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Chapter 53 (NSFW)



In order to calm Gu Zecheng's anger just now, Lin Zixi not only took the initiative to take the man’s member into his mouth but also swallowed all his semen.

However, he was actually still a bit embarrassed when he saw the other party undress.


"Grandma, Grandma is still asleep..." He tried to dissuade Dad Gu in a low voice but was interrupted by his dad's action of stepping into the bathtub.


"It's alright.

The sound proofing quality here is very good, and..." Gu Zecheng inserted two fingers into Lin Zixi's mouth, lightly pinched his tongue, and said unhurriedly while watching him, "It's not a problem even if you cry out a bit louder later…"


Lin Zixi felt that the gaze and words of the man beside him were like a bunch of torches, instantly igniting every nerve in his body.


He opened his mouth and quietly said "Okay".

Then Gu Zecheng drew him into his embrace face to face, wanting to ‘bathe’ him.


The spacious space in the bathtub was not only enough for Gu Zecheng to sit in it and extend his strong and lean legs straight, but it also allowed Lin Zixi to unfold his four limbs completely.


However, at this moment, he could only sit on his dad's body with his legs apart as two big hands with thin calluses carefully caressed every part of his body.

In the end, those hands stroked all the way up his thighs until they arrived at his back hole.


The flexible long fingers gently circled the entrance of the closed hole several times, pressed in lightly from time to time, and stopped before splitting the chrysanthemum, teasing this flower that was about to be invaded and trampled until it kept shrinking nervously.


Gu Zecheng let out a pleasant low laugh and suddenly withdrew his hand.

In return, he pressed his rising member against Lin Zixi's back hole, straightened his back, and penetrated the hole with a single thrust.


"Umm aah……” Lin Zixi gasped uncontrollably as his secret hole was pushed open with no warning by the thick and solid penis.

What was even more unbearable to him was the water that poured into his body along with the insertion of the meat blade.


The temperature of the water in the bathtub was just right and would not make people feel ice-cold, but the peculiar feeling of the liquid pouring into his body through his back hole was something Lin Zixi had never experienced.


"Water, water came in...

ahhh—" He wanted to stand up and escape, but the man holding him grabbed his buttocks and pressed him down ruthlessly.

His tight, narrow secret hole was penetrated and filled with the thick, long, and ferocious penis along with lukewarm water.


Lin Zixi slumped forward into the man's arms weakly, trembling, and let out a sweet and seductive moan.


Gu Zecheng buried almost his entire penis in Lin Zixi's body, but he did not immediately start going in and out to enjoy the moist, hot, soft fleshy hole.

Rather, he bowed his head and gently kissed Lin Zixi's brows, eyes, and lips until the person in his arms gradually adapted to being penetrated.

Only then did he stop soothing him.


"Baby, sing a song for Daddy." He smiled and said to the young man in his arms, who had finally stopped shaking and whose breathing had returned to normal.


"Sing a song" Lin Zixi was stunned when he heard his dad's request.


He subconsciously looked down at the place where the two of them were connected before looking back up at Dad Gu, who did not look like he was joking at all.


Was now the **ing time to sing a song!!


Gu Zecheng, seeing Lin Zixi's stunned look, smiled and rubbed his lips, "Daddy wanted to do this when Daddy saw you performing on TV today."


Gu Zecheng still had a smile on his face, but there was a sense of majesty and coercion in his tone, "I don't like watching you perform in a duet.

Daddy wants to hear you sing alone." 


Only now did Lin Zixi realize that his dad was not only unhappy about his concealment, he was probably even more unhappy about his ‘LianXi’ CP.


A dignified business big shot competed with corrupt little girls….


Lin Zixi sighed inwardly without knowing whether to laugh or cry.

Then he took a deep breath, trying hard to ignore the feeling of his back hole being filled, and began to sing the song he had sung on stage tonight.


He lip-synched on the stage of the Chinese New Year's Eve Gala, but in order to achieve the best recording result, he had also practiced this song diligently under the guidance of his music teacher.


Even if his singing could not compare with that of professional singers, it could still be regarded as lovely and pleasant to the ears by the standard of ordinary listeners.


However, Lin Zixi stopped singing once he reached the chorus part.


It was not because the pitch was too high that he could not sing it, but the behemoth that had been dormant in his secret hole for a long time suddenly began to move in and out rhythmically.


