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At first, it was just a big fan of Lin Zixi sighing ruefully on Weibo.


@XXX: I suddenly remembered that at the Boshen Star Charity Night last year, the person who won the stud earring donated by Zixi was Big Brother Gu.

Later, Zixi was injured, and we didn’t care about the charity night anymore.

Now it seems that in the future, we may no longer be qualified to say 'we’re Brother’s strongest backing', right [kneeling]


This Weibo post quickly made waves in Lin Zixi's fan circle.

From "The price of Brother's custom-made stud earring shouldn’t exceed 500,000, yet Big Brother Gu won it for 2 million...

I’m sorry, I’m sorry [kneeling]" to "In the future, can our fan support be reimbursed by Big Brother Gu [dog head]" to "Zixi and Big Brother Gu are family; we and Zixi are family.

Rounding up, we’re all from the Gu family [only in your dreams.jpg]"....

In just half a day, this Weibo post had been reposted tens of thousands of times.


With the addition of a wave of marketing accounts rubbing heat joining in, it made the whole world seem to know that Gu and Lin were not only (suspected to be) family, but Gu Zecheng also cared deeply for Lin Zixi in private.


And in a certain niche forum, someone posted—"A solid evidence worth two million.

I think this time I got it for real".


Just like this vague title, the main content of the post was only one sentence: "This is a lemon candy".


But this post seemed to contain a secret code that prompted a secret gathering and was quickly replied by nearly a hundred people who rushed over from all directions to make an appointment.


1L: "Me too….

The first time I ate candy, and it’s so sour _(:з"∠)_"


3L: "Me too.

I've shipped them since the New Year’s Day’s Weibo, and I didn't expect that there’d actually be a follow-up, and such a big candy to boot.


10L: "The romance of this goddamn Big Brother turned out to be lemon-flavored."


25L: "Business tycoon X big star, with godlike faces, too.

I thought it only existed in novels.

I declare that GuXi is locked!" 


58L: "I've licked the surveillance pictures of the two of them in the same frame at the airport no less than ten times in the past few days.

I’m begging for high-definition pictures of them in the same frame QAQ"


59L: "LS 1"


60L: " 2"


90L: " ID number"


92L: "I, who was at the site of Boshen Charity Night Last year, might be the first person in the world to buy this share."


This 92L, who bought ‘GuXi share’ earlier than buying GuLin one, not only said those words but also posted a photo.

It was the photo of Gu Zecheng posing with Lin Zixi after winning the stud earring at Boshen Charity Night.

In the photo, Lin Zixi was obviously leaning over and whispering in Gu Zecheng's ear.


As a result, this post exploded, and in less than an hour, there were more than a thousand replies, which were either "Ahhhh", "I'm dried up", and "Looking for more", or Madam Writers one by another writing stories and driving a car on the spot, doing their bits to contribute to the great cause that was ‘GuXi’ CP.


Of course, among these cries of approval and cheerful talks, there were still mixed in some discordant tones such as "Gu Zecheng should’ve done it for charity.

Winning an auction was just that.

Don't think too much.", "It’s said that they’re distant relatives.

Big Brother Gu has no children yet, so he’s nice to the younger generation.

There's nothing strange about it.", and so on.


There was even someone who commented: "I heard my brother-in-law say that a friend of his asked Mr.

Gu's close childhood friend.

Lin Zixi is Gu Zecheng's biological nephew, so between the two of them is purely family affection.

It’s over, okay.

Let it go."


Then, this 1347L was bombarder miserably by the people behind.


1352L: "'Lin’ Zixi is ‘Gu’ Zecheng's 'biological nephew' 1347L, are you sure you can clearly distinguish the relationship between relatives and generations!"


1365L: "Your brother-in-law said that his friend asked President Gu's close childhood friend My neighbor also said that his buddy asked Lin Zixi's assistant and was positive that the two of them are lovers! The 'uncle party' can give it a break."


1393L: "1347L and the previous several people are fans of a certain ‘officially approved national CP’, aren’t you I, Ballbal, ask you official fans to be generous and let us non-official fans have a way to  live.[manual dog head]"


1398L: "Please exercise restraint, everyone.

When you encounter KY, please ignore it automatically.

Don't identify attributes, and don't fight.

We entertain ourselves, and we ship in our circle.”


For this 1347L who really heard Qiao Weidong's version of the ‘truth’, the most difficult thing to accept was not that these fans fought her and tore apart her CP, but...


1359L: "Uncle and nephew! [suddenly excited.jpg]"


1371L: "Uncle and nephew! [isn't that even better.jpg]"


1387L: "Uncle and nephew! [the smile gradually becomes abnormal.jpg]"


1403L: "Uncle and nephew! [my heart isn’t fluctuating at all, and I even want to laugh.jpg ]"


Thus, 1347L angrily posted her last sentence, "Your thoughts are really so dirty!", leaving a group of ‘dirty’ GuXi fans excitedly driving a new car.


Among the roar of the motor, ‘Gu Xi share’ soared all the way, and the troop of fans also kept growing.

Although they were not enough to shake the dominance of Lianxi CP, their figures gradually appeared on various websites, so much so that the manager of the public relations department of Gu group discreetly asked their chairman whether they should control it.


"Forget about it.

It’s just a group of little girls with special hobbies making a fuss and entertaining themselves.

It's harmless anyway.

There's no need to waste company resources to deal with it.

Let's wait and see." Big Boss Gu said very generously.







Why didn’t you have this attitude towards LianXi fans who ‘made a fuss’! If Lin Zixi knew about the conversation between his dad and the PR manager, he would probably complain like that.


However, young actor Lin did not know about Gu Zecheng's proper double-standard treatment and was really in no mood to complain about anyone now.


The reason was simple.


When Lin Zixi's role in Coast Rescue Team was about to be completed, the producer suddenly made an announcement to everyone excitedly——


"Su Yingqiu is going to make the soundtrack for our drama! He’s now an internationally renowned composer, and his previous movie soundtracks have won awards.

Originally, we planned to find domestic musicians to produce half of the soundtrack and then select some songs on the market to buy the copyright.

I didn't expect that Su Yingqiu not only took the initiative to contact us but also offered a price...

that can be called a 'best friend price'.

In addition, Su Yingqiu said that he wanted to watch our filming on the spot to look for inspiration.

He’s already set off from O Continent and should arrive at the crew tomorrow." 


When the producer said ‘best friend price’ with emphasis, he said it to Lin Zixi with a special smile.


However, young actor Lin, who did not even have a little bit of friendship and were completely unfamiliar with big artist Su, simply didn't notice the producer’s hints.


Lin Zixi now had only one thought in his whole mind: from O continent, surnamed Su, Chinese composer...


This special person would not be his dad's first love, would he!




TL’s note:

手動狗頭 (shǒu dòng gǒu tóu) = lit.

manual dog head, an Internet term that usually means "I’m a friendly army/loyalist, don't hit me" or "all the above content is irony".

KY is derived from the Japanese "空気が読めない (pronounced kuuki ga yomenai, and literally translated as 'can't read the atmosphere')".

K is the first letter of 空気, and Y is the first letter of 読め.

It means that you have no eyesight, and you can’t make an appropriate response according to the atmosphere at the time and the face of the other party.



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