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Chapter 50 (NSFW)



Lin Zixi was a big mouth, and when he saw his dad's actions, he was instantly terrified, "I was wrong, I was wrong! I was talking nonsense.

Daddy, please love me again."


"Daddy is here to love you." After speaking those words into Lin Zixi’s ear, Gu Zecheng trailed kisses down the side of it.


Young actor Lin immediately started to shout again, "Don't kiss there, don't kiss there! I'm going to H City to join the group the day after tomorrow, and I definitely can't bring my own makeup artist."


Gu Zecheng paused, glanced at him, and then went downward to kiss his fair chest.


However, "I may have a lot of scenes that have to show my upper body..." Seeing the expression on Dad Gu's face, Lin Zixi’s voice was getting lower and lower as he spoke while covering his own chest with his hands.


Gu Zecheng frowned and asked with some displeasure, "What’s there to show when filming a drama in big winter"


"A youth inspirational drama about beach lifeguards….

As for the climate in H City, if you don't choose winter and shoot an outdoor drama in summer, half of the cast and crew may suffer from heat stroke." Lin Zixi explained on behalf of the director team.


"Inspirational drama...

It actually sounds more reliable than your previous 'the overbearing president fell in love with me' dramas." Gu Zecheng nodded with satisfaction.


Lin Zixi hurriedly struck while the iron was hot, exerting all his strength to pretend to be obedient to his dad, "I’ve been taught by Daddy for a long time, so my vision in selecting scripts has naturally improved.

Besides, I face a standard domineering president like you every day.

Why do I still need to play this kind of character myself"


Big Chairman Gu absolutely enjoyed Lin Zixi’s unified flattery and stroked his head in praise.

Then, with a sneer, he turned Lin Zixi’s body over and arranged it to a kneeling position on the sofa, "It's useless to change the subject and flatter me.

Tonight, Daddy will make you unable to walk."


"The day after tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, I'll enter...

uh..." Lin Zixi’s mouth uttered a futile excuse, but his words were interrupted halfway through by Gu Zecheng's movement on his behind.


The stiff and powerful meat blade ruthlessly pushed open Lin Zixi’s back hole and rammed into the depths of his secluded hole, which had been used all night yesterday.

The shaft poked and prodded his originally shy and tightly closed narrow little meat hole into a round hole, but it still greedily wanted to invade and occupy deeper and more, until the whole thing was embedded in his body.


"You slow down...

aah..." Just as Lin Zixi wanted to ask Gu Zecheng to be a little gentle and slow down, he was moved back and forward violently by his gripped waist, and his back hole was rammed deeper and faster, scattering all the words he was going to say and leaving only sweet-sound and seductive moans and gasps.


The lily-white and flawless handsome young man was kneeling naked on the black leather sofa, just like a lamb sacrificed to gods and demons, helplessly grasping the armrest of the sofa while being **ed by the tall man behind him.


But the man who was enjoying this delicious offering seemed not satisfied yet.

He suddenly raised his hand and spanked Lin Zixi’s perfectly round buttocks.


"A beach lifeguard doesn't need to show his butt, right" Gu Zecheng asked.





must show, must show..." Lin Zixi was on the brink of losing his mind as his back hole was getting **ed by the thick, long, and fierce penis.

His confused brain only realized his dad’s intention a few seconds later, and he hastily changed his mouth.


However, Gu Zecheng leaned down, bringing a warm breath and a cold sneer, and nibbled at his earlobe before sighing artificially, "Baby isn’t obedient and still wants to lie to Daddy.

Daddy is sad..."


Along with Gu Zecheng’s words were the thrusting motions with more force as well as a few consecutive slaps, which were neither light nor heavy, falling on Lin Zixi's raised buttocks.


Of course, it was not a normal father's admonition to his son, but a spanking with a playful and erotic flavor.


For a time, this living room, which was decorated with a style full of a frigid atmosphere, was overflowing with a duet of bodies banging against each other and a spanking sound.


"Ugh—" Lin Zixi’s body was so stimulated that he felt ashamed.

He involuntarily squeezed his back hole, but he felt even more how that huge thing inside his body penetrated and **ed his tight and narrow secret hole, making him can not help but scream in pain and pleasure.