The originally closed and delicate back hole was expanded to the limit.

When the thick and long member pushed in violently, the water in the bathtub also flowed into the hole accordingly.

And when that fierce huge thing scraping and grinding the meat wall pulled out, there would be a few strands of turbid liquid flowing out and dispersing in the water.


"Rivers and mountains wind...


boundless wind and rain...

I’m, I’m coming uh..." The penis in his body was like a pile driver, constantly bringing water and ramming every soft fleshy spot in his secret cave hard.

Lin Zixi’s body was pushed up and down incessantly, and the chorus part of the song was sung scatteredly by him, but he himself seemed to be about to reach his climax.


However, Gu Zecheng, who was **ing him, suddenly stretched out a long arm towards the clothes that he had dropped on the ground, and brought over the red silk scarf that he had worn around his neck as accessory when he went on stage.


"It’s very bad to only think about pleasure before the work is even done." Big Boss Gu's face was as serious as if he was educating newly employed recent graduates as he wound the scarf in his hands around Lin Zixi's member a few times before tying it firmly.


He even made a pretty bow as if he was wrapping a gift.


"Daddy!" Lin Zixi's eyes were a bit watery since he was cruelly interrupted when he was about to reach the peak of happiness.


"Continue to sing.

Daddy will let you shoot if you sing well." Gu Zecheng kissed him on the lips gently, but the meat blade below his abdomen kept thrusting rhythmically with no mercy.


But how could the person being **ed by him sing well


Lin Zixi’s body was half-soaked in the water, and his tall, erect, and swollen member was bound layer upon layer down to the root so that it could not release and could only secrete a few drops of glandular fluid intermittently from the tiny hole at the top.

At the same time, the penis of the man below him was jammed in his secret hole behind, shackling him to the other party's body like a thick and long nail.

Trembling, he could only accept this cruel yet strangely pleasurable corporal punishment.


Even in this state of being **ed and played with front and rear, the fair and good-looking young man still had to endure the thrill of being unable to vent while singing a song interrupted by moans from time to time in his sweet voice.


Under the moonlight, he really looked like a sea-monster who was captured by sailors and could only let humans take advantage of him, enjoying his body and voice as much as they liked.


And Gu Zecheng, who captured the siren, did indulge in the delicacy in his arms.


Gu Zecheng buried his penis in the moist, hot, tight, and soft back hole and shot his load, but he still didn’t untie the silk scarf on Lin Zixi's member.

Rather, he fished him out of the bathtub, wiped the water off the two of them, and then carried the man to the bed.


Lin Zixi put his arms around Gu Zecheng's neck as his back touched the bed and gazed at him with wet eyes, gasping and pleading, "Daddy...

please, let me shoot..."


Gu Zecheng stroked his hair unhurriedly, "Sing a song that you can sing well then.

If Daddy is satisfied, I’ll reward you."


Lin Zixi thought about it for a long time with his muddled brain and finally, staring straight at his dad, opened his mouth, "As time flies by, I only care about you, and I’m used to your scent….

So I beg you, please don't ask me to leave you.

You’re the only one I can fall in love with.”


"I Only Care About You" Gu Zecheng at once smiled and gave Lin Zixi a deep kiss on the lips, "I also only care about you." 


As he spoke, he untied the scarf that had bound Lin Zixi's penis for a long time while inserting his meat blade, which had recovered its hardness, into the other party’s back hole once again.


"Ahhh!" The long-delayed extreme pleasure finally arrived, and a large stream of semen spurted out from the tip of Lin Zixi's member.


His body was stretched taut because of his orgasm, but it kept swaying because his back hole was being rammed by the man above him.

Even the white turbid liquid he shot splashed mottledly on his lower abdomen and the surrounding bed sheet.


What should I do with this bed sheet...

Lin Zixi thought a little confusedly.


But he was quickly pulled back into the whirlpool of desire by Gu Zecheng.

Apart from this shameful and conflicting yet sweet and touching happiness, he could no longer think about any other perfection.




TL’s note: 

The song Lin Zixi sang is 我隻在乎你 (Wǒ Zhǐ Zài Hu Nǐ)/ I Only Care About You by Teresa Teng.

I used the translation from this video.

Because I'm busy with RL, next chapter will be posted on next Monday, November 7 2022.



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