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The Boshen Stars Charity Night that Lin Zixi planned to attend at the last moment was a charity event organized by the domestic leading fashion magazine ‘Boshen Fashion’, and this year was already the eleventh year.


Like other charity nights in China, Boshen Charity Night also made use of the appeal and exposure of stars to invite celebrities from all walks of life to attend and hold a charity auction and then donate all the proceeds to public welfare projects.

However, because this event was the first of its kind to be held and backed by the fashion industry big shot, Boshen Group, their ability to invite big stars and business figures was far superior to that of other charity events.


After ten consecutive years of operation, Boshen Stars Charity Night could be said to have become an annual grand occasion and party in the entertainment and fashion circles.

Not only would stars attend, but TV stations would also broadcast it live.

In order to boost interest this year, Boshen Fashion had begun to do various publicity warm-ups as early as a month ago.


Lin Zixi admired the great efforts of Ms.

Cai, the chairman of Boshen Fashion, for so many years—if she could announce the specific whereabouts of the donations and the detailed expenditure clearly in addition to the donation list every year, he would admire her even more. 


Anyway, probably because Gu Zecheng had a friendship with the senior management of Boshen Group, he had been attending the event in the last several years.

Therefore, although young actor Lin had received an invitation to the event last year, he tactfully declined due to the conflict of work schedule.

In the end, the money came, but the person did not. 


This year, when he remembered that he could keep an eye out for Dad Gu, whom had been avoiding him recently, at this dinner party, Boshen Fashion was about to announce the red carpet list.


But fortunately, Boshen Charity Night had always been a battlefield for female stars, who were greater in number than male stars.

So when Lin Zixi—a male star who could be considered as a popular young actor in China and had just been chosen as an ambassador for Esther, a light luxury brand—wished to attend the event himself, Boshen Fashion and Ms.

Cai, who perfectly embodied the snobbish way of the fashion circle, naturally welcomed him.


Just a day before Boshen Fashion released the complete list, Lin Zixi was urgently added to the promotional pictures, press release, and event schedule.

It was really thanks to the staff who greeted the ancestor, aka young actor Lin, while working overtime.


This year's Boshen Stars Charity Night was held in S City’s stadium.

Young actor Lin got his hair and look done by a stylist and a makeup artist for an afternoon.

As soon as he entered the rest area before the red carpet for stars to walk on, he realized that the ''more beautiful than others'' from Chen Yunyun’s mouth was just a joke.


To compete for beauty with this group of female stars, who were still wearing gorgeous clothes that were either transparent, short, or off-the-shoulder in the great winter, and steal the media's attention and power….

As a male artist, maybe the only way to go was to strip off and run naked on this road.


It was naturally impossible for young actor Lin to go streaking, but today his hair was combed in a swept-back style, and he was wearing a black double-breasted suit with matching white vest and shirt.

He looked really stunning in this olden gentleman style, so when he stood on the red carpet, the media took his pictures for a long time while shouting wildly, "Look to the left" and "Look to the right", before letting him pass.


And Gu Zecheng was quite low-key today, dressed in a classic dark gray suit.

However, his appearance and aura were still eye-catching even on a ‘bright starry’ occasion like tonight.


After Lin Zixi entered the venue, he saw Dad Gu who was sitting at the business tycoons table at a glance, and the other party clearly saw him too.

After giving him a nod, he continued to chat with the man beside him.


Boshen Fashion had arranged a total of 40 tables tonight.

Young actor Lin, as a star who would participate in the event, was seated in the first row of the artists’ seats, which was actually not very far from Dad Gu in the second row.

However, there were many people with eyes here, and they were all elites in the entertainment circle.

It was not good for him to rashly go over to talk to his dad, so he could only wait patiently for the opportunity.


The basic process of this year's Boshen Charity Night was to take a group photo of the stars first and then start auctioning articles donated by sponsors and stars, interspersed with stars’ performances to add fun to the auction.


Thus, after young actor Lin experienced the most chaotic and awkward group photo (in which the undercurrent among the female stars about their standing position surged up violently) he had ever encountered in his life, he ate, drank, and endured making small talk for more than an hour.

Finally, it was his turn to sing along with the other three male stars.


In fact, young actor Lin, who had experienced some storms, was not afraid of singing on the stage in public, but performing live in front of his dad was different.