His soft and sensitive fleshy hole was already stretched to the limit, but no matter how it contracted and resisted, it was still forced to swallow more of the man’s penis.

His fair, smooth, and round bottom was spanked into a reddish color, and it sagged down several times before his waist was lifted, and his bottom was forced to stick up to accept more ravaging.


The corners of Lin Zixi's eyes were filled with tears due to physiological stimulation, and the expression on his face was a mixture of pleasure and shame.

The member below his abdomen had long since stood tall in honesty, though, and even the tiny hole at the top had been overflowing with ‘teardrops’ at some point.


Gu Zecheng finally let go of the two poor flesh mounds on Lin Zixi’s rear, but he wrapped his hand around Lin Zixi’s penis, scratched the tiny hole at the top lightly with his thumb, and said with a smile, "Although your mouth above often tells lies, but the two small mouths below are quite honest."


"Um...I’m, I'm going to shoot..." Lin Zixi’s most sensitive family jewel was held in his dad’s hand.

It was played with and stimulated until his lust surged up, and he suddenly couldn't stop himself from moaning and shooting his load.


The white turbid liquid sprayed on the black sofa, clearly stimulating the lust of the man who was controlling his body.


Gu Zecheng turned Lin Zixi's body around and made him face himself while continuing to ** him.

Then he dipped his fingers in the semen dribbled on the leather sofa and carefully smeared the liquid all over Lin Zixi's lips as if applying makeup to him.


"Baby, I wonder if you can be more honest with the mouth above if you eat more of the stuff produced by the small mouth below." Gu Zecheng spoke and then lowered his head to lick and bit Lin Zixi's lips before kissing him.


A salty and bitter taste spread in Lin Zixi's mouth following the kiss.

He stretched out his arms and wrapped them around the neck of the man above him, accepting the gentle and considerate kiss of the other party while enduring his violent insertion and thrusting.


Gu Zecheng kissed him again and thrust into him for nearly a hundred times before finally ejaculating inside Lin Zixi's body, irrigating his sensitive inner wall with burning hot semen.


Lin Zixi shuddered, feeling his father shoot inside his body, and only after a long time did he slowly regain his senses.

However, he contracted his back hole and squeezed the semi-soft penis inside, which was still huge even after it softened, while giving Gu Zecheng a very suggestive wink.     


After that, he stuck out his bright red tongue and licked his tender pink lips before saying honestly with the mouth that had eaten his own semen, "Daddy, love me again, please"


When he said these words, his face sported a look of filial piety just like an utterly sincere child, and his eyes were brimming with fully blossomed feelings.


Such a naive yet very attractive look.

Not to mention his own son, even if it was truly a sea monster who only wanted to drag people into the deep sea to drown, Gu Zecheng also admitted it.


Gu Zecheng picked up his son, his lover, and his siren, and made him kneel facing the back of the large sofa.

Then he pushed the organ below his abdomen, which had stood erect again, into Lin Zixi’s delicious body while whispering into his ear, "Daddy will give it to you as many times as you want."


So that night, Lin Zixi cried several times wanting it and then cried a few more times not wanting it.

It was not until almost dawn that Gu Zecheng carried him back to bed.


"Tomorrow, hiccup...

It can't be like this again tomorrow." Lin Zixi spoke with some hiccups because of his previous crying.


"You're going to join the group the day after tomorrow, I know." Gu Zecheng hugged him tightly and patted him on the back, "If I don’t feed you until you’re full today, I'm afraid you'll be hungry during the time we're apart."




I won't." Lin Zixi's face immediately turned red, "I'm not a lustful demon like you."


“Lustful demon Heh….

You’ve eaten till full, but Daddy hasn’t.” Gu Zecheng’s mouth said those words while his fingers threateningly touched Lin Zixi's overused, slightly red, and swollen back hole.


"I'm a lustful demon.

Without Daddy, I'll be unbearably hungry." Lin-filial son and virtuous grandson-Zixi was immediately terrified.


Who said that men had their strongest sexual desire and physical strength at their twenties and went downhill afterwards!!


A certain son, who was forced to assume the label of lustful demon, thought sadly: Is it too late for him to make an effort to exercise now



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