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News that Yaeger appeared in Roc City spread like a level 12 earthquake as the intelligence departments all over the world exploded with this information.

Countless eyes were paying attention to Roc City, as if it had become the center of the world.

America, Dorado City.

Mira had a headache.

This [Princess] acted so unusually.

No matter if it was attracting so much attention with selling equipment right after the server opened, or making other players suffer or killing other players, or stealing the kill on the world boss, it all seemed like she was too random! She simply did whatever she thought of.

However, if you seriously analyzed everything that she did, you would discover that she was leading everyone towards the abyss since the very start with her plans.

She was also gaining all the benefits! Thus, Mira seriously suspected that Princess had some astonishing scheme when she appeared in Roc City!

The problem was that Mira couldnt figure out no matter what, is how Princess could benefit at this current time.

Did Princess not know that all the important member countries of the United Nations had their eyes on her Even if she was undefeatable in the game, she was only an 18-year-old girl in real life!

Mira touched her forehead and felt that she wouldnt be able to figure it out no matter how she thought about it, so she decided to simply pay attention to the information transmitted by the special agents.


In the game, many players now knew that Princess had appeared in the real world.

They were all excited, as if an idol had arrived to sing a concert.

Some players even logged off to check out the latest happenings on the internet.

Some players who lived in Roc City actually drove their cars over to Yongan Street, as they wanted to see Princess incredible beauty in real life.

Meanwhile, the livestream chat of a large social media website completely exploded.

“Heavens! Princess really does exist in real life!” “Theres actually someone so beautiful in real life!” “Shes like a fairy descended from heaven!” “I respect the one who licks her first!” “I thought that she was a character modified by the game company, but I never thought she was real… Mommy, Im in love!” “Get the hell out! You stinky men, dont even think about licking our Princess!” “Thats right!” “Ah~ Im getting wet from seeing what Princess looks like when eating!” “You, you! Youre so dirty!” “Kitty Rabbit, arent you from Roc City Hurry and start a livestream! What meaning is there in reposting someone elses stream!” “Id really like to go, but theres such a big traffic jam right now…” “Why would there possibly be a traffic jam at this time” “Thats right, you just want to slack off! Im going to unsubscribe!” “Take a look if you dont believe me.”

Kitty Rabbit showed a stream of the current road conditions.

Everyone saw that there really was a severe traffic jam where everyone was stuck.

“Could it be that all these people are going to see the Princess” “Theres no doubt about it.” “Hiss! Princess has such frightening charisma!” “Shes the #1 princess in the world, after all.” “Shes the #1 fairy in the world!”

Yaeger didnt know that she was currently the hottest topic on the internet.

She was still idly touring the streets and attracting a countless amount of attention.

The attention ranged from admiring to fanatical.

Strangely, not a single person on the street came within three meters of Yaeger.

It was as if there was an invisible barrier that prevented people from approaching.

Actually, there was nothing there at all.

It was just that people unconsciously felt that this incredible beauty was a higher-level lifeform from themselves.

That was why they didnt dare to approach.

“There are 10 relatively stronger individuals nearby.” Yaeger ate snacks as she looked wherever she pleased.

It seemed like she really was just casually having fun, but her senses were activated to the maximum.

She was analyzing everyones energy levels.

If an ordinary adult had 5 points of energy, then a well-trained soldier would be 10 points.

“There are five who are 20 points, and five who are 15 points.

They have quite a good power level for humans.

If this wasnt out in the open on the streets of China, they likely would have pounced on me already.

Hahaha, I love watching how you really want to capture me but dont dare to.”

If Yaeger had only been an ordinary person, she wouldnt even have the courage to resist these powerful warriors, as there would be too much difference in their strength.

But unfortunately, Yaeger was no ordinary person.

She wasnt worried at all that these people would suddenly attack her.

If a fight actually occurred, she could kill all the special agents here with just a single finger.

However, that would bring lots of trouble to her.

Yaeger only wanted to fish tonight.

She didnt have any interest in starting a slaughter.

Although Yaeger wasnt a kind person, she wasnt a majorly evil person, either.

She wasnt the type to kill someone over a mere disagreement or because of the way they looked.

She would only kill those who deserved to die.

That was all there was to it.

“Wenzel, oh Wenzel, hurry and come.

My sword is really thirsting for your blood.” People were under the impression that Yaeger had some dark scheme here, but all she wanted was to fish up a tilapia.

This was all because she didnt know where Wenzel lived.

Otherwise, she would have long since attacked him already without going to all this trouble.

Yaeger didnt know too much about Wenzel.

But, judging from how he dared to attack her starting from level 1 in the game, and how he put a reward for her on the forums, he was the type to really hold a grudge and take revenge as quickly as possible.

It would be quite easy to lure him out.

As for all the great white sharks that were fished up along the way Yaeger didnt have much interest.

Everyone would be fine as long as they didnt antagonize her.

Otherwise, Yaeger didnt mind using her sword to slaughter a few fish for an evening snack.

“Its about time.

If I take any longer, the relevant departments will find me soon.

Its not time to get into contact with them yet.” Yaeger walked into a small alleyway and swiftly tapped the ground with her feet and flew away.

She disappeared instantly.

“Where is she” The foreign special agents followed her to the alley and looked all around but couldnt even find her shadow.

All of them were really confused.

How could a living person disappear just like that They had thought that it would be a good chance for them when they saw Princess entering a small alley.

They never expected that Princess would instantly disappear.

This was so inconceivable!

On the top of a certain building on Yongan Street, Yaeger instantly activated [Shadow Form] and completely melded into the night.

As a ranger, it would be impossible for these people to find her if she really wanted to hide.

The bait had been cast.

All she had to do was wait for the fish to bite.

“Hahaha, Im really looking forward to your blood.”


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