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Yaeger clicked on the post and just as expected, she saw the Equipment Ranking Chart, and the stats of three purple equipment.

Yaeger was not surprised at this.

She had long suspected that S.K.Y.

had seen the Equipment Ranking Chart, so he would gather players to band together to harass her.

As for whether S.K.Y.

made this post, it didnt matter.

Because eventually, other players would take note of the Equipment Ranking Chart.

There was no way to hide it.

However, Yaeger was more worried about the Artifact Ranking Chart.

This list usually sank to the bottom of the huge volume of Ranking Charts.

If there was no player who was bored enough to browse through it, there was a chance that it would remain buried in the mud before the next artifact appeared.

However, the problem was that this game had no shortage of extremely bored players who had nothing better to do.

The lucky draw ticket that Yaeger won in the white space was the best proof.

The Artifact Ranking Chart differed from the Equipment Ranking Chart.

The former was a global Ranking Chart while the latter was a regional Ranking Chart.

Now almost all players were full of curiosity for this novel yet very realistic world, so she believed that no one would be so idle for the time being.

Yaeger estimated that it would take two or three days at the earliest for the Artifact Ranking Chart to be found out.

“I was so high profile before so someone will suspect me eventually, but if everything goes well, I will reveal myself.

What can they do to me then”

Yaeger smiled slightly, and an extremely dangerous light flashed through her beautiful eyes.

Rakshasa faintly understood what she was referring to and hurriedly sent a message.

Princess, there are many people in the forum crowdsourcing information about you now.

Im afraid that they will trouble you in reality.

Why dont you come to Roc City and live with me Its safe there! No other meaning!

Seeing this message, Yaegers heart warmed.

Sure enough, she didnt spoil this little lass in vain, but what did she mean by “no other meaning”

“Its okay.

I can handle it.” Yaeger didnt plan to rely on Rakshasa.

The other partys background was too deep and unfathomable, and she couldnt handle it well.

She may find herself in a very passive situation.

Whats more, I am a man in reality!

For Rakshasa, the real Yaeger was a complete stranger.

Unless Yaeger could transform himself into a woman in reality, how could he appear in front of Rakshasa

“Such a thing is absolutely impossible,” Yaeger muttered to herself.

Her gaze fell on the post again.

Since it hadnt been long before it was published, the number of viewers was not too high for the time being.

However, Yaeger had already felt some unfriendly gazes around her.

After leveling up, many players couldnt help but become overconfident unconsciously.

They could feel that they were getting stronger at a quick rate.

This wonderful feeling was simply fascinating.

In the real world, there werent events that could ‌bring such a sense of fulfillment and expectation.

As long as they continued to level up, they would be omnipotent!

Especially for the players who had adjusted [Pain Level] to 100%.

With their enhanced senses, they could feel the changes in their flesh-and-blood more distinctly.

As a person who had ‌experienced it, Yaeger could naturally understand their feelings.

This was also one of the charms of the game.

Even if you were worthless and trash in reality, but here, as long as you worked hard, it was only natural to become stronger.

Such a sense of accomplishment was never obtainable in reality.

Thats why this game continued to make people fascinated.

To sink in that feeling.

To be drunk in that ecstasy of power.

It would make people overconfident quickly.

Just like the players staring at Yaeger now.

Even though they knew that they were definitely no match for Yaeger in their heart, they still couldnt stop the thirst for power and the infinite greed that surged in their heart.

There was a good movie dialogue that put it well: If people dont have dreams, what is the difference between them and salted fish

Even though it was nothing but a delusion, as long as you had a dream in your heart, there was always tiny hope of realizing it.

Even a bit.

“Rakshasa, do you think I killed off too few”

Yaeger suddenly spoke.

Her voice was not too loud, but the surrounding players heard it clearly.

Their body immediately shook, and they felt goosebumps all over like crazy.

They felt as if the temperature dropped over ten degrees at this moment.

Many people woke up from their delusions and felt that they were a little crazed.

They even fantasized that they could take advantage of this great demon.

It was really ridiculous to the extreme!

Rakshasa: Why dont we clear the area one more time If they still have EXP left, we can keep killing them.

What she sent was a public message that everyone could see.

Everyone was sweating bullets.

It turned out that this beauty beside Princess was just as evil!

Do you think it was easy for us to raise to our current levels You actually urged Princess to shoot us dead repeatedly, are you a devil!

These people ran away hastily, fearing that Princess would really take out her bow and shoot them.

“Killing these ants will only dirty my hands.” Yaeger didnt care.

“Your [Scarlet Heavenly Sword] is also the target of many peoples prying eyes.

Be careful and, if necessary, kill them ruthlessly.

Anyway, they will not really die.”

Rakshasa nodded hard.

She was no longer the same pure child who was as pure as white paper two days ago.

If she really started, her cruelty might not lose to Yaeger.

Nangong Lin came online again, and her expression was full of displeasure.

Just recently, she had to swiftly reorganize the Nangong Group and sweep away all the worms.

Many were jailed and their futures were ruined.

“These bugs almost killed my Princess!” After biting her silver teeth, Nangong Lins eyes flashed with ferocity.

However, her expression changed soon, like flowers in full bloom in summer.

“Princess, you are back!”

Soon after, she hopped over like a little girl.

If there was a tail behind her, it would be swaying happily.

“You came online just at the right time.

Lets form a party.” Yaeger glanced at her and then opened the party interface to add each other.

Nangong Lin suddenly smiled like a flower and felt thrilled: Princess is so kind to me!

Even if she thought about it with her toes, why else would they form a party with her other than to help her level up

Princess and that girl are already at level ten, so its clear that they are taking me to level up!

Rakshasa: Princess, I dont like this person.

Dont take her along.

“Well, I have my arrangements.” Yaeger reached out and stroked Rakshasas head.

The latters dissatisfied expression immediately disappeared and turned into a comfortable smile.

Ah, such an easily satisfied child.

Yaeger gave a bitter smile.

A message was then sent on the public channel.

(A gorgeous girl with purple tier equipment is leading a party to level up for only 500,000 RMB per 10 minutes.

Only two places are available so buy as soon as possible!)

It caused another sensation in the Newbie Village 101.


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