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“Hey Handsome, who are you”

Hearing this, the handsome-faced man almost staggered and fell.

After stabilizing himself, he stepped forward quickly and said with a serious face, “Princess, its me, Kahn!”

“Kahn, who” Yaeger looked at Rakshasa and found her shaking her head.

After that, she looked at Nangong Lin.

She also shook her head.

Yunuen also shook her head.

“Sorry, I dont seem to know you.” Yaeger looked up at Kahn, wondering.

This man looked familiar, but she had never heard of his name.

Or, she may have heard of it but didnt take it to heart.

“I… Im the one who was beaten up by you before!” Kahns face turned red.

Did Princess not attach any importance to him all along

Yaeger blinked her eyes and then recalled an NPC who had been beaten black and blue by her.

She quickly exclaimed: “Kahn, did you undergo plastic surgery!”

Nangong Lin and Rakshasa also recalled such a character immediately.

“No, I did not undergo any plastic surgery.

This is my original face!” Kahn breathed a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, Princess remembered me.

“Ah” Yaeger clearly remembered that Kahn was a robust man with a rough face before.

How could he have transformed into such a handsome, dashing and strong-looking man after not seeing him for a while

Instead of giving an explanation, Kahn knelt down on one knee in front of Yaeger and bowed his head: “Princess, thank you for waking me up.

You made me realize what it meant when you saidthere is always someone better than you.

Otherwise, I would not be able to see my path clearly, and I would be completely lost.

His voice was full of gratitude, making Yaeger confused.

Did I beat you up so badly that you turned into an imbecile

If Kahn sought revenge, she would have still felt normal, but ‌he was now thanking her so solemnly.

What was happening here

“Ding! Kahns affection for you has increased by 20,000 points, and your relationship with him has become friendly.”

“Ding! You have triggered a hidden quest.”

The sound of the system suddenly sounded.

She clicked to open the interface and looked.

There was really a new quest.

Hidden Quest: Rising Swordsman (2) Tomb of Leviathan

Description: Kahn obtained an inheritance orb half a year ago, but he could not get the approval of the will of inheritance.

However, the occasional overflow of power still benefited him a lot.

He gradually developed a kind of narcissistic self-confidence, thinking that he could eventually control this power and stand up again to reclaim everything he had once lost.

However, the more he desired to control this power, the more reluctant the will of inheritance was to recognize him.

The energy that enveloped him was hard to control.

It caused his appearance to change drastically.

It warped and distorted his mind.

Ever since then, he had embarked on the path of destruction in desperate pursuit of power.

You had completely defeated Kahn by brute force, making him sink into the abyss of despair.

However, it proved a blessing in disguise and he finally inherited that strength and was reborn.

Kahn is extremely grateful to you and regards you as a benefactor, a close friend, and a special existence for whom he can sacrifice his life to repay.

Because you gave him a second life, giving him hope of enacting his revenge.

However, Kahns strength is still too weak right now, and he needs to get stronger.

Next, you have two choices.

Accept Kahns entrustment and accompany him to the [Tomb of Leviathan] a month later to look for opportunities to become stronger.

Reject Kahn.

Option 1: You will have the possibility to get [Empress Leviathans Treasury]

Choose 2: You will get 1,000 gold coins.

After reading the quest description, Yaeger felt her heart tighten and her brain went blank.

She almost exclaimed out in pure joy.

The reason ‌she nearly lost self-control was because this hidden quest was a series of quests and it was also a protagonist plotline.

Kahn was one of the many protagonists of 《Saint Demon World》!

This game had many protagonists, and each protagonist had an exclusive, unique plotline.

However, because of the difficulty of triggering and the uniqueness, Yaeger had never encountered the protagonist NPC in her previous life.

The so-called uniqueness meant that in the entire game, once someone triggered the plotline of the protagonist NPC, others could not trigger it.

Yaegers [Rising Swordsman] quest was unique.

Suppressing the excitement in her heart, her eyes fell on the [Empress Leviathans Treasury].

In her previous incarnation, only a few protagonist plotlines were mentioned on the Internet, and Yaeger had never seen the plotline of Kahn.

However, she knew the [Empress Leviathans Treasury].

It was the [Wings of Freedom] guild of the US server that got this treasure trove.

At that time, the system made a global announcement, so everyone knew it.

On the surface, [Wings of Freedom] looked like a guild composed of ordinary players, but it was actually an ultra-elite guild composed of the Central Intelligence Agency officers.

One of the top five players in the world [Mira] was the guild leader of it.

If it werent for leaked by someone from Russia, most players would probably be kept in the dark until [Night of Advent].

“Its no wonder that this plotline hasnt been released.” Corners of Yaegers mouth curled upward slightly and a faint smile appeared on her face.

“After obtaining [Empress Leviathans Treasury], the [Wings of Freedom] guild only took less than half a year to become the worlds number one guild.

One can imagine how valuable this treasure trove is.”

Now, it will belong to me!

Seeing Yaeger muttering to herself, Rakshasa and others looked puzzled.

Why did Princess suddenly started mumbling to herself and burst into a smile suddenly

Hmm… no matter what is the reason, she looks so good!

All of them were staring at Yaeger with a love-struck expression.

Kahn narrated his story.

Yaeger immediately pricked her ears to listen.

The options were greyed out for now.

It seemed that she had to listen to Kahns story before she could make a choice.

Kahn spoke slowly.

It turned out that he was a candidate for the patriarch position of the [Sword Clan], one of the three great clans in the Jade Empire.

His talent was amazing, and he was considered to be the most likely genius to inherit the position of patriarch.

However, one night 12 years ago, he was framed for stealing the familys heirloom treasures and the murderer killed all the clansmen guarding the treasure house.

All these criminal charges fell on Kahn, causing him to be imprisoned in the family and his body to be crippled.

Not long after, the woman from the [Shield Clan] of the neighboring Sky Empire who had a marriage contract with him heard the news and came to call off the engagement.

Her arrogant appearance was deeply etched in the mind of Kahn, who was still a teenager.

Every night, he had nightmares since his mind was still afflicted with agony over the memory.

With the rapid spread of the news about cancelling of engagement, the reputation of the [Sword Clan] was ruined and Kahn became the laughingstock of the Jade Empire.

Although it was later confirmed that Kahn had not stolen the treasures, let alone killed any of the family members, he was already deprived of his surname by the family head and expelled from the family by then…

After listening to the story, everyone fell silent.

So melodramatic!

But its real.

Infighting and all kinds of framing for power and benefits were normal in big families.

There was nothing wrong with that woman who came to call off the engagement.

Trash was not worthy of someone her status.

The problem was that the other party was too high profile and trampled upon the Kahn familys reputation before the whole world.

Also, it shattered Kahns small heart.

(The river flows thirty years to the East, thirty years to the West.

Life has its ups and downs; dont look down on a poor young man!)

At this moment, everyone seemed to hear a young boy roaring with an aggrieved and angry voice.


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