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Right after Yaeger said that, everyone sensed a piercing aura, as if something was stabbing their nerves and directly causing their hearts and souls to tremble.

Everyone then witnessed the nearby scenery beginning to violently distort as ripples started spreading out like a wave.


The sword landed.

It was as if the sword came into contact with something hard, but people witnessed that the sword seemed to sink into the water as it sunk into the ground!

At the same time, a golden light flashed in a circle with a hundred meters radius as a runic formation appeared.

If someone looked down from high above right now, they would see a complex spell formation being created at lightning speed.

The piercing aura became even stronger, making everyone feel like their skin was being cut apart by a sword, giving them pain as if they were being torn apart.


The skies suddenly changed as powerful winds whipped up, lightning flashed, and thunder rumbled!

An incredibly frightening natural force boomed down.

The Wind Wolf King was incredibly frightened.

It had originally wanted to secretly slip away while the humans were fighting amongst themselves, but now it was completely sealed and couldnt move due to a powerful force.

Not only was the Wind Wolf King like this, everyone present apart from those in Yaegers party felt as if they had a small mountain on their backs.

Not only was moving impossible, it was already a miracle that they hadnt been crushed flat.

“Open!” Yaegersopen in the middle of the formation sounded like a firecracker had gone off.

At this moment, the entire formation was completely activated as a golden glow expanded, causing a force from ancient times to completely explode!

Countless golden swords appeared, followed by the swords furiously attacking everything in the formation like a violent thunderstorm.

The players and NPCs had never witnessed something so frightening before.

They were all so scared that it felt like their souls had left their bodies.

If they were still capable of screaming, they would have filled the skies with their screams already.

“Destroy!” Yaeger spoke the second word, causing the heavens and earth to shake as swords covered the entire sky!

The next instant, S.K.Y.

widened his eyes as the corners of his eyes cracked and started bleeding.

He felt countless golden swords piercing through his body as the swords sharp aura kept tearing his body apart and destroyed his internal organs.

Every single nerve in his body was sliced, giving him an incomparable sweet and sour pain.

This was pain that was more fearsome than having your skin slowly sliced off you.

It was as if his soul and physical body were being sliced up into noodles and then fried in a pan!

This pain seemed like it lasted for only a second, but also as if it lasted a century.

All players, no matter if they were playing on the 10% pain setting or the 100% pain setting, felt an incredible fear of death blooming in their hearts like a pitch-black flower.

The icy chill of hell made it feel like even their souls would be completely frozen over.

The NPCs all had expressions of despair as their eyes bulged and mouths opened up wide.

It seemed like they were experiencing something terrifying.

They wanted to scream and cry, but discovered that they were unable to even make a sound.

This was pain that was impossible to express with words, as well as deep despair.

The flower of death bloomed in their hearts and brought endless fear.

At this instant, 200 players hit points all instantly hit zero, while 400 NPCs were near death.

If this spell formation had lasted for another 0.5 seconds, they would have died as well.

But at this moment, the formation suddenly collapsed as the countless golden swords vanished in flashes of light.

The ancient aura completely vanished.

Rakshasa couldnt help but glance towards Yaeger.

She saw that Yaegers face was pale white with a fatigued expression, and that Yaegers hand was actually trembling slightly.

“So this is my current limit on how long I can maintain the Ancient Celestial Sword Formation…” Yaeger slightly opened her mouth as a flash of excitement shone in her eyes.

With her current strength, it was impossible for her to utilize the complete strength of the Ancient Celestial Sword Formation.

The abilities she just used had almost completely drained her, so it could be imagined just how terrifying the full might of the Ancient Celestial Sword Formation would be.

A sword flashed and appeared back in Yaegers hand.

This sword was actually slightly red and covered with damage.

Upon a closer look, its durability had decreased from 99 to 1.

If Yaeger used the sword right now, it would immediately become scrap metal and even shatter.

All the surviving NPCs from the battle had collapsed on the ground.

They had pale expressions and were twitching all over as if they were withstanding pain that was tearing their nerves apart.

Yaeger glanced over them with an incomparably cold look in her eyes.

At this moment, Nangong Lin suddenly shouted, “Princess, the Wind Wolf King is trying to escape!”

The Wind Wolf King had just stood up and was trying to bear its pain and escape when it heard this.

The Wind Wolf King trembled and inwardly cursed Nangong while also being so afraid that its soul almost left its body to ascend to heaven.


As if the Wind Wolf Kings mistaken impression was being turned into reality, a sword flashed past and penetrated its neck, instantly causing blood to spurt.

The Wind Wolf Kings pupils rapidly contracted as the aura of death transformed into a giant claw that caught its soul and viciously tore it apart.


The Wind Wolf Kings gigantic body fell down with a mighty crash as it died!

The sword also shattered in midair, transforming into dust that went to someplace unknown along with the wind, giving off a faintly sad sensation.

It seemed as if a swords heart had shattered, rather than just a sword.

“Ding! Attention to all players, the [Wind Wolfs Revenge] quest has ended.

Congratulations to [Princess] for becoming the first player to kill a boss in the entire world and achieving something never before done in history.

She has obtained the title [Wolf Slayer], and is awarded a random orange equipment box, five random blue equipment boxes, the right to use the [Saint Demon Roulette] once, 99 bottles of high-level recovery potions, 99 bottles of high-level mana recovery potions, and 5 to all basic stats.”

“Ding! [Wind Wolfs Revenge] quest rankings are as follows.

Rank #1 for contribution: [Princess].

She is awarded a random purple equipment box and a random luxury gift bag.

Rank #2 for contribution: [Rakshasa].

She is awarded a random purple equipment box.

Rank #3 for contribution: [Baines].

He is awarded a blue skill book.”


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