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The in-game system also notified Rakshasa with an audio notification.

She clicked to open the interface and confirmed that it was ‌a hidden quest.

Hidden Quest: Rising Swordsman

Description: Kahn is a proud son of a certain influential family and also a genius in swordsmanship.

He was disowned by his family for unknown reasons and was divorced by his fiancee.

He jumped down the cliff in despair to commit suicide.

At the last moment, he was rescued by a master who took him in as a disciple and painstakingly trained him.

Over ten years later, Kahn, who was once a useless person, finally arose again and became an excellent warrior.

Nowadays he lived in Broken Leaf City, waiting for the opportunity to soar into the sky.

Quest Clear Conditions: 1.

Defeat Kahn and ‌destroy his self-confidence, which he has finally recovered with great difficulty.

Reward: One blue skill book.

Defeat Kahn but do not destroy his self-confidence.

Reward: 1000 gold coins.

After reading this quest, Rakshasa sighed and look up at the sky: System, please be a good person…

Since there was such a marginal difference between the two tasks in terms of reward, everyone would definitely choose the first clear condition.

On the other side, Yaeger dodged Kahns attack at an extremely fast speed.

Kahns flame sword slashed down, blasting a small hole in the masonry ground and scattering dust everywhere.

Taking advantage of this gap, Yaeger clicked on the hidden quest to ‌look and the corner of her mouth immediately curled upward: The reward is actually a blue skill book.

The system sis really loves me!

Sure enough, Yaeger chose to fulfill the first requirement and completely defeated Kahn!

“Take out your weapon and fight me!” Slowly turning around, Kahns fighting spirit surged.

Yaeger dodged his two sword strikes.

Instead of feeling pity, he became more and more excited.

This devastatingly beautiful girl might ‌stimulate the strength hidden in his body!

“As I said, my fists are enough to deal with you.” Yaeger clenched her hand and looked a little more serious.

The ‌mission was to completely defeat him.

If she used the [Purple Sky Crossbow] now, it would definitely be a crushing defeat for him.

However, the opponent would think equipment defeated him in that situation.

If that happened, the requirement for the first criteria couldnt be met.

As for fighting empty-handed, Yaeger was 100% sure that she could complete the quest perfectly.

“Arrogant!” Anger flashed in Kahns eyes.

It was as if he was looking at his past self.

As soon as his body moved, he charged forward with a grave and stern expression on his face.

The sword he held tightly flashed red.

“Arrogant Haha, how could an ant like you know how powerful an elephant is.” Yaeger smirked with indifference and then executed [Phantom Step].

The power of the wind instantly enveloped around her body, and a feeling of extreme lightness surged out.

The next moment, Yaeger moved.

Everyone felt as if they were dazzled because they saw two Yaeger.

One was still in her previous location while the other appeared in front of Kahn.

Kahn, who was charging forward, suddenly noticed a dark shadow flicker into his sight.

His eyes flashed with apprehension and he thought about stopping.

However, a lily-white hand flashed between his sight, making him unable to react at all.

The five fingers of this lily-white hand were raised, revealing a beautiful palm.


This word flashed in Kahns mind.

But the next moment, this beautiful hand threw an uppercut, hitting his chin hard.

With a powerful impact, the blow sent Kahn flying up into the air.

It felt as if his head was torn down by someone and lacerating pain came after it.

However, this was not even over, as everyone saw Yaeger quickly retract her hand strike, clenched it into a fist, and instantly launched [Rapid Attack].

Her fists hit Kahns defenseless body like a raging storm.

At this moment, everyone seemed to be able to hear the sounds of machine gun firing, and then they saw the shadows of punching fists all over the sky.

No one could see how many punches Yaeger made in that one second.

Some people even imagined the sound effect of “Ora Ora Ora” in their heads.

“Ah…!” After the last blow, Kahn immediately flew back out, vomiting out a mouthful of blood in the air.

The bones of his entire body fell apart and his internal organs were obviously in a spectacular mess.

His consciousness fainted briefly, but it quickly returned to normal.

Unfortunately, it might be better not to recover.

Because he felt that someone was behind him!

And this person seemed to be up to no good.

The players were completely stunned when they saw Yaeger appear behind Kahn like a ghost after launching a wave of attacks.

What kind of speed was this!

[Orc] and [Tilapia] were both so scared that their souls almost left their bodies.

If they had known that Princess was this terrifying, they would not have provoked her in the first place!

With one smooth motion, Yaeger moved her right foot forward and with a stomp so powerful that could even create spiderweb-like cracks on the brick floor, she made a shoulder charge against Kahns exposed back.

It was like a boulder slamming into him.

The players gasped.

Then they heard Kahns blood-curdling screech.

The collision with Yaeger almost made him feel as if it would shatter his body into a pile of splinters.

Kahn felt as if all the air in his body was forcibly squeezed out, his blood flowed in a reverse direction, and all of his bones breaking apart.

Suddenly, he was in an extreme panic state.

What kind of abnormal creature that he had encountered!

She is such a terrifying creature!

At this moment, Kahn just wanted to flee.

However, as soon as he bore such a thought, Yaegers lily-white hands choked his neck.

Kahn just felt his neck tighten and then his body suddenly…



The sound of the ground breaking accompanied the scream.

When everyone saw the scene of Kahn being caught by Yaeger by his neck and smashed into the ground, their mind immediately stopped working and turned blank.

Is this still a RangerIts ‌a humanoid Tyrannosaurus, OK!


Even before they could recover from the shock, Yaeger had already lifted Kahn and smashed him to the undamaged ground on the other side.

A beautiful girl ‌beat a burly man into a rag doll.

Such a contrasting scene was ‌creepy!

The sound of ground ruptures echoed in the Resurrection Square, one after another.

Everyones scalp went numb, and it scared them witless.

“Why is the quest not yet over…” Yaeger repeatedly smashed Kahn more than a dozen times, and the other side was almost on the death door.

She could not see any uninjured place on his body, and his HP dropped to 1/10.

“Forget it, Ill give you one last blow, but dont die.” Yaeger showed a harmless smile and then used her full strength to throw Kahn up.

With this throw, Kahn was unexpectedly thrown to a height of 6 meters.

Before everyone had time to be surprised, they saw Yaeger run up at high speed and then step on the ground with substantial force.

She was like a flying fairy in the air.

She somersaulted twice in the air and caught up to Kahn immediately.

Immediately afterwards, her body continued to spin rapidly in somersaults and her slender legs hit directly on Kahns head with the power of the wind.

Then everyone saw that Kahn fell to the ground like an artillery shell.

His entire body crashed into the stone bricks and the cracks continued to spread in a spiderweb pattern.

When Yaeger landed, she saw Kahns eyes rolled back, and he was already foaming at his mouth.

Obviously, he lost his consciousness.

“Ding! You have completed the quest and you will be awarded a blue skill book.”


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