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Lin Zixi slept soundly for nearly eight hours after a tiring day and night and did not wake up until almost four o'clock in the afternoon.


He was finally able to charge his mobile phone that had been out of power since last night.

As soon as he turned it on, he received the previous WeChat messages from his mom, Mrs.



[Yesterday 9:43 PM]


"Son, I wish you a happy New Year too."


[Yesterday 9:47 PM]


"You’ll be back on the second day of Chinese New Year, right"


[Today 1:29 PM]




The other party withdrew a message.


"Did you and Gu Zecheng acknowledge each other"


"When you come back tomorrow, let's talk face to face."


Seeing the last two messages sent by Mrs.

Lin, Lin Zixi wondered if he had not woken up yet.


Otherwise, thousands of miles apart, how did his mom know that he and Gu Zecheng had acknowledged their father-son relationship!


By watching astronomical phenomena at night and counting it with her fingers Impossible!


Although Lin Zixi had been with Gu Zecheng for more than half a month, he still hadn't figured out how to tell his mother this—of course, this referred to the father-son relationship part.


As for the lover part, Lin Zixi was crazy to confess this to his mom.


As a result, he still had no solution here, but Mrs.

Lin there had actually known about this matter….

Lin Zixi thought a little stupidly: Could it be that his dad contacted his mom


At this moment, Dad Gu pushed open the bedroom door again and came in to check his condition.


Seeing Lin Zixi sitting on the bed in a daze, Gu Zecheng locked the door of the room and went to the bed to pick him up, "What happened"


Lin Zixi gradually came to his senses once he was put in the bathtub, "Dad...

did you contact my mom"


Gu Zecheng picked up the shower to help Lin Zixi wash his hair while speaking, "No.

Someone posted the surveillance footage of us at B City’s airport on the Internet, so I simply recognized you as someone from our Gu family.

I guess it's on the news, and your mom saw it too."


……Wouldn’t it be better if you contacted Mrs.

Lin directly!


It was just a sleep, yet when he woke up, the whole world already knew that he had a relationship with his lover/father.

Lin Zixi felt guilty and uneasy.


Gu Zecheng just smiled seeing Lin Zixi's stunned look and helped him wash his body after washing his head while comforting him as well, "It's okay.

B City’s airport is already doing an internal investigation, and they'll be able to find the person who posted the screenshots soon.

I also asked the legal department to prepare a lawyer's letter for that fashion magazine."


"Making people work overtime during New Year’s Day isn’t good, right" Lin Zixi looked at his dad hesitantly.


Big Capitalist Gu smiled, kissed him on the lips, and said, "My baby’s really able to empathize with people.

When it’s the official start of work, I’ll ask the finance department to give them more red envelopes."


Lin Zixi nodded, but what he was worried about was other things, "If I'm interviewed in the future, what should I say about our relationship..."


After that, not caring that the water on his body would wet his dad's clothes, he directly buried his head into the other party’s embrace and mumbled, "I...I don't want others to determine our relationship as father and son."


Gu Zecheng stroked his head gently, "Just tell them that it's a 'star and his gold master'."


Lin Zixi immediately withdrew from his dad's embrace, "How could you say that!"


Gu Zecheng, however, did not seem to be joking at all.

While he continued to bathe Lin Zixi, he said lightly, "Just say it like that.

I'd like to see which media dares to write without basis."


……You domineering president, you’re awesome!


Once again, young actor Lin experienced what it was like to have a wealthy father as well as a powerful lover.

The double bonus was simply delightful.


He was completely relaxed and only spoke again after he was done taking a bath, "Then when I go to my mom tomorrow, is it okay to tell her that you became suspicious after seeing me and then found out about our father-son relationship yourself"


"I'll tell your mother." Gu Zecheng said, carrying him from the bathroom to the sofa in the bedroom.


"Eh" Lin Zixi did not respond for a while.


As a result, the man in front of him looked like it was a matter of course, "When a young wife returns to her mother’s home on the second day of Chinese New Year, shouldn't her husband follow her to pay respects to his mother-in-law"


"What!" Lin Zixi was completely terrified.


"Just kidding." Gu Zecheng, seeing his expression, smiled teasingly and gently scratched his nose with his fingers, "Don't worry.

Since things have reached this stage, your mother and I should really talk about it and put an end to the past."


"Daddy..." Lin Zixi was going to throw himself into his dad's arms again as he spoke, but he was pushed away by the other party.


"If you stick to Daddy again, don’t think of going to X City tomorrow." With that said, Gu Zecheng came before Lin Zixi's suitcase, which was casually left in the corner last night, took a set of clothes from within the suitcase and handed them to Lin Zixi, " Change your clothes and go to eat.

You haven't eaten for a day.

Aren’t you hungry"


Lin Zixi took the clothes, got close to Gu Zecheng, and whispered in his ear with a mysterious expression, "It's not like I haven’t eaten anything..."


He looked into Gu Zecheng's eyes while saying so and licked his lips suggestively.


His dad's eyes suddenly darkened.

Then he grabbed Lin Zixi, who was about to run away, and slapped him hard on his butt, "You can only tease! Once you finish filming and have no job, let's see how Daddy deals with you."


That was what he said, but before he had a chance to deal with his young lover properly, the first thing Big Boss Gu had to deal with was the wrinkled and mottled sheet on his bed.



what’s to do" Lin Zixi changed his clothes and sat on the sofa with legs shaking, watching his dad remove the bed sheet and ball it up, "How about I go wash it later when Grandma isn’t paying attention"


"What to wash You drank too much and vomited on the bed last night, so of course this bed sheet must be thrown away." His dad said without blinking.


……This skill of telling a lie unscrupulously...

ah no, it was acting skills.

Even if his domineering president went on stage, he would still be the best. 


Young actor Lin thought silently in his mind after comparing the gap between his acting skills and Gu Zecheng’s.



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