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Lin Zixi originally thought that someone who could send three cars to follow him in the middle of the night was not a kidnapper but a certain person who had used all kinds of tricks to compete with him for resources some time ago.


As a result, when Gu Zecheng got out of the car, Lin Zixi was so frightened that he almost stepped on the gas pedal as a brake.


Gu Zecheng, wearing a black cashmere coat, walked to Lin Zixi's car unhurriedly.

Half bending over the driver’s side door, he knocked rhythmically on the car window three times with a gloved hand.


Lin Zixi was totally unprepared for his first face to face contact with his victim father, and his heartbeat soared to 180.


He swallowed desperately and finally mustered enough courage to lower the glass window all the way with a trembling hand.


Gu Zecheng, who had blocked someone’s path in the middle of the night, did not give an explanation.

He directly reached into the car and raised Lin Zixi's chin, scrutinizing left and right.

Then he said, "It's indeed very similar.

No wonder you dared to hype looking like me."


Young actor Lin, who had been living at home for two days but got struck by a disaster from the sky, expressed that he was immensely wronged.


However, Lin Zixi had been secretly observing and investigating Gu Zecheng over the past few years.

He knew that under the current circumstances, explaining that everything was the fault of his agent and company could only make him look like he was shifting the blame, which no doubt would only add fuel to the fire.


In addition, Gu Zecheng’s attitude really didn’t seem like knowing about his life experience, so he calmed down a little.

He bit his lip and said truthfully, "The company originally wanted to use a different topic, but an accident happened.

They had to find another topic to serve as a stopgap.

I really didn’t intend to take advantage of you .




Look, isn’t the topic of ‘look like’ gone the next day But if it really caused you any inconvenience, please contact my company.

We’ll definitely try our best to make up for it.

I hope you’re magnanimous enough to forgive me, Sir."


Lin Zixi spoke beautifully, but Gu Zecheng did not fall for it.

After releasing Lin Zixi’s pinched chin, he sneered, "It was gone the next day Humph, that’s me asking them to remove it.

In the end, it still enabled you to attract troubles."


Lin Zixi originally thought that his own agency was stingy and only willing to spend one day's money; who knew that the hot search and the press release were removed by Gu Zecheng.

He had just said those words, and he was slapped in the face.

He coughed awkwardly and then said very sincerely, "How should we compensate you then Just say it.

As long as we can do it, we’ll do it at all costs."


Gu Zecheng took out an envelope from his breast pocket and handed it to Lin Zixi, saying, "I have an air ticket to country A for tomorrow morning.

I bought it with your passport.

Don't come back after you get there, and don't show up in the public eye.

That's all."


Lin Zixi was stunned to be swept abroad before he recognized the ancestors and returned to the clan.


It was okay for others to use his dad to hype sex scandals, whereas he only hyped "look like" and was going to be hustled abroad .




This was doing his son a bad turn, right


He swallowed and, clinging to the car window, looked at Gu Zecheng eagerly while carefully confirming, "You’re joking, right"


"I’m not if you can’t come to an agreement." After Gu Zecheng finished speaking, he put the envelope back, turned, and walked to his own car.


Then, as he reached the black SUV, a subordinate in a suit helped him open the door, but Lin Zixi did not keep up and went back to open the trunk of his own car instead.


Gu Zecheng said coldly, "How long are you going to dawdle Come here!"


Lin Zixi heard this and replied helplessly while taking out a warning triangle from the trunk, "This car is in my name.

In case an accident is caused by casual abandonment, it’ll definitely make headlines on the entertainment news."


Gu Zecheng paused and waited for Lin Zixi to choose a place to put down the warning sign before instructing the man on the passenger seat of the other car, "Wang Yong, you drive the car for him."


After that, he said to Lin Zixi, "I’ll give you another five seconds.

If you’re late, you’ll go abroad directly."


"I’m coming!" Lin Zixi threw the car key to Wang Yong, running quickly to the other side of the SUV while speaking, and rushed in before Gu Zecheng sat down.


After getting into the car, Gu Zecheng did not immediately speak as Lin Zixi had imagined but instead turned on the reading light and flipped through the thick file in his hand.


