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Something that could make Lin Zixi's fans fight to the death like getting injected with chicken blood on Chinese New Year day In fact, there were already rumors since half a month ago.     


At first, it was just a blogger who was verified as a Fashion Icon videographer posting a Weibo, "Someone’s really so charming to be able to make a big shot in the business world accompany the shooting from beginning to end.

Today’s an eye-opener."


This Weibo blogger originally didn't have many fans, and the revelation did not mention anyone by names, so it should not cause any trouble.

However, the fan circle never lacked detectives who were full and had nothing to do....


Soon, someone inferred from the recent shooting preview of Fashion Icon and commented, "LZX"


The blogger did not say it was right or wrong but replied with three [shhh] emojis.


And these Weibo and comments were naturally screenshotted and posted in various entertainment circle-related forums by aspiring people in a minute and became a ‘solid evidence’ of ‘Lin Zixi is gay’ and ‘Lin Zixi relies on a (male) gold master big shot’.


How could Lin Zixi’s fans admit and endure this ‘dirty water’!


Their brother was a fairy in the human world; could he follow the unspoken rules of mortals!


This kind of rumor was made just after the cover shoot was completed.

This lousy magazine, Fashion Icon, actually didn't want to profit from them, right!


The battle-hardened fans of young actor Lin immediately tore into the blogger who had exposed the news to delete the Weibo and apologize.

Meanwhile, the official blog of Fashion Icon got over ten thousand comments in a day and was directly dumb.

After two days, they did not even dare to post any new Weibo.


In this first battle, it could be said that Stars Entertainment did not even have the chance to appear, and the battle ended with a big victory for Lin Zixi's fans.


However, on Chinese New Year's Eve two weeks later, less than half an hour after ‘LianXi Fufu’ was promoted to the whole country by the national TV station, a newly registered Weibo second account sounded a new battle horn.


"@Lin Zixi, as a person who has a gold master, you still stuck to others to hype CP.

It’s not so good, right [Hehe]"


Along with this question, which was clearly malicious, were nine screenshots of surveillance footage of the airport passage.


In these screenshots, Lin Zixi and the man in the same picture with him did not do any intimate actions, just two ordinary people walking in the passage or sitting in the departure lounge, but the problem was—


The timestamp on the surveillance footage clearly showed that the time period of these screenshots was divided into three points: the day Lin Zixi had an airplane accident more than three months ago, the night before the Fashion Icon photo shoot, and the night of the photo shoot.


And the man who appeared with him in the screenshots at different times was the same man.


The screenshots of these surveillance footage and previous revelation from a fashion circle worker simply corroborated each other, and the rumor that young actor Lin ‘has a close relationship with the man who is suspected of being his gold master’ suddenly had solid evidence.


This time, not only Lin Zixi's fans, but also the melon eaters in the entire entertainment circle who had not been caught up in the LianXi CP carnival were excited.


As a result, the identity of the tall and handsome ‘gold master’ in the screenshots was quickly recognized—Gu Zecheng, the eldest son of the deceased General Gu and the founder and chairman of the Gu group.


After that, netizens were suddenly divided into four factions:


Damn, Gu Zecheng!!! [older sister can, younger sister also can.jpg]—the ‘lemon’ faction;


Gu Zecheng!! It must be a misunderstanding.

Big Boss Gu will have unwritten rules with a man—the ‘rational’ faction;


So what if it’s Gu Zecheng It still means that Lin Zixi relies on a gold master to get to the top.

I'm not his anti, but I just can't stand you cleaning up after him like this—the ‘passer-by’ faction;


As well as...


I think they really match up.

Am I alone in this—the ‘GuXi’ faction.


Meanwhile, Lin Zixi's fans contacted Stars Entertainment frantically after a short period of stupefaction and quickly found a very reasonable explanation to brainwash themselves, "My brother and Big Boss Gu are relatives, definitely!"


Otherwise, how did you explain that their brother and Big Boss Gu look a bit alike!


You had to know, #Lin Zixi looks like Gu Zecheng# had been on Weibo hot search!


For a time, all parts of China were battlefields where fans and black passersby brawled.


However, because Gu Zecheng was involved, no matter how noisy and happy the girls and boys who stayed up late at night on the Chinese New Year's Eve to eat melons and fight energetically were, most marketing accounts and media were still very cautious and did not dare to speak out indiscriminately before the final conclusion of this matter appeared.


Under this circumstance, Lin Zixi's fans actually brought the situation under control by relying on the crowd, unity, chicken blood, and ability to fight.


Wild rumors of ‘Lin Zixi's extraordinary background’ spread on various websites at once.


However, this very good situation was broken early on the first day of the new year.


A certain second-generation of officials, who often talked idly about important matters on the Internet and was nicknamed Young Master Ning by netizens, made a statement after waking up in the morning and seeing the Weibo that identified Lin Zixi's identity mentioned to him.


@Young Master Ning: As far as I know, how can there be anyone with the surname Lin in the Gu family Some pheasants better not give themselves tails to pretend to be phoenixes.


As soon as Young Master Ning posted this Weibo, all the efforts of Lin Zixi's fans all night were wasted, and it could even be said to worsen the situation.


The matter of a male star and a male gold master was relatively rare after all, and there was no further evidence of it.

If there had been no claim that Lin Zixi was a relative of Gu Zecheng, many people would have just eaten melons freely and made their judgment appropriately.


But now that the brainwashing was exposed, not to mention that many netizens who originally held a wait-and-see attitude directly turned to ridicule and vilify Lin Zixi as well as giving him the nickname ‘Lin Shanji’ (Lin pheasant), even Lin Zixi's fans themselves soon couldn't hold it anymore, and at least two or three out of ten were on the verge of de-fanning.


At this moment, a Weibo that had never been used after being registered and verified posted.


@Gu Zecheng: I didn’t realize that you actually know more about my Gu family than I do //@Young Master Ning: As far as I know, how can there be anyone with the surname Lin in the Gu family Some pheasants better not give themselves tails to pretend to be phoenixes.






Without a doubt, the masses who had eaten melons all night were shocked by the melons in their hands.


This plot twisted and turned like a roller coaster, and it was too exciting, right!




TL's note:

山雞 (shān jī) = Reeves's pheasant (Syrmaticus reevesii); (dialect) pheasant

Pheasants are real birds, while phoenixes are mythological birds.

Pheasants are like the low-end version of phoenixes, so although they do have long tails, but their tails aren't comparable with phoenixes' tails.   



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