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Hearing this city-wide announcement, almost all players were in a state of confusion.

No one had the slightest clue what the [Wind Wolfs Revenge] quest was.

As for the so-called Wind Wolf King, just hearing the name made people feel fear and horror.

Who the hell will tell us what is going on

The alarm bell of Broken Leaf City kept ringing, and the guards quickly assembled at the city gate.

When the commoners in the city heard the ringing, they all hurriedly returned home and closed their doors tight.

Looking at the empty street, some players felt that the atmosphere had become weird and depressing.

It was like something big had happened.

“F̲u̲c̲k̲! This is the final quest!” Suddenly, someone shouted at the Resurrection Square.

“Whats the final quest” “Look at it yourself.”

Hearing those words, everyone opened the quest interface and saw [Wind Wolfs Revenge] as expected.

They clicked on it to have a look and their eyelid immediately twitched.

They were about to face the last boss of the newbie village on the first day of the game.

What a joke!

“What the hell is going on” S.K.Y.

was also looking at the quest with a doubtful expression.

However, his doubtful expression soon turned into excitement.

“The worlds first kill!” The gears of S.K.Y.s mind quickly turned, and he immediately understood what it meant to be the newbie villages last boss.

Although he didnt know for the time being why this last boss suddenly appeared in the newbie village, it was a golden opportunity, anyway.

The first kill of the game, that was the highest honor!

If you succeeded, you would not only be honored, but you may also get orange equipment!

The more he thought about it, the more excited S.K.Y.


Compared with the worlds first kill, Princess matter had become less important.

Many players had noticed that this was a great opportunity to become famous.

As the saying went, to become famous you must jump in right at the first opportunity.

Now was the time!

It probably only took ten seconds for their state of emotion to change, from emotionally shocked just now to a state of fervent frenzy.

Most players were fascinated by the possibility of obtaining the worlds first kill.

Outside, when many forces found that the final big boss of Newbie Village 101 had appeared, they were shocked and couldnt believe it.

Was there a bug

In the wild, the player who killed the 10,000th wind wolves looked ahead, his expression gradually turned abnormal.

Because he saw countless wind wolves coming here.

At that moment, the earth was shaking with a tremor.

The dust that flew up seemed to envelop the entire sky.

Behind these wind wolves, one with the size of a hill was advancing unhurriedly with graceful steps.

Its pair of giant eyes flashed with golden light.

It had a muscular body and did not look obese.

Its green fur looked like rough steel nails, flashing with a faint luster.

Every step this huge wind wolf took, the wind power entwining it would cut countless cracks in the surrounding ground.

Moreover, there was a halo under its feet, emanating a terrible aura all the time.

This giant wind wolf was the leader of the wolf pack, Wind Wolf King!

Some players stood on the fence and watched the wind wolves invading like a wave of beasts.

Their scalp went numb seeing this scene.

At the moment they saw the Wind Wolf King, they were even struck with a terror which they couldnt suppress.

Someone used scouting equipment to check the information of the Wind Wolf King.

His face turned blue and lips turned white, but he still shared the data on the public channel.

The next moment, the citys players were fuming.

Wind Wolf King (Black Iron Boss)Race:Wind WolfLevel:25HP:1,250,000 Mana:50,000 Attack Power:2,000Defense:1,500Special Ability: [Storm], [Aura of Fear], [Thorns], [Iron Wall], [Magic Damage Reduction], [Berserk]

“I… Im gonna pass out.

1.25 million HP.

F̲u̲c̲k̲!” “I only have 800 HP.

With its 2,000 Attack Power, it can kill me with one slap!” “Defense of 1,500 points, are you kidding Can you really fight it” “What the hell are those six special abilities! Its scary to even look at!” “Nuooooh!! Were doomed!”

Seeing such frightening stats, many players felt very desperate.

At this time.

“Warriors and adventurers, the evil Wind Wolf King is coming, so the city guards need your strength.

Join us to protect Broken Leaf City!”

A man with the appearance of an officer stood on the wall and shouted.

The players were immediately happy when they heard this.

With the help of NPC, the situation was different!

Moreover, they were in a defensive situation.

They had a lot of defense weapons to use.

They could not only attack the opponents wind wolf pack but also attack the Wind Wolf King directly!

Many people saw hope, and all were very excited.

As long as the worlds first kill could be completed, it didnt matter what method was used!

“Princess, why are they so excited” Nangong Lin looked puzzled.

“Probably want to grab the worlds first kill, that is the highest glory in the early stage of the game,” Yaeger said calmly.

“What is the use of that thing besides fame” Nangong Lin still couldnt understand.

“Its really useless if it was any other ordinary game, but is this game normal” Yaeger said.

Nangong Lin suddenly remembered that the game was vigorously promoted by the Five Great Nations.

How could it be anything but ordinary!

“Is there any special reward for obtaining the worlds first kill”

“I dont know.” Yaeger smiled mysteriously.

There were naturally special rewards.

On completing the worlds first kill, not only could you get very extravagant rewards but also…

“Princess, they are attacking the city.” Yunuen suddenly interrupted her train of thought.

Yaeger looked forward and saw countless wind wolves rushing towards Broken Leaf City.

On the city wall, players and combat NPCs in the city launched overwhelming attacks.

After a while, there were corpses lying everywhere, and the blood flowed like a river.

Seeing such a terrifying war scene, many players almost vomited, while some directly vomited on the ground.

Nangong Lin and Yunuen also couldnt bear to look at it directly.

This was completely different compared to the usual battles.

They were not at the same level at all.

That overwhelming atmosphere of death, that extremely strong smell of blood, made people at a loss of what to do.

This was war.

The war between men and beasts!

Seeing that the wind wolves were at a disadvantage, the Wind Wolf Kings eyes widened and its maw suddenly opened.

It launched a giant wind bullet toward the Broken Leaf City.

Witnessing the wind bullets that grew closer, the players became horrified.

However, the NPCs had long prepared for this, magical arrays were spread out across the entire city by the magic knights.

The blue light flickered and seemed to wrap Broken Leaf City in a blue eggshell at this moment.


The attack of the Wind Wolf King hit.

The giant wind bullet hit the barrier, causing it to shake violently as if it would break‌, but in the end, it stabilized.

Seeing that the attack had failed, the Wind Wolf King stepped on the ground and its immense body flew over, smashing its claw on the border.

Only a dull sound was heard, and the barrier shook again.

The magic knights inside spat out blood as if they had been hit hard.

Immediately afterward, countless magic attacks were launched at the Wind Wolf King.

The Wind Wolf King who had just executed an action couldnt dodge and was hit by countless magic rays.

Strangely enough, it didnt lose any health.

Some players were surprised to find that the Attack Power of the Wind Wolf King was reduced by half.

There was an abnormal state [Weakened].

Everyone suddenly realized that the purpose of the attack just now was to weaken the opponent.

“Warriors and adventurers, the Wind Wolf King has been weakened by our magicians.

Now is the time to get rid of it!”

An officer yelled.

Many players responded and immediately launched a fierce attack on the Wind Wolf King.

“It has finally started.” Yaeger looked at this scene and the corners of her mouth curled upward slightly, forming a faint smile.


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