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Yaeger happily caught the bow and the equipments information immediately appeared in front of her.

One handed equipment: [Purple Sky Crossbow]

Grade: Purple Level 8 (Upgradeable) Level Restriction: 10 Attribute: Thunder1.

Attack Damage: 101 Durability: 99 20 Strength 40 Agility 100% Attack Speed 110 Thunder Damage 50 Penetrating Damage

Special Effect 1: Users attack has a 25% chance to cause paralysis.

It lasts for three seconds and can be stacked.

Special Effect 2: Energy consumption of [Multi Shot] is reduced by 33.33%

Description: This is a low level magic bow.

It used to have the power to summon thunder.

However, its core was destroyed, leaving only weak thunder type special effects.

If you can find a Sky Thunder Stone to augment it, you may gain unexpected results.

Rakshasa and Yaeger both peered at the bows stats.

One had her mouth violently twitching while the other was completely stunned.

It had an Attack Speed buff and Paralysis Effect.

Whats more ridiculous was that the cost of [Multi shot] had been reduced by more than 30%.

This was simply a perfect bow tailored for Yaeger!

Rakshasa returned to her senses: Princess, why dont you ascend to the heavens

“Silly.” Yaeger knocked on her head habitually, “You are the one who will fly to the heavens.”

Rakshasa: Of course I want to ascend to heaven but my strength doesnt allow it! Unlike me, you can so casually get a cheat item.

“How can opening a chest be called cheating” Yaeger curled her lips.

What else could Rakshasa say The sound of the system suddenly rang.

“Ding! Your one handed equipment [Purple Sky Crossbow] is on the top tier equipment list.

You have been rewarded with a lottery ticket for low-level equipment.”

At the next moment, the Equipment List appeared in front of Yaeger and Rakshasa.

The first ranked was [Purple Sky Crossbow].

The second ranked was [Windchaser Boots].

Yaeger had obtained both pieces of equipment.

Rakshasa: Jealousy makes me change beyond recognition.

“Whatre you being envious about.” Yaeger glanced at her and then took out a lottery ticket from the item box.

When she first obtained an item on the list, she got a Blue Random Equipment Chest.

This time, however, it was just a low-level lottery ticket.

The reward was undoubtedly getting more and more garbage.

However, even garbage has its value.

Yaeger decisively used this low-level lottery ticket.

With a flash of white light, a small spinning wheel appeared in the air.

The panel was full of equipment boxes.

Some were limited editions, some were random editions, and some were just question marks.

It was unknown what its level was.

Yaeger clicked the button and the wheel began to spin immediately.

Yaeger didnt have much interest in this low-level lottery.

Anyway, there was little hope of getting good things.

Rakshasa looked at the spinning wheel, looking forward to the result.

After a while, the spinning wheel gradually stopped and the pointer slowly fixed on an object.

Purple Random Equipment Chest.

Rakshasa: Jealousy really makes me change beyond recognition!

If it was just a joke before, now these words were almost serious.

Opening a purple chest and getting another purple chest, how lucky can one be!

Yaeger was completely dumbfounded but soon she displayed a radiant smile: “Lucksacks really do get whatever they want!”

From this kind of garbage lottery with a low winning rate, she could even obtain another Purple Random Equipment Chest.

How would other people continue to live!

Rakshasa clenched her fist tightly: Princess, I also want to open the chests~

Looking at this coquettish message, Yaeger felt her heart melt and quickly said: “You can only open one chest.”

She originally thought that she would have one chest less after she opened one.

Yaeger really didnt want to let Rakshasa open the chest.

But now that she opened one and got another one for free.

They would be foolish if they didnt open it!

The top 10 of the equipment list guaranteed a low-level lottery ticket.

For others, it was the same as not getting anything.

After all, there was nothing good to draw out of it.

However, for Yaeger and Rakshasa, no matter how low the winning rate was, its meaningless!

After hearing this, Rakshasa looked happy: Yeah!

She quickly took out the Purple Random Equipment Chest and opened it without thinking.

The purple light flashed.

At the next moment, they saw a fiery red sword flash out.

The flames were twirling in a helix around the swords main body and sending out heat waves, making it difficult for people to approach.

Rakshasa grabbed the hilt of the sword, displayed the swords stats.

One handed equipment: [Scarlet Heavenly Sword]

Grade: Purple Level 7 Level Restriction: 10 Attribute: Fire Attack Damage: 150 Durability: 99 55 Strength 120 Fire Damage 50 Critical Damage

Special Effect 1: Your attack has a 15% chance to trigger a bleeding effect, doing 200% bleed damage for three seconds.

Special Effect 2: Your attack has a 50% chance to trigger a burn effect, causing 50 fire damage for 5 seconds.

Special Effect 3: Your attack has a 15% chance to trigger HP drain, absorbing 50 HP for 3 seconds.

Description: This is a supreme emperors sword from a low-level plane.

The holder of this sword can become emperor of that plane.

Looking at this equipments stats, Rakshasa blossomed with a lovely smile : Princess, with thisEmperors Sword, I can be an emperor!

“Ascend to that plane first, then you can talk about becoming an emperor.” Yaeger smiled.

There was no doubt that Rakshasas sword was the best equipment.

Unfortunately, it could not be upgraded.

However, even so, it was OK to use it up till lv15 or Lv16.

After all, the Emperor Sword had decent stats, especially the Health drain effect.

If it was used with Yaegers Purple Sky Crossbow, she didnt need to buy a healing potion.

“Ding! Your one handed equipment: [Scarlet Heavenly Sword] landed at the second place in the equipment list, rewarding a low-level equipment lottery ticket.”

At this time, the system sounded again.


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