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When Lin Zixi finally regained his consciousness in the VIP ward, he unexpectedly discovered that the person beside him was actually Gu Zecheng.


The man who gave him half of and also saved his life was sitting on the sofa next to the bed and looking down at the documents.

As if sensing his gaze, he suddenly lifted his head and looked over.


At first, Dad Gu was stunned seeing the person on the hospital bed have his eyes open and staring at him.

After that, he showed an expression of unabashed relief and joy.


The medical staff received the call and rushed over to examine Lin Zixi.

After they were done and left, Gu Zecheng walked to the bed, bent down, and pulled the quilt for Lin Zixi while looking into his eyes and explaining, "You’ve been in a coma for three days and only got out of the ICU yesterday morning.

Your agent hasn’t been able to contact your mother, so your assistant and I have been taking turns to accompany you for the past two days."


No, no, no….

If his mom could be contacted, then she and his gold master daddy would stage an unexpected reunion, and he was the one who had to worry about it!


It was not that he did not want to acknowledge Gu Zecheng, but he had been acting as his dad's younger brother for a few months.

If the truth was let out under these circumstances without any preparation….

It was so damn embarrassing just to think about.


Fortunately, student Zhou Qianqian actually turned on the unrivaled mode under the incentive of her idol’s signature.

She slaughtered her classmates in this final exam and bravely seized first place in the grade.

Young actor Lin fulfilled his promise and signed up her family of three for 20 days of luxurious tour, departing the day before the Boshen Charity Night and only returning after the New Year.


"My mom...is abroad...cough..." Lin Zixi opened his mouth to explain, but his throat hurt so much after just saying a few words, and the words he wanted to say were interrupted by a cough.


Gu Zecheng turned his gaze towards Lin Zixi's neck, which was bound by layers of gauze, with some worry, but he held back and did not reach out to touch or caress it, "The doctor said that you’re quite lucky to not hurt your vocal cords and airway.

Once the wound heals, it’ll leave a scar.

It shouldn’t be a big hindrance, but eating and speaking will be affected during this time, so you have to rest well for a while..."


Gu Zecheng paused.

Then he gently stroked Lin Zixi's soft hair and continued speaking using a soothing tone, "Don't worry, I’ll accompany you."


Dad Gu's tender behavior made young actor Lin half touched and half doubtful.

He even suspected that he had traveled to a parallel world or his dad’s body had been worn by someone else, or...

his identity as an illegitimate son had been exposed


For a while, Lin Zixi did not know what he should do in response, and it was also inconvenient for him to speak.

So he could only stare at Gu Zecheng with a pair of peach blossom eyes, looking innocent and miserable.


Gu Zecheng smiled and rubbed his head again.

Just as he was about to speak, he was interrupted by a sudden knock on the door.


As soon as Assistant Xiao Zhang entered the room and saw that Lin Zixi had woken up, he immediately rushed to the hospital bed and said loudly and excitedly, "Brother Lin, you finally woke up...

You’ve been in a coma for three days, and you also went into the intensive care unit.

You nearly scared me to death! You don't know, Sister Chen secretly cried two days ago….

Oh, that’s right, I have to call Sister Chen and tell her..."


"Go out and call." Gu Zecheng frowned and interrupted Assistant Zhang's words, "Zixi needs to rest more and recuperate.

Tell Chen Yunyun to come again tomorrow at noon.

You can also go home.

I’ll accompany him tonight."


"Eh" Young actor Lin exclaimed softly and then winked and wrote "Let Xiao Zhang accompany me" on his dad's palm.


Dad Gu, feeling a slight itch in the hollow of his palm, waited until Lin Zixi stopped before gripping his hand and then winked at him, "Am I not your brother It's a matter of course for the family member to look after a hospitalized loved one."


…...You're not my brother; you're my dad!


Seeing Assistant Xiao Zhang's calm face, it was obvious that he already knew the ‘brotherhood’ between himself and Gu Zecheng.

Young actor Lin could not understand why after he had woken up from a three-day coma, Gu Zecheng seemed to have changed into a different person and was even willing to let him ‘recognize his ancestors and return to his clan’ in front of outsiders.


But anyway, Lin Zixi could not say, in good conscience, that he did not like this kind of change—who did not want others to be nice to him, let alone that the person was his biological father.


Thus, ignoring his conscience, he softly called his dad with a moved expression, "Brother..."


Dad Gu smiled at him then turned his head to look at Assistant Zhang, "You still haven't notified Chen Yunyun that Zixi is awake"


So Assistant Zhang withdrew from the atmosphere of ‘showing love and respect as good brothers should’ and went out.

When reporting the good news of young actor Lin's awakening to Chen Yunyun, he lamented that Brother Lin had always been very modest and never shown off, but unexpectedly, he was actually Big Boss Gu’s younger brother.


Agent Chen on the other end of the phone sneered in her heart—from the few times she and Gu Zecheng met, even if he was really Lin Zixi's older brother, he was obviously his lover too.


However, even if she was absolutely reluctant and unhappy that the most promising artist under her charge was drawn into the whirlpool of power and sex transaction, now that it was done, she could only strive for Lin Zixi to get maximal benefit from it.


Just like after Feng Yuan returned safely, the whole world was now flooding the Internet with the news of "Lin Zixi was injured when he acted heroically in a just cause".


That's right, an African tribal chief like Lin Zixi just happened to pass by, and his throat got cut by the murderer, leaving him in a coma for three days; while the European royal family like Feng Yuan, as the target of kidnapping, came back unscathed the next evening.


