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It was unclear if it was ‘cultural inheritance’ or what, but the entertainment circle had always been the most feng shui-concerned and superstitious place.

Even in the filming of a formal anti-corruption drama, they still had to burn tall incense sticks for the opening ceremony.


So even if Chen Yunyun gave up treatment again, she also didn't dare to really use ‘inverse koi’ to cause troubles.

Instead, in her last struggle, she used ‘Lin Zixi eats chicken backwards’ to put young actor Lin on the hot search and marketing accounts.


As a result, whether it was the anti-fans who were following Lin Zixi to vilify him or the masses who were purely eating melons, they were all madly inundated by his various ways of dying in the game for the next three days.


Since in this game, after a game character died, his equipment and supplies could be picked up by others, so throwing away one’s life in this game was ridiculed as ‘sending express delivery’.


A supernatural being like Lin Zixi, who could not win even under the escort of three game anchors, obtained the title of ‘Lin Express Delivery’ in just one day—unexpectedly, this name still originated and spread from his own fans.

His fans had been worried and also missing him for two months, so when they found out that their idol was recovering well and could even play games with the game anchors, they certainly couldn’t make any troubles!


Under the blessing of the popularity of the game itself, and coupled with the joint efforts of the marketing accounts and fans, "Lin Shi Express Delivery, the mission must be accomplished" actually became the most popular meme and even gave rise to a series of emoticons for quite a while.

After winning this game, screenshots were sent to Lin Zixi's Weibo comments, which also became the most favorite ‘sharing’ activity among netizens.


Chen Yunyun originally wanted to follow Lin Zixi's previous character design and label him a gaming expert, but this supernatural teammate was really so incompetent that he was beyond help.

In the end, she could only grit her teeth and changed the design to a sand sculpture style.

Who knew that the final result was surprisingly good.

Not only had the sense of existence been brushed up, even the comments on Lin Zixi in the male forums, which always looked down on idols and young actors, had also improved.


However, after using the game to brush up the sense of existence and solidify the fans, Lin Zixi did not publicly play with the anchors anymore.

This was not because the parent was too strict—Dad Gu (according to the anti-addiction system of XX games) agreed that he could play games for no more than five hours a day—but...

there were only a hundred players in a game, and there were sixty or seventy people chasing to kill you; if it were you, did you still want to play!


Whether you want to or not, after encountering a few rounds of siege and interception, young actor Lin really didn't want to experience it again.


He had better continue to play on his own.


Lin Zixi had always been reluctant to be a burden on others because of his Mercury retrograde attribute, so he usually played all kinds of games as single-player games.

However, after experiencing the feeling of interacting with his teammates in the past two days, he actually began to feel a little lonely and bored playing solo.


FYI, when people were addicted, it was easy to do irrational things.


For example, now, after young actor Lin ate the last bite of brown rice in the bowl, he impulsively sent out an invitation to form a group to his dad, "By the way...if you don't have any work planned tonight, do you want to play games with me"


In fact, Lin Zixi regretted it immediately after asking.


Unexpectedly, before he could withdraw the invitation, the man sitting across the dining table actually nodded.


"I can give it a try."—Big Boss Gu was thinking of meeting this ‘temptress’ that had attracted a certain someone to neglect him for three days.


So, when Gu Zecheng finished washing the dishes after dinner, Lin Zixi connected the large computer screen in the study to his own laptop and logged in to the game.


Dad Gu had been standing silently behind Lin Zixi and watching him play while explaining the gameplay of the game.

After Lin Zixi lost for six consecutive times, he suddenly opened his mouth, "You played this game so poorly.

No wonder you couldn’t win even after Chen Yunyun found you some helpers."


"I, I have Mercury retrograde! My luck’s bad!" Lin Zixi tried hard to recover his honor.

"Also, I didn't even wear my headphones in order to demonstrate the game to you.

