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At the exact moment he heard the knock on the door, Yaeger suddenly bounced up like a frightened kitten.

All the hair on his body stood up, his pupils shrunk, and his face turned pale.

Someone located him that fast

Was it one of the security departments or some unknown forces!

An unending stream of panic welled up in the bottom of his heart, which made Yaeger shudder.

No matter which force it was, he didnt want to come into contact with them for the time being.

Kids had no right to talk when the adults were talking.

He had no bargaining chip at all!

Its questionable whether he could survive if he encountered a cruel external force.

Yaeger looked at the window with a frown.

The window was small and equipped with an anti-theft net.

No, even if he had the tools to pry open the anti-theft net, he couldnt get out of this window, which was not much bigger than a dog hole with his 1.75-meter physique.

What should I do

Yaeger was very anxious, just like a monkey in a simmering hot pot.

He didnt know what to do.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

The other party was still knocking on the door.

The slightly dull noise was like a hammer, constantly hammering his heart.

Yaeger didnt move, and even his breathing became very shallow.

His eyes were fixed on the door and tightly clenched his fists to prevent people outside from suddenly breaking in and giving him no time to react.

At this moment, the knock on the door stopped.

Suddenly, someone spoke.

“Handsome young man, are you there Im the lady boss!”

Hearing this, Yaeger almost fell on the spot.

Damn, why didnt you say so when you knocked on the door!

“Whats the matter” Yaeger replied.

If those people were really looking for him, there would be no need for the lady boss to show up at all.

They would have sealed off the place long ago and broken the door down and entered.

He just scared himself.

After Wenzels incident, Yaeger was ‌panicked and treated everyone as an enemy.

“I just want to ask if you want driving services” The lady boss of this illegal internet case asked.

“Driving services” Yaeger was bewildered.

What other special services could be provided in the Internet cafe

“In young peoples words, its driving a rented car.”

Yaegers eyes blinked, seemingly not entirely understanding what the lady boss said.

“We have a parking lot on the 8th floor here.

We have local cars, foreign cars, imported cars.

Everything is for rent at an affordable price!”

“……” Excuse me, are you telling me to drive an unlicensed car Yaeger covered his forehead and didnt know what to say.

This proprietress of this illegal internet cafe turned out to be a stolen car dealer!

“Its 800 RMB per hour for local cars, 600 RMB per hour for foreign cars, and 1500 RMB per hour for imported cars.

If you rent a car for over two hours, you can get a 20% discount.”

“I dont need it!” Yaeger refused decisively.

What kind of joke was it He wasnt that desperate to where he had to drive an unregistered, unlicensed car.

The proprietress of the illegal internet cafe kept silent for two seconds before turning around and saying disdainfully: “Another worthless limp d̲i̲c̲k̲e̲d̲ guy.”

The voice was not too loud, but it was loud enough for Yaeger to hear.


Yaeger raised his eyebrows and shouted in his heart: Do you have the guts to send your daughter here to verify it

Shaking his head, he threw this boring thought out of his mind and then turned on the computer to log in to a website called Swire Bank.

This was a bank registered in China by the game developer of 《Saint Demon World》 known as [Original Sea].

It had an independent database, so they treated the funds and information of any customer with absolute confidentiality.

The money Yaeger was going to transfer out wasnt a big sum, but it wasnt tiny either.

However, if anyone carefully examined his transaction history and money trail, itd be very easy to spot and identify that he was Princess.

The bank accounts with Swire Bank were obviously much safer.

Three minutes later, after all verifications were done, Yaeger got an online banking account.

He logged into the game again and appeared in an inconspicuous place in the commercial street.

He was going to transfer the in-game gold coins to an online bank.

After sharing half of the profits with Rakshasa, Yaeger got 3.26 million.

In his previous life, Yaeger didnt make so much money even up until the moment he died.

“In less than two days, I made over 3 million RMB.

I will stop being homeless soon.”

Yaeger smiled warmly.

His dream was to have a home of his own!

He believed that this dream would come true soon.

When Yaeger made the transfer, team members of S.K.Y.

entered the game.

As a result, only S.K.Y.

stayed in the white prison and crouched in it while the others were assigned to each village by the system.

Among them, 70% of the team members entered Newbie Village 101.

In Roc City, Managers Office of the Security Department of Nancheng Department Store.

When Yaeger lamented the fact that he made over 3 million in less than two days, someone just made an additional 4 million by selling information about Yaeger.

Earning him a total profit of 7 million!

Honda Yuichiro was 24 years old this year with slightly dark skin.

He was 1.68 meters tall and had a slim body.

He wore a neat suit, necktie, and a pair of gold eyeglasses.

He was talking to the security manager with a gentle smile on his face.

“Manager Wang, if you have the opportunity to come to Okinawa next time, as the host, I will do my best to entertain you.”


Honda is such a hospitable person.

I will definitely go there if I have a chance!” The security manager patted him on the shoulder and smiled like a chrysanthemum in full bloom.

“Its alright, its getting late now, and I have something to deal with, so I wont disturb you, if there are further opportunities please keep in touch!” Honda Yuichiro smiled heartily.


Holding the silver coloured USB flash drive, Honda Yuichiro left the security managers room with a smile.

The security manager closed the door and shook the fat on his body triumphantly: “I have made a lot of money.

I love you so much, Princess!”

He made 7 million RMB in a single morning.

Now he didnt have to worry about his life, even if he broke his leg.

“That said, the Japanese people are still more polite.

This Honda Yuichiro is really a gentleman, unlike that damnable Korean who is ‌a nasty person!”

The security manager thought of Jin Junmin, and his brow immediately furrowed.

His face was full of loathe but this expression soon turned into a smile.

He took out a white USB flash drive and said wretchedly: “Quoting a price of 5 million should be no problem next time!”

On the other side, Honda Yuichiro got into the elevator.

As the elevator descended, his face quickly turned dark.

His fists were tightly clenched, making blue veins visible.

His eyes were bloodshot and his slightly trembling lips suddenly muttered, “Mixed breed scum.


As he snarled, his right fist launched out like an artillery shell and struck heavily on the elevator.

The elevator immediately shook, and some dust came off the elevator.

“Ha… Ha… ha…” Honda Yuichiro gasped as he retracted his fist.

His eyes were gloomy and terrifying.

Whats more frightening was the fact that it had left a shallow punch mark on the steel plate on the elevator.

“すべて は 優ちゃん の ために!” He cheered himself.1

Thinking of his sister, Honda Yuichiros face gradually showed a cheerful smile.

If it wasnt for his treasured younger sister calling him to investigate [Princess], how could he be scammed by that fatty!

“That said, Little Yuu has stopped calling me elder brother.

Its really lonely…”

A sigh of a sis-con brother heaved in the elevator.

Another elevator on the floor slowly opened and a pretty figure came out, it was Snowy.


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