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Under the same blue sky, inside a high-end apartment in Roc city.

Lilith, also known as Rakshasa in-game, opened the door and went out.

She inadvertently discovered that the floor in front of the door was wet.

She remembered that the cleaners in this building mopped the floor in the morning or at noon.

Today was a sunny day, so why was it still wet here

Shaking her head, she was too lazy to think about such a boring problem.

Then she looked into the distance.

The lights were brightly lit, so it must be very lively outside.

Lilith smiled indifferently.

She realized that she seemed to have changed a little.

Before, she obviously didnt like the liveliness outside.

Maybe its because of Princess.

She couldnt help but contemplate.

I really want to meet Princess soon.

Staring outside at the night view, Lilith was in a trance.

She didnt notice that there were two people in the corridor putting a corpse into a sack and there was a ceramic dagger lying quietly on the ground.

Meanwhile, inside a shanty town at Huadu.

Yunuen Lin returned home.

Although she said it was home, it was too small, only a dozen square meters.

The windows were few and not well ventilated.

When the door was opened, the smell of dampness assaulted the nostrils.

“Mom, Im back.” After changing her shoes, Yunuen saw her mother doing manual work on the balcony.

There were three bags on the ground filled with parts to make clothes label.

Three tags formed one set and each set was sold for 3 dimes.

When Yunuens mother was free, she could make about 20 RMB a day to subsidize the family.

Looking at her mothers hands with a lot of calluses, Yunuens eyes couldnt help getting moist.

These were the traces caused by working under strong wind and scorching sun for so many years.

It was hardly likely to recover if she didnt take a few years to recuperate.

“Yunuen, why are you back Arent you going to make-up lessons at night” Mother Lin raised her head.

She had a slightly puzzled expression on her face.

Her gray hair made her look like she was in her fifties.

However, she was actually only 42 this year.

“No more.” Yunuen walked over with a heavy school bag, “I wont go to tuition classes anymore.”

“Huh” Mother Lin was stunned when she heard this and she immediately asked, “Did something bad happen”

“No, Im happy, mom.

This is for you.” With that, Yunuen opened the schoolbag and took out a bag with a pile of red paper in it.

Mother Lin took a look and immediately felt dazzled: “This, this…”

She had never seen so much money.

After returning to her senses, she immediately questioned Yunuen, fearing that she had done something bad to get the money.

Even after Yunuen explained it for half an hour, Mother Lin was still dubious.

When Father Lin came back, there was another questioning session.

Yunuen explained everything in a good mood and found it funny at the same time.

After letting the two of them read all kinds of information about the game on the Internet, they only believed it around 70%.

After the family had a cheerful meal, Yunuen went back to her small room.

She sat on a single bed, hugged her knees, and looked ahead.

Her mind was full of things about Princess.

“Its great to meet Princess.” The corners of Yunuens mouth rose slightly and a radiant smile appeared.

Inside a black internet cafe in Roc city.

Yaeger was browsing through the latest posts on the forum.

《Ranger, the strongest job on the earth!!! 》

Looking at this posts content, the corners of Yaegers mouth couldnt help but twitch.

Who was so sordid that he actually held the Ranger job in so high esteems

I am afraid that someone will walk up and stab you right in the face with a blade in the future! No, he may even blow you up with an IED directly!

After all, choosing the wrong career may be a lifetime matter.

How can Ranger be the best job! Yaeger shook her head and sighed.

However, after watching his own fighting video, it suddenly occurred to him that he caused this misunderstanding…

“Well, the [Privacy] effect of skirt equipment is fantastic.” Yaeger looked at dense fog generated under the skirt when [Princess] was fighting and nodded with satisfaction.

Time flew, and soon it was nine oclock.

Yaeger and others went online almost at the same time.

“Princess!” “Princess!” Rakshasa: Princess!

It had only been a few hours without seeing Yaeger.

When the three of them saw her again, they all looked happy, even a little excited.

“Well, everyone is on time.” Yaeger smiled at them, “Arent you curious why I want you to gather” “Im curious.” “Im curious as well.” Rakshasa: Are you going to the final stage “Yes, its the final stage.” Yaeger looked at the three women, “Next, we will usher in a fierce battle.

You must be mentally prepared.” “I have a question.

What is the final stage” Nangong Lin raised her hand.

Yunuen asked the same with her eyes.

Yaeger did not reply, but clicked on the quest interface to let them have a look at [Wind Wolfs Revenge] series quest.

“Big boss!” “What a shocking thing to expect!”

They did not expect that they were going to challenge the newbie villages last boss tonight!

“Can we challenge it” Nangong Lin asked.

She rarely played games much, but she still knew that this kind of last boss was definitely powerful.

Rakshasa: Yes.

“The chance of winning is only 99 percent,” Yaeger said seriously.

This made everyone speechless for a while.

What did you mean by only 99% Was there that much of a difference when compared to a 100%

“Let me tell the battle plan.

In the early stage, we will take it easy and not do anything.

We will take part in the battle in the middle or late stage.

Thats all.” Yaeger said with a smile.

She had been raising pigs for thousands of days.

No, she was raising soldiers for thousands of days.

They were going to be useful tonight.

From the beginning, Yaegers plan had never stopped, including the last 1,000 wind wolves.

All the wind wolves were at level 10 and they always moved in packs.

Naturally, no player bothered them.

But after the evening, their level changed back to level 5, which was undoubtedly the best prey for high-level players to gain experience.

With their strength and number of people, killing 1,000 wind wolves in three hours should not be hard to accomplish.

The number of wind wolves killed in the final mission was constantly rising.

9,950 …… 9,960 …… 9,970 …… 9,980 …… 9,990 …… 10,000!

At this moment, a blood-red exclamation mark immediately appeared on the map that Yaeger opened.

“Here it is.” Her ultimate prey!

“Ding, all players pay attention.

[Wind Wolfs Revenge] has entered the final stage and the Wind Wolf King will spawn soon.”


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