The place they were going was not that kind of exclusive and stylish private members’ club that Lin Zixi thought; rather, it was Gu Zecheng's office.


In the middle of the night, the secretary actually still poured tea for the two of them and left the Yixing clay teapot in the room before going out.

Lin Zixi, who could not help indulging in flights of fancy, faced his own dad alone.


He was a little nervous as well as a little awkward watching Gu Zecheng take a sip of tea from his cup and then hand him the file he had read all the way.


Lin Zixi humbly extended both hands to receive the file almost instantly and saw two words—Employment Contract—printed on the title of the file outside the clip.


As the situation was, he would not be surprised if this file was the result of investigation of his identity, but an employment contract or something .




Lin Zixi looked at the man across the desk in confusion.


And Gu Zecheng finally broke the disconcerting silence between them.

After tapping his fingers on the desk a few times, he said, "I used to have a younger brother who was a few years younger than me.

Unfortunately, he had an accident ten years ago and passed away.

Although my mother on the surface seems to have accepted the incident, she has never been able to get through it in her heart.

In the past few years, she has become older and a little muddled.

So sometimes she thinks that my younger brother is still alive."


"Originally, we lied to the old lady that my younger brother was sent by the country to perform a secret mission abroad, so he couldn't contact his family all year round.

She has always believed it." Gu Zecheng paused after saying that and then sneered at Lin Zixi, "Coincidentally, the news of a certain person hyping his likeness to me was seen by my mother a few days ago.

She believes wholeheartedly that this person is my little brother who has been drifting outside for many years!"


Lin Zixi originally was pretending to drink tea to cover up.

Hearing this, his hand shook, and he almost spilled his tea.


Mother, did you foresee this kind of amazing leap of plot when you gave birth to me!


The grandson of the Gu family who had been wandering outside for many years looked at his biological father and asked a little hesitantly, "Then...

what do you mean"


"You have two choices now.

One is to get out of my sight and go abroad tomorrow morning.

Don’t think you’ll be able to enter the country again before my mother is one hundred years old.

The other one..." Gu Zecheng raised his hand and pointed towards the hundred-page contract in Lin Zixi's hand, "Sign this contract and play the role of my little brother in front of the old lady!"


Lin Zixi felt a little confused in his head.

The company randomly hyped a topic, and he was about to be promoted to be his own little uncle.... 


There was only one plan for the present, that was to stall.


Lin Zixi made a decision and said very sincerely, "Look, your contract is quite thick, and I may not finish reading it in a short time.

Or else, I’ll take it home and read it carefully.

I’ll give you an answer before 6 o'clock tomorrow morning.

Is this all right You see, if I just agree to sign now, just in case there’s any of your stipulations that I can’t do, you’ll have to buy me an international ticket again later.

At that time, everyone will be more embarrassed."


Gu Zecheng reckoned that he had considered ten of Lin Zixi's reactions, but he did not expect that it would come to this.

For a moment, he was a little blank.


Only after a few seconds did he speak with an insincere smile, “Superstar Lin’s house is far from here, so I’d better let my man send you to a hotel to stay for a night.

Give me an answer before 6 o’clock tomorrow morning.

Do remember it well."


After that, he made a phone call and ordered three impeccably attired tall men who looked like bodyguards to come over and 'escort' Lin Zixi all the way to a nearby hotel, that was part of Gu Zecheng's industry, to read the contract carefully.


Other people were forced into desperate action, and Lin Zixi was forced to stay in a five-star hotel, which also came with bodyguard service to guard the door.


He took a good bath in the spacious bathtub of the presidential suite, relieved his fatigue, took a deep breath, and finally, with a pious attitude, looked through the file that was awfully thicker than his script.


He saw that the most critical point after ‘Party A (Employer): Gu Zecheng | Party B (Employee): Lin Zixi’ was—’Party B agrees to take the job of playing the role of Gu Zeyi in front of Mrs.

Song Wen according to the needs of Party A.’
















As it turned out, that grandma fan who 'looked for trouble' when his fans were visiting him in the movie set before was really his grandma!!


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