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Just as expected, Rakshasa got a Purple Random Equipment Chest, making the fact that the two players both had a free roll at another chest.

Princess, can I open the chest again

Rakshasas eyes flashed as she sent this message.

“No, its too eye-catching.” If all the equipment in the equipment list were collected under their names, it would definitely make the players of the whole Linhnan server flare up and endlessly hunt them down.

Although Yaeger was not afraid of these ants, it would still be very troublesome to completely eradicate them.

Moreover, who dared to guarantee that only Purple Random Chests would be drawn

Rakshasa: Its a pity.

Both of them replaced their equipment and their stats immediately changed.

Yaegers Base Damage became 539.

Thunder Damage: 110 Her Attack Speed rose to 330%.

After activating [Rapid Attack], it reached an amazing 380%!

“At first, I planned to develop in a low profile manner.

But now, it doesnt seem that it would be necessary for me to do that.” Yaeger narrowed her eyes and the corners of her mouth curled upward, sketching a cruel smile.

Rakshasa: Princess, what are we going to do next

She looked extremely eager.

It seemed that she wanted to go out and kill some monsters to get familiar with the new weapon.

“Next we will set up a stall here.” Yaeger took a picnic cloth from her backpack and spread it out in front of her.

Stall Rakshasa tilted her head slightly with a puzzled expression.

“To sell everything that we dont need,” Yaeger explained.

So thats why.

Rakshasa hit the hollow of her palm with her small fist: That is to say, we are going to scam other players.

“Huff! How can a legal business be called a scam!” Yaeger rolled her eyes at Rakshasa and then laid out all kinds of equipment and items out in front of them.

Rakshasa chuckled and began to play with equipment and items.

On the other side, inside the white space.

Sachiel Luo was troubled.

“Which bloodline should I choose Werewolf or mermaid Forget it, they are not particularly powerful.

Ill draw again.

With that said, she deposited 100,000 RMB into the game and started the next round of bloodline lottery.1

“Oh, its better this time.

Its actually Dragon bloodline.” Looking at the prize on the turntable, Sachiel Luo smiled at first but soon her expression changed, “Why does this dragon bloodline seem so thin There is no difference between this bloodline and others.

No, this wont do.

Lets draw again!”

Another 100,000 RMB disappeared.

As a result, she drew yet another garbage bloodline.

“System, if we continue to draw lotteries in this way, when are we going to start the game So, can we draw ten times in a row”

Sachiel Luo was very dissatisfied.

She drew out more than a dozen times but she couldnt even get something better.

Could this broken game be played2

“Yes.” The cold voice of the system responded inside her mind.

“Thats good enough.” After depositing 1 million RMB into the game, Sachiel Luo started to draw 10 consecutive times.

The Bloodline turntable lottery spun at super high speed, lighting up 10 prizes quickly.

Sachiel Luo swept through these prizes.

Just as she saw the vampire races supreme bloodline, her eyes lit up.

It was worth spending 1 million!

“Hehe, this game is fun.

System, are there any other lotteries Money isnt an issue!”3

Her previously depressed expression immediately turned into one of joy.

If Yaeger was here, she would definitely scream: This is the absolutely right way to become a whale!

Yaegers voice would be full of envy and hatred.

At the same time, in the white space where Nangong Lin was located.

“Finally, the highest level of elven bloodline has been drawn!” Nangong Lin clenched her fist.

She was trembling all over and her face was full of excitement.

It was worth spending 10 million!4

If Yaeger was here…No, it was better that she wasnt here, otherwise she would start to cry and fall into complete depression.

Using 10 million for lotteries alone was almost inhuman! Whales, they were such terrifying people!

“System, are there any other lottery activities”

Nangong Lins eyes shone brightly and her face was full of pleasant smiles.

Similar things continued to take place in the white spaces.

After 5 minutes, Nangong Lin finally created her avatar, which was not much different from her own body, except that her ears became pointy and long just like those of elves because of the bloodline.

The white light flashed.

Everything in front of Nangong Lin turned pitch black and then she appeared on a public square.

Before she could see clearly the situation of the public square, a figure flashed beside her.

He was a young man with white hair.

Nangong Lin looked at him and the other party looked at her.

Both gazes locked on to each other.

Their expression changed immediately and they cried out in a shout at the same time:

“Its you!” “Its you!”5


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