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Feeling the sharp object against his throat, the Officer immediately felt a chill run down his spine.

His heart seemed to be tightly clawed by an invisible hand.

The fighting spirit within him gradually cooled down.

Extreme panic surged in his heart.

“Princess, please spare my life!” He had a 70-year-old mother and a still crying newborn child who was waiting to be fed.

How could he die like this!


When the players heard him begging for mercy, they felt disdainful in their hearts.

First you arrived all high and mighty just to kill her.

Yet now that you cant even touch her, you asked for mercy immediately.

What a coward!

Many of these clowns acted as if they were unyielding and behaved as if they were a person who would rather die than submit when the butchers knife wasnt hanging above their heads.

However, when the butchers knife hung above their heads, 9 out of 10 would cry and kneel ‌to beg for mercy.

From ancient times to the present, there were very few people unyielding in their principles and would rather die than to beg for mercy.

The guards felt a sense of shame when they saw their officer begging for mercy.

You are our leader.

How can you beg for mercy so easily!

They stared at their commanding officer with eyes full of undeniable rage.

They were about to say something but found that their necks were hot.

They stretched out their hands and looked at it.

It was blood!

It horrified these guards to find that there were deep wounds on their neck!

Yaeger gave those marks as a warning!


Some guards knelt down as their legs lost strength.

Their faces were full of fear.

The legs of the other guards kept trembling, and they were sweating hard.

If Princess had struck a little harder before, the consequences would be unimaginable!

At this moment, they did not dare to look down on their own commanding officer.

Faced with death, everyone was equal.

Whether they were a coward or a hero, the undeniable fate would eventually come for them.

However, if they could survive, that would naturally be for the best!

The guards felt as if they had gained a new lease of life and thanked Princess in their hearts.

People could behave strangely sometimes.

Princess almost killed them, but they even thanked Princess for not killing them.

Sometimes the relationship between the perpetrator and the victim was so wondrous.

Just as Yaeger moved the sword away, the commanding officer knelt on one knee and said excitedly: “Thank you Princess for not killing me!”

This was like a lightning bolt in the clear sky, the thunder tearing players from their stupor.

You are the NPC who maintain order in the city.

How can you kneel and bow your head to forces of evil!

Shouldnt you defend your dignity to death!

“There wont be another chance like this,” Yaeger said coldly as she retracted the sword in its sheath.

Except for some special NPCs that could be resurrected, other NPCs did not receive this treatment.

If they died, they would really be dead!

Killing these NPCs was equivalent to killing people in reality!

Yaeger was not an actual murderer.

She didnt want to kill until the last moment.

Killing NPCs not only had no benefits but also brought some negative effects.

For example, faction influence.

If one killed the NPCs of the light faction casually, he would receive guilt points.

The more these guilt points were racked up, the less experience the player would gain in the game and the heavier the death penalty would be.

This game had a very comprehensive protection for NPCs.

You shouldnt just kill NPCs just because you felt like doing it.

“Begone and do what you should do instead.” Yaeger felt that this lesson was good enough.

If they didnt learn this lesson and provoked her again, she would then just kill them.

Anyway, she didnt have to choose the light faction.

The elite officer fled together with his men in fear.

Looking at the backs of these guards leaving, the players on the scene felt their hair stand on their end.

Even the NPCs cant handle Princess, so doesnt that mean we have to continue living under her shadow!

Suddenly, everyone felt that they were covered with dark, thick clouds which blanketed them with darkness.

Nangong Lins eyes however were sparkling and her heart was throbbing hard with excitement: Ah, my Princess is so dashing! This is terrific!

Rakshasa couldnt help but ‌turn vigilant when she saw Nangong Lins extremely smitten appearance.

The audience in the live broadcasting room was in an uproar again.

Countless fans crazily flooded the screen with the bullet comments praising Princess.

With such a high attractiveness and terrifying strength, she would naturally attract countless fans.

At this moment, Princess fans from all over the world could definitely form a single line encircling around Earth.

Given that they were sliced into strips and joined‌ together.

Yaeger didnt know whats going on outside the game reality and was too lazy to note it.

She turned around and looked at the players.

She raised her right hand and [Purple Sky Crossbow] immediately materialized in it.

“I cant bear to hear people speak ill of me.”

Exactly the moment Yaeger spoke those words, some people saw images of purple lightning piercing through the air and becoming larger in their pupils!


A bloody hole appeared in the forehead of several people ‌and their bodies flashed with electricity.

Then they opened their mouths and tried to scream.

Just before any sound could come out, the bodies had turned into light particles and disappeared.

Some players remember these people.

They said bad things about Princess.

Many people swallowed fiercely, feeling very grateful.

In fact, they all held back a lot of words to curse Princess.

Now everyone understood that Princess was a person who would definitely take revenge for the slightest thing and could not tolerate any imperfection.

Even if they had hundreds of guts, they dare not swear at Princess!

There was a dead silence and everyone felt an unprecedented oppressive aura.

This incomparably beautiful Princess felt like a prehistoric behemoth, ‌ferocious and terrifying!

“From now on, I am in charge of here.” Yaeger raised her head slightly and her ice-cold eyes swept across the players, “Does anyone have anything to say about it”


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