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Instead of reading the skill book, Yaeger slowly turned around and looked at [Tilapia] and [Orc] with a business smile on her face.

The two men finally recovered from their shock.

Their expressions were filled with panic, and their bodies were drenched in a cold sweat.

[Tilapia] suddenly remembered something.

He quickly opened the interface and attempted to log out of the game.

A white light surged out and instantly surrounded his body.

Feeling that he was leaving the game, [Tilapia] heaved a sigh of relief and the corners of his mouth curled upwards, showing a smug smile.

No matter how powerful Princess is, she is just a game character.

Can she kill me in reality

He could just shrug the threat away!

A discordant notification suddenly sounded.

[Tilapia] felt a cold sensation on his neck and then his vision rotated several times to his amazement.

This illusion quickly returned to normal, and then he saw a headless body not far away.

There was a fountain of blood gushing out of his neck.

In front of the corpse, there was a beautiful girl slowly putting her sword into the sheath.


The moment the sound of the sword returning to its sheath sounded, [Tilapia]s capitulated head just fell to the ground and began to roll.

“If I want you to die on the third hour of the night, you wont live till the fifth.”

Just as she finished speaking, [Tilapia] turned into light particles and disappeared.

Two pieces of green equipment appeared on the ground.

[Orc] was scared out of his wits.

The scene stunned everyone.

Who could have thought ‌they could still be killed while attempting to log out!

Some people once thought of courting disaster by thinking of crazy thoughts such as sexually harassing Princess and then logging out of the game.

You didnt have to die, and ‌you could take advantage of the goddess.

It was such a wonderful thought in their mind

However, Princess practically warned them not to do it with her current display.

Otherwise, they would end up dying miserably!

“You… dont come over!” [Orc] watched Yaeger begin her steps with her long slender legs and walked towards him.

He immediately got terrified and involuntarily shouted.

When he entered the game, he adjusted his Pain Level to 100%.

If Princess killed him, he would definitely experience the sour taste of death!

“I am someone who hates others strutting around in front of me.” Yaeger clenched her fists, “Especially scum like you.”

“No!” [Orc] faintly saw a dark shadow flash out and immediately uttered a shrill scream.

Immediately afterwards, there was a lightning-fast glowing red fist punching on his abdomen.


A dull noise sounded at the scene and then people saw rings of energy fluctuating behind [Orc], which instantly dispersed out, forming bursts of explosive miniature shock waves.

At the next moment, [Orc]s body seemed to be hit by a freight truck at full speed as it shot out.

His body smashed on the wall in the distance, and then it slowly slid down, finally turned into light particles and disappeared, leaving three green tier equipment on the ground.

It was as if a scene was taken right out of the comics!

Some people could not help but take a breath.

This was the realm of Martial Arts Masters!

From when Yaeger started fighting with Kahn to when she eliminated the two profiteers, everyone felt like they were watching a Kung Fu movie.

No, even Kung Fu movies were not like this!

Many people feel their blood racing.

They felt that if they worked hard in this world, they could also become as powerful as Princess!

The images of this battle caused an uproar in the outside world and game forums.

Previously, Yaeger faced 30 NPCs alone and defeated them single-handedly, but it was not so shocking.

In most peoples opinion, it was all because of the power of the purple bow.

However, this time Yaeger defeated a fully armed Level 10 NPC soundlessly with her bare hands.

On top of that, it was still a crushing defeat of her opponent.

It was so terrifying!

Intelligence agencies all over the world were instantly raising their attention to Princess threat and risk assessment by a lot every passing moment.

《Ranger, this may be the strongest profession in the game! 》

In the forum, a post appeared quietly and triggered a heated discussion.

Rakshasa: Princess, you are super cool!

“Of course.” Yaeger put away the equipment laying on the ground and returned to the stall, showing a gentle smile to the Rakshasa.

“Princess, you have worked hard!” Nangong Lin jumped over like a little fan and stared at Yaeger with shining eyes.

“Its nothing special.” For Yaeger, this level of fighting was just a warm-up exercise.

“Rakshasa, its time to clear out the stock.”

Upon hearing this, Rakshasa nodded immediately.

Then, the two of them put a lot of potions on the stall like a magic trick.

“Mid-year shopping festival promotion, potions are sold at half price.

Dont miss this chance by all means.” Yaeger said as she took out a half price signboard and placed it in front of the stall.

Everyone at the scene doubted whether there was something wrong with their ears.

This black-hearted Princess actually offered a half-price promotion

Their eyes looked at the half-price sign board, and unexpectedly ‌all the potions were written with the words half-price.

Red and blue potions were originally sold for 200 but now they were sold for only 100.

How altruistic!

Many people were excited.

Some people rolled their eyes.

Wasnt it the method of raising the price first and then lowering it by giving the stick, then handing over a tiny carrot after that

Having encountered the deception of the online shopping practices, some people were already immune to this trick.

However, there was at least competition in online shopping malls, but Princess alone had an absolute untouchable monopoly on the market.

She could sell them at any price she wanted.

Its really conscientious of her to sell potions cheap now.

Nangong Lin had a thoughtful expression on her face.

According to the capitalists profit seeking nature, shouldnt the price be increased more to squeeze out more profit

Princess approach was really unreasonable.

“Is it possible that…” Nangong Lin suddenly thought ‌the supermarkets almost expired goods would be sold at crazy discounts.

A thought flashed through her mind: The store items of this game may have a refresh time limit!

Her guesses were right on the mark.

She had hit the bulls eye.

If Yaeger didnt sell them now, at least a few potions would ‌remain unsold in Yaegers hands.

Although the loss was not big, wouldnt it be better to make no loss at all

Soon, the potions were completely sold out.

“There are only the last 5 sets of [Green and White are perfect] left.

Buy them as soon as possible!”

Yaeger matched the green equipment dropped by [Tilapia] and [Orc] with 15 pieces of white equipment and sold them again.

The equipment this time was snapped up in less than a minute.

The players who were now geared with white-tier equipment went out of the city in high spirits.

They felt that they and other players were in ‌different classes.

Some of these players even planned to squeeze those who didnt have white equipment dry after they had farmed some white equipment.

In this newbie village, even selling white equipment could make a fortune!

Their fantasy only lasted less than three minutes and was completely shattered by a post on the forum.

《Oh, my God! Princess was so merciful that she sold more white equipment at the low price of 200 RMB per piece! 》

Seeing this post, all the players who bought the set were stupefied.

Are we truly spendthrift and foolish!


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