When Lin Zixi saw Feng Yuan and the suddenly-returning Qiu Lianyi come to the hospital to visit him, he was lying if he said he was not jealous of the other party's luck.


A crazy kidnapper who wanted to extort a huge amount of ransom actually had had a heart operation and was too careless not to search the body of the kidnapped person or tie up the person's hands.

As a result, the victim woke up and found an opportunity to attack him in revenge with a stun gun, and he was GG on the way to the hospital….


Feng Yuan roughly recounted how he escaped from danger and thanked Lin Zixi, "I learned from the police after I came back that you’ve suffered an injury in order to save me.

I’ve written down this kindness.

In the future, for any projects that Fengcheng Entertainment starts, as long as you’re interested, there’ll definitely be your role.”


Young actor Lin glanced at Qiu Lianyi, whose subtle return time had been omitted seamlessly from Feng Yuan’s version of account, and could not help but sigh in his heart: Big Boss Feng’s fabricated story was not up to much, but his hush money was unexpectedly very generous….


But since the kidnapper was already dead, Lin Zixi had no interest in investigating the truth behind this, and he did not mind selling Qiu Lianyi a favor.


Thus, he picked up the mobile phone that was returned by Feng Yuan and started typing on it, "You're welcome, President Feng..."


But before Lin Zixi could type the fifth word, Gu Zecheng, who had been standing beside his bed, also glanced at Qiu Lianyi and opened his mouth to say, "You're welcome, President Feng.

As long as you know in your heart why Zixi was injured, that will do.

There’s no need for this kind of recompense.

In the future, if there’re really projects he’s interested in, I’ll naturally help him manage it, so President Feng doesn't have to work hard and trouble himself."


Young actor Lin at once turned his head to look at his dad.


Although his dad was a proper prodigal for refusing resources given willingly and gratuitously, the corners of Lin Zixi's mouth couldn't help but be drawn upward.


He reclined comfortably on the hospital bed and watched Gu Zecheng deal with Feng Yuan for him until he saw off the guests.


However, he still sent a WeChat message to Qiu Lianyi when Gu Zecheng went to close the door, "As long as no one else looking for 'Qiu' comes to trouble me, this matter is over."


Qiu Lianyi's reply was quickly sent out, "Okay.

Thank you."


At this time, Gu Zecheng walked back to Lin Zixi's bedside and suddenly asked, "When you and Feng Yuan had an accident, the other party wasn’t asking for money but for that Qiu Lianyi, right"


Young actor Lin goggled at his dad in astonishment—he had just regained consciousness last night and did not have time to tell anyone about the situation on the night he was attacked.


Dad Gu, seeing his rounded eyes, was amused and scratched his nose lightly, "I'm not as stupid as you.

There’re too many gaps in Feng Yuan's story….

That kidnapper was able to stay out of the surveillance of the cameras on the stadium and the road.

He’s definitely not an ordinary kidnapper, even..."


He paused and glanced at Lin Zixi's neck before continuing, "Even the wound on your neck….

The other party might’ve deliberately avoided the vital part in order to prolong your suffering, but he had never anticipated that I’d find you and consequently let you be saved."


Lin Zixi was stunned, and his whole body trembled subconsciously.

Gu Zecheng immediately held his hand, stroking it ceaselessly as if to soothe him, and only continued speaking after he returned to normal, "Just by relying on Feng Yuan himself, escaping so safely and even causing the other party's death accidentally like what he said are very difficult things to do.

The reason why the police 'believed' his testimony is just because the other party was an outlaw, and he was the sole witness, and also...

the background of the Feng family."


"In fact, if he and Qiu Lianyi didn’t come today, I’d also believe that it’s just a grievance between the kidnapper and Feng Yuan.

But..." Gu Zecheng picked up the mobile phone in Lin Zixi's hand and read the conversation between him and Qiu Lianyi on the screen.

"If there’s no secret behind it, Feng Yuan didn't have to be so insistent to seal your mouth, and Qiu Lianyi, who has been missing for a long time and happened to appear at this delicate time, didn't need to come with him to visit you.

Not to mention..."


Dad Gu, hating iron for not becoming steel, scratched his son's nose again, "You know Qiu Lianyi is a dangerous person at first glance, but you actually still want to keep the secret for him.

And 'this matter is over'! I was planning to find someone to investigate him."


Lin Zixi laughed mischievously at his dad and typed on his mobile phone, "Forget it...

Anyway, the criminal’s already dead, so it’s not important whether he sought money or something else.

In fact, the first time I saw Qiu Lianyi, I also thought he’s very dangerous, but after filming together and having been in contact for a long time, I realized that he’s not bad.

I don't have many friends in the entertainment circle, and Qiu Lianyi can barely be considered to be one of them.

This time can be regarded as going through fire and water to help a friend."


Young actor Lin was magnanimous, but his dad was even more unhappy, "As you like!"


After Gu Zecheng said this sentence, he endured and endured but still couldn't stop himself from making a remark, "You two should stop hyping up that ‘LianXi Fufu’ whatever in the future, lest he’ll involve you again….

If this kind of thing happens again, no matter what kind of demon or ghost he is, I’ll also peel off his painted skin."


Unexpectedly, Dad Gu actually still remembered about ‘LianXi Fufu’.

Young actor Lin could not help but feel glad that all kinds of driving-a-car fanworks of this CP had been wiped out for unknown reasons.


Otherwise, in case his dad suddenly had a thought to search it one day….

The image was so beautiful that he simply was going to suffocate.


"Yeah." Lin Zixi softly agreed while thinking to himself.



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