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[Broken Leaf City, Wetlands]

“F̲u̲c̲k̲, its that black-hearted Princess!”

A party who was training here suddenly found someone charging towards them.

Just as they thought of threatening them to go to another place, they saw the incomparably beautiful figure and fell into a panic immediately.

“Everyone, lets run!” shouted the leader.

All the party members turned around and ran away.

They really didnt dare to fight monsters in the same area as Yaeger.

The other party had skill so terrifying that even the aftershocks of her attacks could kill them!

It wasnt easy to get to their current level.

Who would then want to lose experience for no reason

“The three of you go pull the aggro.

Its most effective to attract the monsters in this area.” Yaeger ignored those people.

She said to Nangong Lin and the other two party members.

Everyone nodded and immediately went to pull the aggro.

All three of them were Rangers so they could shoot from far away.

They attracted almost 20 water lizards in a short while.

These water lizards were stout.

Their eyes were blood-red and a fishy smell was coming from their open mouths.

Nangong Lins expression changed slightly, and she felt a little scared.

However, when she thought of Yaeger behind her, she immediately settled down.

The three of them quickly stepped back.

If they used their puny strengths to go against two or more level 10 water lizards, there would only be one ending for them.

That was a tragic death on the spot.

At this moment, Rakshasa and Yaeger were chatting with no sense of tension at all.

Rakshasa: Princess, where do you live in the real world

“Linhnan.” Only people from the Linhnan District could log into the Linhnan server.

Yaeger answered like it was nothing at all.

However, ‌this wasnt what Rakshasa was asking.

Seeing that Yaeger was reluctant to reveal anything, she also changed the subject: Princess, what is your favorite dish

“Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs.” While speaking, Yaeger launched [Multi Shot], making arrows rain all over the sky.

Rakshasa: Is it meaty

After that, Rakshasa swung her sword, the sword aura spanned across the field.

“Well, eating meat is good for your health.”

Rakshasa: I read in those public forums, they said that eating meat is not good for health while vegetables makes one healthy.

“Dont read that kind of senseless stuff.

They are all deceptive.

The so-called vegetarianism in foreign countries eat salad dressings that contain a lot of animal fats while talking about eating meat.

Dont you think its funny” Princess quipped.

She then added on a further commentary.

“The per capita consumption of meat is much less in our country than in most developed countries.

Since eating meat is so bad, why do these developed countries consume so much meat”

Rakshasa: I wouldnt have known such truth if you didnt inform me about this.

“Some people are trying hard to promote vegetarianism, but they have no good intentions.

Balanced nutrition is the best for the body.”

Nangong Lin and the others were left speechless as the corpses continued to pile up while the two were chatting casually.

These two are freaks!

“What are you guys doing Attract more monsters.” Yaeger said in an angry tone.

After the previous wave of attacks, Nangong Lin leveled up to level 4.

The two other party members were originally level 5, but now they had become level 6.

Feeling the changes in her body, Nangong Lin was slightly excited and the desire in her heart grew like wild grasses in the great plains.

Ten minutes later.

Nangong Lin was now level 8.

The other two also reached level 9.

“Your add-on…no, your carry package has expired.” Yaeger kicked the other two players out of the team.

“Princess, we want to renew it!”

“No, the next level up will require too much experience.

Killing too many mobs will be too tiring for us so we will not continue.” Yaeger said lazily.

What are you tired of Havent you been chatting all the time and then use a few skills nonchalantly!

They yelled in their hearts.

However, they didnt dare to say anything to Yaeger and obediently left this area.

Next, they were going to ask S.K.Y.

to see what to do.

Nangong Lin knitted her eyebrows and frowned slightly.

According to Princess character of fleecing, shouldnt she increase the price to renew the add-on service

She couldnt understand Princess train of thought and was left puzzled.

Yaeger looked at the two people leaving with a faint smile on the corners of her mouth: How can I let the pig I raised run away without taking the last of its bacon!

The reason ‌she didnt bring these people to level 10 was very simple.

After level 10, the player could use the Teleportation Array of Broken Leaf City to leave this place and head to the main city.

How could Yaeger let them go before her goal was achieved

Rakshasa covered her mouth and snickered.

My Princess is really wicked.

After a while, Yaeger broadcasted another message.

In less than five minutes, there were two tall, rich and handsome men asking for help.

Ten minutes later.

Nangong Lin was successfully raised to level 10.

The two rich boys reached level 9.

Next, many people came to ask for help, one after another.

Yaeger and Rakshasa made a lot of money.

“Nangong Lin, pull the aggro.” “Nangong Lin…” “Nangong…”

Nangong Lin felt that she seemed to have become a coolie after unlocking [Multi Shot].

She was used by them to pull the monsters aggro.

“Its a misunderstanding.

Princess must be thinking of training me by asking me to do this!” Thinking like this, Nangong Lin drank a bottle of blue potion and continued to pull aggro.

Time passed in the blink of an eye.

Yaeger thought ‌it was almost time and decided to stop.

There was now a group of level 9 players in Broken Leaf City.

This caused another sensation on the forum.

No, even the real world was shaken.

However, its none of Yaegers business.

There was only one thing in her eyes now, and that was to keep stirring things up.

On the way back, Rakshasa suddenly realized that Yaeger hadnt even killed a single wind wolf from start to finish.


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