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Sachiel really regretted having secretly snuck out.

Just why had she done such a thing

She suddenly recalled Yaeger.

It was all his fault! Forget about not replying to her for so long, he still hadnt entered the game yet! He clearly said that they would play together!

This was the first time that Sachiel had someone that she liked.

She also found the best game ever, so that was two servings of joy…

“Heeheeheeheehee! This is a remote location, and its late night with nobody around.

Nobody will come to save you no matter how much you scream~ Just be a good girl and let us enjoy ourselves, well make you feel like youre in heaven soon~!”

Sachiels mental exclamation didnt even get to finish when a blonde-haired goon interrupted her.

He had a lust-filled expression as he looked at her while making really perverted movements with both his hands while reaching out towards her.

Sachiel currently had her long black hair tied up in a ponytail.

She was wearing a black cap, a white short-sleeved shirt, blue jeans, and white shoes.

She appeared rather cool, unlike her usual elegant look.

Since her short-sleeved shirt was rather form-fitting, her breasts were really evident.

They seemed like two tall mountains that especially attracted eyeballs.

“You, you guys, dont come over! I, I know martial arts!” Sachiel backed away while shouting with a nervous expression, as she knew that the situation wasnt good for her.

She was the daughter of the renowned Luo Family.

Normally, someone would get rid of these people before they even got within several meters of her.

However, she wanted to come out and have some time to herself tonight.

The end result was that these four hoodlums targeted her.

She was truly unfortunate.

Sachiel couldnt help but begin blaming herself.

If only she hadnt known the bodyguards patrols so well that she could find a chance to escape, she wouldnt have met with such an incident!

“What a coincidence, I know martial arts as well! Ill soon show you my sword thats #1 under heaven!” “Heh heh heh, your body, your face, are all top class!” “How nice that theres a small forest over there.


The four goons expressions became more and more perverted.

Their eyes shone with completely unrestrained lust.

Sachiel bit her lips and looked around, but she discovered that there wasnt even a shadow around.

She thus immediately turned and ran.

“Help me!” She shouted loudly as she ran.

Unfortunately, only the four hoodlums footsteps responded to her call for help.

“Wahh, Auntie, Yaeger, hurry and come save me!” Sachiel started panicking as her eyes instantly became clouded with tears.

Even her words contained much sobbing.

She had never felt so helpless and afraid before.

It was as if the entire world had suddenly transformed into a black abyss from which countless pitch-black hands emerged to try and grab her.

“Help… Ahhh!” Sachiel accidentally tripped over a protruding brick on the ground.

She fell over with a yelp of pain.

“Keep running, why arent you running” “Hahaha, this feeling of hunting is surprisingly fun! Girl, dont cry at whats going to happen next!” “Lets just hurry and drag her to that forest.

I cant wait any longer!” “I agree, I agree!”

The four hoodlums started acting together.

Their dark desires seemed to transform into a black beast that was about to devour Sachiel.

At this moment, a thunderous roar shook everyones hearts.

“So noisy! Youre bothering me in the middle of my game!”

Sachiel: … The four hoodlums: …

Everyone paused in surprise.

Their brains were unable to react.

The next instant, they saw a girl suddenly appear from behind Sachiel.

“Hey! A wondrous beauty!” “Is she a fairy” “I, Im in love!” “Shes even prettier than the girl on the ground!”

The four hoodlums all had hearts shoot out of their eyes when they saw who had arrived.

The evil fires within their bodies started burning to the point where they were about to explode like volcanos!

Sachiel turned around and her eyes instantly lit up.

This incredibly beautiful girl was someone she recognized as the worlds #1 princess!

“Princess!” Sachiel exclaimed in astonishment.

She couldnt figure out why the beautiful girl who had caused so much chaos in Roc City would appear at this location.

“Its me.” Yaeger glanced at her and then looked towards the four hoodlums.

Killing intent instantly arose in Yaegers eyes.

Sachiel would have suffered something unimaginable if it wasnt for Yaeger having especially strong senses to the point of being able to hear sounds outside even while inside the game!

The four hoodlums first thought of “Princess” from a sex club when they heard the word princess, but then they immediately thought of the worlds #1 princess who was constantly in the news as of late!

The hoodlums eyes became filled with even more lust upon this realization.

In fact, they even began to drool.

They would be able to brag for the rest of their lives if they could viciously have their way with Princess!

This was just like why some really rich people liked to act as sugar daddies for celebrities.

The rich only cared about the sensation of having conquered the woman.

What they wanted was the feeling of conquering someone famous.

Of course, if the celebrity was a beautiful woman, that was an additional nice perk as well.

Princess was obviously both beautiful and famous.

Her beauty was renowned across the land.

“Princess, dont worry about me, just hurry and run!” Sachiel didnt know that Yaeger was really powerful.

She thought that Princess was just as weak as she was.

But, if Sachiel had the time to calm down, she would have realized that it was rather strange how Princess had suddenly appeared behind her when there clearly hadnt been even a single shadow in the area before.

Yaegers expression changed upon hearing Sachiels words.

Her expression gradually became gentler.

Yaeger had liked Sachiel in her previous life because of Sachiels kindness.

Sachiel was actually worried about the safety of someone she had met for the first time even though she was in danger herself.

Just this alone was ten thousand times better than pieces of trash who acted like saints or pretended like they cared about others.

No, comparing Sachiel to such pieces of trash was just like tainting her.

“Dont worry.

Im really powerful.” Yaeger gently tapped the ground with the tips of her feet as she said this.

She then flashed away like a ghost.

The next instant, Sachiel witnessed the four hoodlums being shot away like cannonballs towards the small forest.

This was followed by a series of screams.

“Yep, Ive become better at controlling my power at a fine level.” Yaeger retracted her fist with great satisfaction.

She didnt even glance at the forest, as she knew quite well that the hoodlums wouldnt die.

However, they would have significant medical expenses to deal with for saving their lives.

That was because Yaeger had used her berserk power and injected it into their bodies during her attack.

She had ruined their bodies internal organs completely.

This was a punishment scarier than death!

“Amazing…” Sachiel covered her tiny mouth as her eyes widened with an expression of astonishment.

She had thought that Princess was only amazing in the game.

She never expected that Princess was an expert martial artist in the real world as well!

“Are you alright” Yaeger walked over with light footsteps, bent over, and reached her hand out to Sachiel.

Sachiel was dazed for a moment upon seeing Yaegers perfect and flawless hand.

‘Her hand is so pretty.

I really want to cut it off, no, I mean keep holding it without letting go.

Sachiel took Yaegers hand while thinking such a thing.

Yaeger gently pulled on Sachiels hand and helped her up.

“Princess, I really dont know how I should thank you!” Sachiel couldnt help but feel afraid about what might have happened.

Her hand kept trembling as she held Yaegers hand.

“Its really easy to thank me.

Come get a hotel room with me.”

Yaeger looked directly at her while saying each word clearly.


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