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“Its me.”

This person had cascading black hair, lustrous skin, a tall and curvy figure, and a beautiful face.

She wore a blood-red dress and had her jade-like long legs exposed.

Naturally, this was Princess, who was as beautiful as a flower, could seduce an entire city or country, beloved by everyone, and even flowers would bloom in her presence!

“Could it be that you caused the accident just now… No, you definitely did it; you must have spent quite a lot just in order to intercept me.

You actually used a large mining equipment vehicle!”

Wenzel had a look of realization.

In his opinion, only an extra-large mining equipment vehicle would be capable of viciously smashing a minivan into midair.

However, if he had the time to think it over more carefully, he would notice that this was wrong.

If such a large vehicle had crashed into them, at least half or more of everyone in the minivan would have died.

Besides, how could such a special vehicle appear on the national highway

“Idiot.” Yaeger had an icy expression as she watched Wenzel.

A cold aura kept flowing from her body.

This was the person who endangered her in her past life, forcing her to hide everywhere like a gutter rat and waste so much of her time before she finally died a pitiful death to the demons.

Not only that, he almost caused her to sink into an abyss not long after her reincarnation.

‘If it wasnt for this mad dog constantly chasing after me, I, I never would have transformed into a girl!

“You dog, its all your fault!” Yaeger squeezed some incredibly cold words out from between her teeth.

She would be unable to vent the anger in her heart unless she tortured this dog to death!

“B̲i̲t̲c̲h̲! You dare to curse at me!” Wenzels eyes were bloodshot as he pointed at Yaeger.

His expression was incredibly distorted.

When combined with the fresh blood that hadnt dried yet on his forehead, he looked extra vicious, just like a demon who had just crawled out of hell.

Wenzels subordinates kept exiting the minivan at this time.

Although they were injured, they could still move.

Counting Wenzel, his group had nine people.

Yaeger was all by herself.

She was overwhelmingly disadvantaged in quantity.

But as for quality…

“I wont let you guys die very quickly.” Yaeger stepped forward and walked towards Wenzels group.

She broke off a tree branch as she passed by a tree.

“At the very least, I wont kill you guys until my anger is gone.”

When Wenzels group heard this and saw Yaeger break a tree branch off for a weapon, they all exchanged glances and smiled widely before breaking out into guffaws!

“Hahahahahaha! Is this stinky woman trying to tell a joke” “Does she want to challenge the nine of us all by herself” “Paha! Ive seen someone using a chicken feather as an arrow, but this is the first time Ive seen someone using a tree branch as a weapon!” “This woman dared to use a large vehicle to crash into us I wont be able to get rid of my anger unless we torture and kill her!”

There was also a goon who was still shaken from the earlier crash.

He was unable to laugh and instead had a vicious expression.

“Hahaha, theres no need for you guys to do anything.

Ill be fine by myself!”

A slightly pudgy blonde youth who was over 1.8 meters tall walked out.

He had a lust-filled expression as he looked at Yaeger.

When he thought about how he would soon be able to enjoy her beautiful body, his heart immediately started burning up.

“Dont hurt her face.

Were still going to use her in a bit!” Wenzel took out a handkerchief and wiped the blood on his face as he said this.


The blonde goon made cracking sounds with his fists as he strode forward with large steps.

“Girl, in a bit well…”

Before he got to finish his sentence, a leg appeared on his stomach and instantly sent him flying backward as he then rolled three times on the ground.

Everyone paused in surprise.

The blonde youth weighed at least 95 kilograms.

Just how strong did this woman have to be in order to easily send him flying with a single kick

The blonde youth crawled up from the ground at this time.

He flicked away the mud on his body as he angrily glared at Yaeger.

He took large steps forward and pointed at her while saying: “I dont accept this… Pu!”

Before he took two steps, he instantly fell onto the ground as he spat out a large amount of blood.

When everyone saw this, their first thought was that the blondie was overreacting, but then their expressions changed when they saw all the blood that he spat out.

“You should all attack me together.

Ill break all your limbs first and torture you for a bit before sending you to hell.” Yaeger had a slight smile as she held the tree branch.

However, the smile didnt reach her eyes at all.

“Everyone take out your weapons!” Wenzel gave a command, causing everyone to immediately take out their retractable nightsticks and extend them.

They then spread out around Yaeger in a well-practiced manner to surround and hunt her.

At this moment, they naturally understood already that Yaeger was no defenseless beauty.

All of them had serious expressions and vicious light in their eyes.

“Second one.” Yaeger suddenly opened her cherry lips slightly.

Her body flashed before her words were even finished.

As if she was a ghost, she appeared next to a goon and swept horizontally with her branch.

The goon was unable to even react to such a fast attack.

However, he couldnt help but smile when he thought that it was merely a tree branch.


The branch whistled through the air and hit the goon on the shoulder.

Surprisingly, there was the sound of his bones shattering.

Everyone then saw his face distorting violently as he opened his mouth wide.

His body shot out as if a bulldozer had crashed into him.

The goon landed on the ground and rolled twice before he finally uttered an incomparably dreadful scream of pain.

Everyone elses faces paled when they saw him.

They saw that the goons hand had actually become distorted where the branch hit him!

They suddenly started feeling fear in their hearts.

This fear sprinted maniacally like a wild horse and impacted the deepest part of their souls.

“Next.” Yaegers clear voice suddenly sounded again.

Everyone couldnt help but tremble.

“You, dont come over!” Wenzels expression was as if he was seeing Yaeger as a ghost.

His face was filled with fear.

Anyone who wasnt an idiot could tell now that this incredibly beautiful girl was no ordinary person!

A beam of sword energy replied to Wenzels words.

The sword energy originated from the tree branch!

There was a tearing sound.

Clothes were torn as blood traced an elegant arc in the air.

“Ahhhh!” Wenzel immediately shouted when he saw a blood-red injury appear on his chest.

It was unknown if he was shouting because of pain or fear.

Perhaps it was both.

The other goons had never seen anything as abnormal as injuring someone through the air before.

They were so scared that they turned and ran.

Unfortunately, several bolts of sword energy shot out and caused all the goons to collapse on the ground in pain.

“Wenzel, does it hurt Hahaha, no need to be afraid.

Theres more pain coming for you.” Yaeger smiled faintly with a delighted expression in her eyes.

Black flames were rising in her heart.

Revenge was such a sweet thing~

Sword energy flashed and caused a flower of blood to bloom.

Wenzel immediately howled as if he was a pig being slaughtered.

“Hahaha, these screams really make me feel so good~” Yaeger raised the branch in her hand as a cold light flashed in her eyes.

“However, lets end things here due to time constraints.”

Some time had passed already since she kicked the minivan into the air.

If she took any longer, it was highly likely that people from relevant departments would find her.

Just as Yaeger was about to give Wenzel the fatal blow, a hurried voice shouted from not far away.

“Princess, stop!”


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