I usually can hear the enemy coming and guess their direction if I wear headphones, and I’ll play a lot better."


He said this, but Gu Zecheng was a little surprised, "So you didn’t see where those people were"


"It’s normal.

E-sports doesn’t require good eyesight." Lin Zixi said and joined another new round of the game.


"Just now, the player was behind the second tree on the hillside in the N direction.

Before that, there were two players, one was in the underbrush, and the other was on the second floor of the small building in the SW direction..." Dad Gu, seeing Lin Zixi abruptly twist around to look at himself, looked calm and indifferent, "I thought it’s you who failed to react.

As it turned out, your eyes were open but sightless.

Also, the terrain was so clear, you should’ve been able to guess where people were even if you didn't see them."


Damn, what kind of dynamic vision and judgment this was!     


Young actor Lin looked at his dad as if he saw a rising e-sports star.

He immediately went around the seat and grasped the other party's hand, smiling flatteringly, "Daddy, please take me to fly!"


Thus, the gold master daddy really turned on the computer and downloaded the game platform and a few GB of the game itself into his empty, except for the work files, hard disk.

After more than an hour of tossing, they started their two-players journey.


After Gu Zecheng entered the game and played a few rounds to get familiar with the firearms and the feel of them, Lin Zixi really realized what ‘Daddy takes you to fly’ was—his dad not only had extraordinary vision, accurate marksmanship, excellent reaction, and agile movement, he could actually remember roughly how many people had parachuted from each location at the beginning of the game and thus predict from which direction the enemies might appear.


Lin Zixi had no doubt that if Gu Zecheng was only eighteen or nineteen now, he would definitely be able to appear in the professional arena in the future.


However, even the gold thigh daddy, who was flying like this, still couldn't bring his son to ‘eat chicken tonight’.


The best result they achieved was second place.


The situation at that time was like this—


AWM plus 8x scope, the best equipment to have in hand.



There's only one person on the ranks other than them.



A safe zone actually spawned on their side.



Dad Gu had already discovered the enemy's hiding place.



Everything was basically ready.

They only needed the poison circle to be refreshed and the enemy to run poison to avoid the poison gas and get killed….


Then, the other party put down his butcher’s knife and became a Buddha on the spot, and he also proved his immortal status with the invulnerable ‘blood lock technique’, settled the two mortals smoothly, and won the first place.


And after that, Gu Zecheng and Lin Zixi, this father and son/brothers duo, would accidentally encounter several cheating great immortals in almost every game, from escaping by flying to the sky to traveling thousands of miles in an instant to Guanyin with a thousand arms….

There were even two teams of cheating great immortals in one game fighting with each other, vividly interpreting a shooting game into a modern day cultivation live action.


So, after another headshot from a thousand miles away, Big Boss Gu turned off the computer angrily, "What kind of broken game is this The operator doesn't care about plug-ins at all!"


“They actually care about it.” Lin Zixi hurriedly offered his gold master as well as gold thigh daddy tea to calm him down, "But the devil is stronger.

Nowadays, no matter which game it is, there’re a bunch of plug-ins..."


Moreover, when he was playing solo and with the anchors, he had never run into immortals so often….


Could you blame the official for the double bonus of hereditary Mercury retrograde!




TL’s notes:

Sorry for the late chapter, I had no energy to post last night.

I've been in a bad mood recently, and I couldn't concentrate when translating.

So, for the next two weeks, I'll only post a chapter/week.

Next chapter will be posted on September 1, 2022.


立地成佛 (lì dì chéng fó) = to become a Buddha on the spot (idiom); instant rehabilitation; to repent and be absolved of one's crimes

鎖血 (suǒ xuè) = blood lock, refers to using modifiers or plug-ins to lock the health value at a fixed value, you’ll neither lose blood nor increase blood, so that in the game, when others hit or shoot you, you will not be affected

開掛 (kāi guà) = cheating, using plug-ins to cheat when playing games



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