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Chapter 39 (NSFW)



Lin Zixi was originally drunk, and his mind was hazy; then he was pressed and kissed for almost ten minutes.

So when he was let go, he was completely confused.


He watched in bewilderment as Gu Zecheng took off his robe, threw it on the ground randomly, and pressed his naked body on top of him.


He vaguely felt that something seemed to be wrong, but he quickly threw this intuition to the back of his mind and extended his hand instead, curiously kneading and pinching the strong and broad chest in front of him several times.


"It's so hard." After Lin Zixi finished pinching it, he raised his head and said to Gu Zecheng with a happy smile.


Gu Zecheng took Lin Zixi’s hand and kissed it lightly.

Then he lowered his head and said in a seductive tone to his ear, "I still have an even harder spot on my body.

Do you want to touch it"



Where" Lin Zixi asked.


Gu Zecheng pulled Lin Zixi’s hand to a spot below his abdomen that was already standing tall and firm as iron.


Lin Zixi touched the thick and long huge object back and forth a few times and felt that the object in his hand became more majestic and ferocious.

He shouted like a child who wanted to share a toy with his partner, "I can also be hard here.

Although it's not as big as you!"


Dad Gu was delighted by his naive praise and couldn't help laughing.

Then he bowed his head and kissed his lips again, "Then let's make you hard there, too"


Lin Zixi thought about it and felt that since he could not exercise his pectoral muscles to become like his dad's, it was fine to be as stiff him below—after all, the figure of the man before his eyes was really perfect and attractive, so it was always good to be more like the other party.


"No problem." He nodded.


Gu Zecheng's right hand was like a snake that roamed nimbly.

It slowly slid down from Lin Zixi's neck, stroked his collarbone, nipples, and abdomen one by one...

and finally wrapped around his member that was still soft and dormant, holding it neither loosely or tightly and rubbing it lightly.


"Hmm..." Lin Zixi’s most sensitive part of the body was touched, and he could not help but stretch out his arms to embrace the neck of the man on top of him, squinting and gasping softly in pleasure.


Gu Zecheng conveniently lowered his head to kiss Lin Zixi again, and while their lips and tongues combined, his right hand also exerted a little force, rapidly stroking and stimulating the soft flesh in his hand.


In just a short while, Lin Zixi was dizzy by his kiss and hardened by his touch.


"Heh, little Zixi is also hard." Gu Zecheng made a pun teasingly and went back to bite Lin Zixi's delicate earlobe lightly and tongue the tiny hole that was devoid of any accessories.


Although Dad Gu had always disliked boys who wore earrings, thinking that only unscrupulous hooligans in society did it, he now had to admit that this big boy, who was panting under him, would certainly look good when wearing earrings.


What brand was that stud earring he bought at the auction last time He should custom-make a better one for him….

Dad Gu thought while kissing all the way down that spotless white neck.


Gu Zecheng licked Lin Zixi's chest for a long time, sucking his nipples back and forth until they were as hard as pebbles before letting go of these two poor bits of flesh.

But when he was about to leave, he suddenly bit his left breast lightly, gave it a tug, and released it again, letting the red pea bounce back on its own.


"Ugh..." Lin Zixi reflexively stuck his chest up and let out a startled gasp.


But subsequently, his member completely woke up, standing tall and mighty in Gu Zecheng's hands.


Gu Zecheng chuckled and continued to kiss Lin Zixi's fair and smooth skin downward.

His soft tongue circled his belly button a few times before going down.

He skipped the grassy plain and went straight to suck the tip of the cock that was as fair and clean as its owner. 


Lin Zixi had only had ‘intimate contact’ with his left and right hands in all his life—although he had heard rumors about ‘R20 Juice Extractor Artifact’ and been tempted by it, he had always been purely manual and self-sufficient in relieving his desires because he was worried that his shopping information would leak out and become his stumbling block one day—now that his member was being gently sucked and licked, his whole person could not stop trembling and letting out a sweet moan.


Before even a minute had passed, the small hole at the top of his cock began to overflow with clear glandular fluid.


"A virgin" Gu Zecheng raised his head and glanced at his bewildered face.

Even if he did not get a reply, he knew the answer, and he could not help feeling even more delighted.


Dad Gu initially felt a little guilty for having sex with Lin Zixi for the first time while he was drunk, so inevitably, he was more gentle and soft to him, using both hands, lips, and tongue at the same time to caress the cock and a pair of balls under Lin Zixi's abdomen.


As a result, it did not take long for Lin Zixi to tighten his body and reach a climax as he panted and moaned indiscriminately, and a gush of white turbid liquid shot out from the top of his member.


Gu Zecheng spat out the cock in his mouth a second before Lin Zixi ejaculated.

Then he wrapped and covered the top of the cock with his bare hand and caught the gushing milky white liquid in his palm.


Gu Zecheng leaned forward and kissed Lin Zixi again.

After that, he opened his legs to reveal the tightly closed secret hole hidden between two round white buttocks.


Gu Zecheng used his hand that was covered in white turbid liquid to press against Lin Zixi's back hole and, lubricated by the young man’s own semen, slowly pushed an index finger in.


"Uh..." Lin Zixi could not help frowning and issuing a low gasp the first time his body was invaded by a foreign object, but he was quickly pacified by a light kiss that fell between his brows.


Gu Zecheng slowly pushed his entire finger into the tight and narrow back hole, gently rotating and sliding it in and out a few times.

Seeing that Lin Zixi had no more uncomfortable reaction, he extended his middle finger and poke it into the fleshy hole together with his index finger.


Lin Zixi made another slight resistance and was once again pacified by the man on top of him.


Gu Zecheng, with great patience, kept expanding Lin Zixi's secret hole with his fingers until that place could swallow three of his long fingers completely, and only then did he withdraw all his fingers.

Holding his own penis, which was already so swollen the veins were bulging, he pressed it against the entrance of the back hole.


"Zixi..." Gu Zecheng patted Lin Zixi's face, making him look towards himself, "Who is **ing you now"


Lin Zixi stared at the handsome face in front of him with blurry eyes for a long time and laughed “he he” before saying, "It's Daddy!"


Gu Zecheng questioned closely, "Who is Daddy"


The person under him answered loudly in a proud tone, "It's Gu Zecheng!"


Dad Gu rewarded him with another kiss on the lips, and then, using the fierce shaft on his lower body, he ruthlessly pushed open the tightly closed secret hole and went in deeply.




TL's note: translating sex scenes is hard o(╥﹏╥)o



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