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It was indeed Su Yingqiu, Gu Zecheng's white moonlight.


After all, there should not be a second artist surnamed Su in the world who came from the second generation of a military family, was of the same age as his dad, was born and grew up in B City, and went to O Continent at the age of 18, right


Lin Zixi arrived at this conclusion after searching Su Yingqiu's career information all night, and he was so disturbed by this conclusion that he could not sleep.


Although Lin Zixi rationally believed that Gu Zecheng had completely let go of this episode, emotionally….

Looking at the face of Su Yingqiu, who was touted by fans as ‘the most handsome musician on earth’, in the search image, he was deceiving himself if he said he was not worried.


What's more, a composer of Su Yingqiu's level actually took the initiative to reduce his price and offer to make a soundtrack for a domestic TV series….

Lin Zixi felt that the other party had other intentions no matter how he viewed it.


Lin Zixi tossed and turned restlessly on the bed until 5:30 in the morning.

Finally, he could not help but sit up on the bed, picked up his mobile phone, and called Gu Zecheng—his dad usually had already gotten out of bed by this time anyway.


The phone call was connected before the second ring.

What came through the phone speaker was Gu Zecheng's breathless and even more magnetic post-exercising voice, "Is there something wrong for you to call me so early, Baby


"Not really….

I have a scene to shoot at 8 o'clock, so I have to get up and go to the set shortly, that's..." Lin Zixi made a phone call impulsively but shrunk back as soon as he had to really ask his dad.


"What is it" Gu Zecheng held his mobile phone between his head and shoulder, took off the boxing glove on his other hand, and sat on the bench, patiently waiting for Lin Zixi's answer.


That person you liked back then is going back to China….

Lin Zixi hesitated for a long time, and the words that finally came out of his mouth became, "I miss you….

But my role will be finished tomorrow, and I’ve booked the plane ticket back to S City for tomorrow morning.

We'll be able to see each other soon."


Gu Zecheng waited for Lin Zixi to finish speaking.

He was clearly frowning, but the words he said did not reflect it at all and even carried a slight smile, "Daddy misses you too.

Or I’ll go to H City to pick you up.

I can't wait until the day after tomorrow to see Baby."


"What No need, no need, no need!" Lin Zixi was taken aback by his dad's proposal.

After desperately rejecting it, he felt like he was too harsh, so he quickly made up for it, saying, "You've been so busy with work lately, so don't bother.

Moreover, when I finish my last scene and leave the group, the producer will definitely invite the media to interview….

You’d better forget about it."


Gu Zecheng was silent for a while and finally spoke after sighing inaudibly, "Okay then.

I'll see you the day after tomorrow.

You still have to pay more attention to your body during your last two days in the crew.

Zixi, Daddy loves you."


"Don't worry.

I love you too.

See you the day after tomorrow." Lin Zixi hung up the phone after he finished speaking.


Lin Zixi seemed to have drawn confidence and strength from his conversation with Gu Zecheng.

After laying down on the bed for a while, he got up and started filming in high spirits.

But he was totally unaware that someone thousands of miles away did not continue to shadow-box to exercise but sent a message to his special assistant instead: "Contact the person in charge of Lin Zixi's current crew.

I’ll have a call with the other party before 8 o'clock."


Lin Zixi, who was about to finish filming his role and leave the group, only had a few scenes that had not been shot yet, but among them was one of the highlights of the drama.


The plot of this scene was that the protagonist played by Lin Zixi fought on a yacht with the drama’s villain boss and finally brought the other party to justice.

In this fight, the protagonist was knocked off the yacht into the sea by the boss, but in the end, he successfully avenged himself thanks to his superb diving skills.


The current young traffic actors and actresses, even Lin Zixi himself in his previous dramas, would generally use stuntmen when they came across such a dangerous or back-breaking scene.

After all, marketing and character design were the necessary conditions for becoming a popular star; dedication, works, and sometimes even good looks were not.


China could be said to have the world’s most tolerant audience and most loyal fan groups that did not allow anyone to ‘slander’ their idols.


However, Lin Zixi had walked through the gates of hell once, and his way of thinking was already a bit different from when he used to follow the crowd blindly.


Although the script and cast of Coast Rescue Team doomed this TV series to not become a classic masterpiece, Lin Zixi still treated every scene he appeared in seriously.

He even disregarded the company's objection and stayed in the crew to shoot the drama for nearly a month more without extra pay.

He also appeared in some scenes that were originally planned to be filmed by a stuntman, including this sea pursuit, attacking, and fighting as well as falling into the sea and diving.


Lin Zixi had already finished shooting the scene where the protagonist drove a speedboat to pursue and attack the villain boss several days ago.

Today, he was going to shoot the fight afterwards and the water scene where the protagonist was waiting for the opportunity to strike back after falling into water.


Lin Zixi had specially received diving training for this scene, and since the actual shooting location of this plot was an area near the coast and safety measures were taken, his mental state was quite relaxed.


The only thing that made him a little anxious was Su Yingqiu, who arrived on the set before filming started.


Although there was a lot of difference between big artist Su's face without PS and the hard photo of himself, it was still in tune with his reserved, elegant, and somewhat arrogant and cold temperament.

He was really an outstanding, lofty, and unyielding character entirely different from Lin Zixi.


My dad's tastes are a bit wide...

Lin Zixi pondered inwardly while listening to the producer introduce him and Su Yingqiu to each other.


After the producer's introduction, he leaned forward slightly and extended his right hand, "Hello, Teacher Su, I'm very happy to have the opportunity to work together with you.

I'll leave the soundtrack to this drama to you."


Su Yingqiu stretched out a hand and touched his fingertips lightly before taking it back, "Please don't mention it.

After all, I’m a fan of the original Coast Rescue Team, and I’m very honored to be able to participate in the movies and TV adaptation of Teacher Ji's work.

I hope you…” 


Su Yingqiu paused and looked Lin Zixi up and down with his rather scrutinizing eyes one time before continuing, "Won’t fail to live up to such a good original work."






Screw you original work overseas fan!


Only a few people knew about Coast Rescue Team and the original work before this drama began shooting, okay!


Lin Zixi instantly understood that big artist Su was indeed a bad visitor.




TL’s note:

白月光 (bái yuè guāng) = lit.

white moonlight, refers to an unattainable person or thing, which is always in one’s heart but not by one’s side



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