As soon as he started singing, he realized that he was singing a little off-key because he was nervous. 


Fortunately, the three stars who collaborated with him all came from acting backgrounds, and their singing could be said to be a scene of various car accidents.

Thanks to the help of these colleagues, Lin Zixi was forcibly set off by them to the level of a professional singer and finally didn't completely lose face in front of Dad Gu.


After this song was sung, the other three stars all stepped off the stage, while young actor Lin was left on stage by the host.

It was his turn to auction the lot he donated—Lin Zixi not only planned to donate money this year, but he also donated his stud earring, which was specially custom-made at a high price, only worn once, and then put away so as to avoid arousing suspicion, for auction.


He could not wear it anyway, so he might as well take it out and do a good deed.


"Zixi, I heard that you specially asked a designer in Milan to design and handcraft this stud earring.

Did you feel a little reluctant to put it out for auction today" Of course the host did not really ask if Lin Zixi was unwilling to give it up; it was purely to make the auctioned lot look more valuable, so that it could be sold at a higher price.


And Lin Zixi had already discussed the excuse with his agent, "I’m naturally a little reluctant because, as far as I’m concerned, this stud earring is very special to me.

However, I’m very thankful to Boshen Fashion for giving me an opportunity to put it to use for such a special matter as charity.

For me, this is a much more valuable life experience than just owning and wearing the stud earring."


After young actor Lin said this paragraph, his pure fans and LianXi fans who were sitting in front of the TV and computer watching the live stream were all excited.


This was what his pure fans thought: Wasn't there a fashion blogger who estimated that Zixi's stud earring cost at least 300,000 yuan When my brother spent money, he did it in such a grand style! He was indeed a beautiful and kind-hearted man! Moreover, Zixi put out this stud earring for auction; he was clearly killing the CP, ah! Well done! Give my idol a round of applause!


And what LianXi fans thought was: Zixi actually admitted that his couple earring with Lianyi was very special to him, and he was a little reluctant to donate it.

This was sending candy for sure, aaaah! It was a pity that Lianyi was still doing closed training now, otherwise today, he would definitely follow his husband to donate his own earring and have a common life experience.

My great LanXi could still fight for another ten years!


Therefore, the furthest distance between people was not "I stand in front of you, but you don't know that I love you"; rather, “I’m a pure fan, but you’re keen on CP”.


Young actor Lin and Chen Yunyun had long expected the reaction of his pure fans and LianXi fans after saying such a paragraph on stage, but he never expected that in Boshen Charity Night tonight, there were actually his pure fan and a LianXi fan sitting separately on the sponsor table and on the table that was sold at a high price to the outside world.


As a result, for the first time in eleven years in Boshen Charity Night, an auction with the purpose of public welfare, there was a bidding war full of the smell of gunpowder.


When the daughter of a big boss sitting at the sponsor table raised the placard and bid one million, young actor Lin had already tried his best to give the host several meaningful glances, suggesting him to announce the success of the bid.

As a result, before the host, with his extremely fast speed, asked if there was anyone who wanted to bid a higher price and quickly announced the success of the auction, the upper-class woman at the table sold to the outside world gritted her teeth and raised her placard for 1.1 million.


Seeing that the little girl in the third row disregarded her father's persuasion and was going to raise her placard again, Lin Zixi was extremely full of regrets—he put this stud earring up for auction to give the big bosses an excuse to take out some money for charity; it was certainly not to dig out the pockets of his pure fans or CP fans or to cause a scolding war between them.


Young actor Lin could not help praying secretly in his heart that there would be a big boss with the virtue of ‘helping good people doing good things’ stepping in to bid for this stud earring and end this absurd fan war.


It was unknown whether young actor Lin had been Mercury retrograde for too long because he unexpectedly succeeded in changing his fortune for the better and realized his wish tonight.


"Two million!" At the table of the business tycoons, someone actually stepped forward bravely with almost double the price.

The two ladies who had previously competed to win the bid were suppressed all at once.


Lin Zixi looked gratefully towards the hero whom had bid for his stud earring and then saw a very familiar face—Gu-his dad-his elder brother-his gold master-Zecheng.






"I only spent 400,000 when I bought this stud earring, you prodigal dad!"


Young actor Lin must have shouted like this if it were not for the fact that he was still standing on the stage.



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