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The girl lightly turned around and showed her beautiful face as her black hair waved in the wind.

Her eyes seemed so sharp as if they could shoot out swords.

Xina could swear that she had never seen someone so beautiful before.

The overwhelming presence this girl possessed in combination with her sharp aura that was like a world-class sword made people want to worship her.

This girl didnt seem human.

She seemed like a fairy!

“Could it be that you want me to spare them” Yaeger gently opened her cherry lips to speak words that were bone-chilling.

However, she had a bit of nostalgia in her eyes when she looked at Xina.

She knew this girl who had her black hair bound in a ponytail, a clean and slightly heroic appearance, and wore a black outfit.

Yaeger had received Xinas assistance before in her previous life.

The two of them had headed to the frontlines together on the [Night of Advent].

They could be called combat comrades.

Yaeger didnt know if Xina had died on that day or not, since Yaeger had died the fastest on that day.

Xina instantly trembled slightly when she heard such cold words.

It was no coincidence that she had come here.

A few minutes ago, a video appeared on the internet of a car being sent flying by an unidentified object.

Xina had just happened to see this video.

The video wasnt of high quality.

Xina could tell that a dashcam had taken the video due to the nearby scenery and the roads situation.

The person who took the video didnt even dare to believe what he saw even now.

A minivan was driving perfectly normally down the street when it was suddenly sent flying in midair.

That was so terrifying to behold.

Xina downloaded the video to her computer and decreased the videos speed.

She then discovered that a black shadow had flashed past right before the minivan was sent flying.

Was that shadow Princess Xina suddenly had this ridiculous idea.

She didnt know why she would think of Princess.

Perhaps it was a womans sixth sense.

Since Xina saw that the incident occurred nearby, she immediately called a subordinate to drive her there.

When she arrived, she saw that Princess really was here!

Xina felt rather pained since Princess gave her what sounded like a warning before she could even properly admire Princess beauty.

Princess was clearly the person she needed to protect, but Princess had attacked innocent citizens… well, these people who had their hair dyed in various colors and wore gangster attire definitely didnt seem like innocent citizens.

Princess must have had a reason for teaching them a lesson.

However, no matter the reason, she still shouldnt punish them herself.

That was wrong!

Xina organized her train of thought and immediately looked at Yaeger.

“Princess, you cant do this.

If they did something wrong, please give them to the police to deal with.”

“Let me say it again.

Do you want me to spare these pieces of trash”

A really cold aura emanated from Yaegers body before she even finished speaking.

The temperature in the area seemed to instantly lower by more than ten degrees.

Her eyes were as chilly as winter and as sharp as a sword, making one not dare to directly look into her eyes.

Xina shook all over and was about to say something when a group of people rushed over.

They were her subordinates.

Right when they arrived, they sensed a powerful chill that caused all of them to shiver.

“Keeper of the law, please save us! This insane woman attacked us with a sword for no reason; it really hurts!” Wenzel suddenly shouted loudly and pitifully at this moment.

He had an aggrieved expression, as if what he was saying was actually real.

“Ahhh!” However, before Xinas group could respond, Yaeger kicked him into the air.

He screamed in midair while the faint sound of his bones cracking could be heard.

“Dont move!” Xinas subordinates swiftly drew their guns and pointed them at Yaeger when they saw her attacking Wenzel.

“Put the guns back!” Xina shouted in a severe tone.

Just what were these guys doing Rather than the trash on the ground, this girl in front was the person they were supposed to protect! Yet, they actually pointed their guns at her!

“Can I treat this as evidence of hostility” Yaeger had an icy expression as a furious sharp aura swept over the entire place.

Everyone instantly felt as if a sword was stabbing their skin and giving them searing pain.

“No…” Xina didnt get to finish her words when she heard a “bang”.

A bullet shot out, aiming straight for Yaegers head.

Xinas eyes froze as she felt like her heart was about to burst at this instant.

Her subordinate was actually shooting at Princess! Just what was going on

Xina instantly realized something that was no longer important at that moment.

Princess life was the most important!

But, there was no way to stop this! It wasnt possible for her to be faster than a bullet.

Bang bang!

The gunfire continued.

‘Its over! Xina really felt like shouting out in despair.

Yaeger smiled slightly as she watched the bullet rapidly approach in her line of sight.

She swept out with her branch at lightning speed.

In the next instant, the two bullets trails changed tremendously as one entered a branch and the other entered Wenzels leg.

As for the last bullet, Yaeger reached out at lightning speed and pinched the bullet with her slender white fingers as if she was pinching a peanut.

A strand of smoke wafted from the bullet.

At this moment, everyones eyes were bulging and mouths wide open.

They didnt dare to believe what they just witnessed.

Even the person who fired his gun had an expression as if he had seen a ghost.

“Ahh!” Wenzels scream arrived late, causing everyone to wake up as if they had been dreaming.

However, an extreme chill rose up from their feet at this moment and rushed towards their heads! That was Yaegers violent killing intent that she released without any inhibitions.


A sound suddenly pierced through the air.

A bright red flower bloomed.

At this moment, everyone suddenly noticed that Yaeger apparently shot something.

They looked along her finger and saw that the person who shot at her now had a hole in his stomach.

“Ah… how is this possible…” That person felt a lot of pain, but he had an astonished expression on his face.

Nobody would possibly imagine that someone was capable of using their fingers to flick a bullet to hurt someone!

Xina returned to her senses and kicked this person on the head.

The man was kicked into the air by the sudden force, whirled around twice, and then crashed into a tree before fainting and collapsing on the ground.

There was a major problem with this person!

“Princess, I truly apologize about what just happened.

He was probably bribed by an enemy faction.

We dont have bad intentions,” Xina hurriedly explained as she retracted her foot.

“I can tell.” Yaeger didnt really mind.

Everyone else now had looks of fear and respect as they looked at her.

She used a branch to knock away a bullet.

She used her fingers to catch a bullet.

She even flicked the bullet and injured someone with it.

Was she a human or a monster

“Do you still want me to spare them” Yaeger narrowed her eyes slightly as she stared at Xina.


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