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Yaeger tensed up as he stiffly turned his head towards the door.

His expression was somewhat panicky.

Knock knock knock!

The rhythmic knocking repeated itself.

Yaeger was mentally prepared since he had experienced such a thing before.

He lightly sighed as his panic gradually calmed down.

Perhaps the owner had come again to ask him if he was driving.

“Hey, its me, the owner.

Would you like to order an all-nighter” As expected, it was the owner, although the question was different.

Yaeger heaved a slight sigh of relief as he answered, “No need.”

“I see, then would you like to enjoy the fun of driving I saw that you were on the internet all day, so its time for you to take a break.

Rest assured, nobody will laugh at you for being fast.”


Yaeger was so angry that he was about to explode.

He was already having a headache about how he might permanently become a girl soon, and now this owner actually came to stimulate him even more! He really couldnt take it!

“Get the hell out!” Yaeger was thus really angry.

No matter if this was the owner, he started cursing.

The owner paused in surprise outside the door.

She never thought that this handsome boy would be so bad-tempered, so she immediately said in displeasure, “Hmph, I was simply concerned about your physical condition.

If you dont want to drive, then forget it.

Why shout like that! Arent you just useless You think that youre really something!”

She then angrily walked away briskly without even waiting for Yaegers reply.

As Yaeger heard the sound of the owners slippers walking away, he then angrily punched the sofa.

What was with the owner!

Yaeger took a bottled water out of the small refrigerator and drank down several gulps before he was able to calm down.

“Now, what should I do next”

Originally, Yaeger had intended on obtaining a real life skill or real life equipment/item in the game.

He would then leave this city and go inland to find a place to live after he had the ability to protect himself.

Only then would he carefully plan for the future.

Now he had indeed obtained a real life skill as he had wanted, and it was really powerful, but he couldnt use it!

He absolutely couldnt use it!

He would gain a 5% transformation percentage each time that he used it.

That meant he could only use it 20 times.

After that, he would become a 100% girl!

And even if he didnt use it, he would still become a girl one month from now.

“In that case, it should be fine if I just use it once or twice…” Yaeger couldnt help but think this, but then he immediately shook his head.

“I absolutely cant, this is just like crossdressing.

Theres only zero times or limitless times.

Once I transform, Ill have crossed the threshold!”

He clenched his fist with an incredibly resolute expression.

Knock knock knock!

Someone suddenly knocked on the door again.

However, this knocking was different from earlier.

This knocking sounded hurried and forceful.

For some unknown reason, Yaeger felt a terrible premonition in his heart right when the knocking sounded.

He felt that the person outside the door had bad intentions!

Yaeger instantly tensed up, as if something ominous was sending an aura inside.

Without even thinking about it, he pocketed his VR gear and then put on his cap as he suddenly stood up while staring at the door as his breathing became slightly hurried.

Bang bang bang!

Suddenly, the knocking changed as the door started shaking, causing some dust to fall.

At the same time, a vicious voice spoke from outside: “Yaeger, I know youre in there, so obediently come back with us so we can carry out our orders!”

As expected!

The voice was vaguely familiar.

Yaeger instantly realized that this person was Wenzels subordinate! They really were the first ones to come for him!

Rather than relevant factions or outside factions, Yaeger was more afraid of Wenzels people.

That was because they were looking for Yaeger, rather than [Princess].

Yaeger was someone who existed in real life, while [Princess] didnt exist in the real world.

It was obvious who would be easier to find.

Besides, Yaeger was so handsome, ridiculously handsome to the point of being like a movie star.

It would be incredibly difficult to try and not stand out!

The goons simply needed to ask around and follow the clues in order to easily find his hiding spot.

“Dogs who never stop stalking me!” Yaeger had a pale expression as he trembled while still speaking icy words that pierced to the bone.

However, he then didnt know what to do after saying this.

That was because this room had no escape routes! He would immediately be captured after the door was kicked open.

Yaeger suddenly recalled his nightmare.

Countless rich women were using the rich women three-piece equipment set and were preparing to use the happiness triple attack on her, that terrifying nightmare!

“Wenzel, Sister Red, I swear that Im not human if I dont kill you!” Two tears dripped down from Yaegers eyes as he swore this.

Outside the door…

Max was really excited.

He originally planned on coming to Black Internet Cafe to find information about Yaeger, but never thought that the target would actually be hiding here.

What a pleasant surprise!

Max was 1.8 meters tall and had a strong body.

He wore a colorful short-sleeved shirt and had green hair in a crew cut, a typical mafia youth appearance.

Two similarly dressed mafia youths were standing next to him.

It was obvious that they were together.


Max used all his strength to kick the door open.

Everyone was really excited and happy, since they would obtain 100,000 as payment as long as they captured Yaeger and brought him back!

In these peoples minds, Yaeger was just a little golden piggy who would easily be carried away.

When they looked inside, they saw something flashing dark red which almost blinded their greedy eyes.

Right after that, Max faintly felt as if something was coming at him at a really high speed, bringing along powerful wind pressure with it.

He then immediately felt as if his body was struck by a truck going 100km/hour.

He directly flew into the wall with a vicious impact and spat out some blood.

An irregular mark appeared on his stomach which really seemed like a punch impact!

The other two didnt even have time to react before one was kicked and had his chin bone instantly shattered as he crashed into the ceiling and became embedded there, as if he was a human sandbag.

The other person shot out like a bullet and crashed into the wall at the end of the hallway before gradually sliding down.

He seemed like a painting that was being hung!

Old man Tian likely would have started shouting if he saw this.

The dark red glow flashed as Black Internet Cafes front entrance suddenly exploded.

Everyone in the internet cafe heard a tremendous sound, so they all walked out together and only saw that three men had been beaten up like they were dead dogs.

Max felt as if his body had been put through a blender with how much pain he was in.

Right when he was about to faint from the pain, he suddenly remembered how Yaeger had previously been captured like a defenseless quail by them before.

He suddenly uttered some words without thinking about them: “Yaeger… you said that you didnt know martial arts…”

He then fainted.

It was unknown whether he was dead or alive.

Downstairs at the internet cafe, a regular customer was about to go upstairs to have some fun when he saw a flash of light suddenly pass him by in an instant.

“Did I meet a ghost” He was really astonished as he patted himself on the heart.

“I must be scaring myself!”

He then walked forward one step after saying that, but then stumbled and almost collapsed.

After he steadied himself, he backed away several steps and glanced at the ground.

He swallowed down the curse he was about to utter, and he had an expression as if he had seen a ghost.

That was because he saw a deep shoe print in the ground.

The shoe print was actually cracked from the epicenter like a spiderweb that spread out in all directions!

How much strength would be required to cause such destruction

He couldnt help but glance upwards, where he suddenly spotted a shoe print on the veranda of the second floor!

He then looked across and saw another shoe print on the wall!

At this moment, some shards suddenly fell down and hit a car, which caused some beeping.

“Ahh! I think I just saw Superman!” The man couldnt help but shout loudly after seeing such a strange scene.

On a certain rooftop, a girl wearing a cap, white short-sleeved shirt, gray elastic pants, white flats, with a tall and slender figure, along with long black hair that was being blown by the wind had her head lowered as she looked at the two lumps of fat bulging from under her shirt.

Her lips opened slightly as she uttered something pitiful.

“Its gone, whats down there is truly gone…”


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