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Who would believe that the market price was 108,800, didnt it sell for 60,000 before!

How much difference was there between a price reduction of 1,200 and no price reduction at all! You might as well say there was no reduction at all!

There was also the set known as [Green and White are perfect], wasnt it just one green equipment plus three white equipment!

Daring to sell it for 68,800!

The promotional price of a piece of green equipment was 58,800, and this broken set only added three pieces of white equipment.

That was to say, three pieces of white equipment were worth 10,000!

The average price was 3333.33 per piece.

In the equipment shops of other newbie villages, they sold a single white tier equipment for only 100.

That meant it was a full 33.33 times more.

Princess, just how black is your heart!

Fury swelled in everyones hearts.

However, they dared not say anything.

This black-hearted Princess ‌treated them as pigs to be slaughtered!

When Nangong Lin saw these players faces turn black, she wanted to laugh.

Princess was ‌courting disaster by acting this way.

Only she could tease other players repeatedly and provoke them without being punished.

If an ordinary person provoked so many players, ‌perhaps they would be torn to pieces.

“I want to buy a set!” At this moment, a youthful male voice came from the crowd.

The next moment, a young man walked out of the crowd.

When everyone saw it, they were all a little surprised.

Wasnt this the idiot who got cheated by Princess

Thats right, it was the young player who spent 90,000 to buy three green outfits but ‌he thought he had taken advantage of Princess.

After he bought the equipment, he went straight to undergo a quest but ended up getting killed by a kitty.

When he emerged from the prison of light after finishing serving his sentence down there, he ‌wanted to make trouble for Princess.

However, when he saw the scene of the other party demolishing the NPCs, he was so frightened that his face turned blue and his lips turned white.

How would he dare to act rashly after witnessing such a scene

“Why is it him again” “Is it not enough to get scammed once, now hes offering himself again What kind of operation is this” “God knows what is going on!” “Maybe he is Princess fan who came here to give money on purpose!” “That might be true!” “I think he is more like a paid goon!” “I also think its true when you say it like that!” “Yeah, he bought three pieces of equipment at the beginning.

After a while, Princess doubled the price and cheated those two!” “Is it possible that they are repeating the same trick again” “Very likely!”

The voices of the onlookers sounded one after another, and the scene gradually became livelier.

Rakshasa: Princess, did you invite this guy to act like a sucker

“How is it possible Even if Im ‌looking for help, Ill find someone smarter!” Yaeger rolled her eyes at her.

Rakshasa: So it turned out to be a rat.

“What the hell is going on”

Nangong Lin stared at Yaeger, who seemed to talk to herself.

First, she doubted it, then she looked at Rakshasa.

The other party met her line of sight and immediately rolled her eyes.


Nangong Lin almost exploded in anger.

This guy was so annoying!

However, when she thought that everyone was a competitor, she was relieved.

Hmph, dont think you can be with Princess forever, even if you met her earlier!I will snatch Princess and piss you off!

The two of them glared at each others small eyes and a crackling sound resounded in the air.

Yaeger was too lazy to pay attention to them.

She handed over a set of warrior equipment to the young player and then happily accepted the money.

The young player turned around and saw many people looking at him as if they were looking at a fool.

His eyelids twitched, and he cursed out: “Idiots!”

“F̲u̲c̲k̲! What did you say!” A grumpy player immediately exploded.

“Whoever tries to kill me is ‌an idiot.” While smiling disdainfully, the young player then equipped his gear.

The grumpy player was so angry that he pulled out his sword and rushed up to kill the young player.

However, the latters figure flickered.

A sword light flashed and he easily dealt a heavy injury on the grumpy player in one strike.

A shrill scream resounded at the scene.

“Fool, Im overgeared now.

How can you match me” The young player looked at him arrogantly with an expression of contempt.

The grumpy player gnashed his teeth.

His eyes turned red and blood clots blocked his mouth when he wanted to say something.

He didnt expect that when everyone was at the same level, he would ‌be defeated instantly!

The gap between them was only three pieces of white equipment!

Upon seeing this, the players present were all taken aback and then suddenly realized Princesss intention behind selling the set!

Some people with quick brains immediately calculated the attribute changes brought by the three pieces of white equipment, and their expressions changed suddenly.

“Assemble a team with all members geared in white tier equipment and bring enough potions along.

There will be absolutely no problem in killing a level 10 monster!” “As long as we reach level 5, we can play normally!”

Some players couldnt help rejoicing.

The results were very obvious.

How was Princess selling sets She was ‌selling the means of survival in the newbie village!

“Dang! They grinded the monsters to high levels so ‌they could sell the equipment at a sky-high price! City-folks are so cunning.

The rumors didnt lie!”

Hearing this, everyone took a deep breath.

This black-hearted Princess was really one in a million.

She wanted to bleed them dry!

However, when they saw the two goblin merchants whose faces turned blue, they felt that Princess was a good person.

There was no harm if there was no comparison.

Princess set was sold for 68,800 RMB, but the lowest price those two middlemen offered was 80,000!

For a while, some peoples impression of Princess had changed.

It felt as if a long-term worker who was madly squeezed dry finally got those occasional one or two meals and vegetables from the landlord.

It felt like Chinese New Year.

Naturally, he was very grateful to the landlord and thought ‌the other party was actually very concerned about him.

Some players hesitated for a moment but paid up in the end.

After equipping those three pieces of white equipment, they all showed a smile.

The corners of Nangong Lins mouth twitched slightly.

Princess ‌fleeced these people, so how could they still continue to show an enthusiastic smile…

Just when most players didnt know whether to purchase the set, another group of new players appeared in the Resurrection Square, now comprising thousands of people.


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