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Although Lin Zixi did not know the exact reason Big Artist Su came to his door, it must have something to do with the one surnamed Gu, who was rich, powerful, good-looking, and well-built.


Lin Zixi scolded his dad in his heart, "Attracting bees and butterflies, not abiding by the father's way", but still maintained a business-style smile on his face, "Thank you for your encouragement.

Everyone I met in this crew is very motivated and hard-working.

I believe that with your soundtrack gilding the lily, the final drama will definitely not disappoint the audience."


After speaking, regardless of Su Yingqiu's reaction, he walked directly to the temporary boarding trestle and signaled to the director that he was ready to start shooting.


The martial arts instructor first explained to him and the villain boss the sequence of fighting movements.

After making sure that they both remembered and even making them go through the moves on the shore, the shooting started.


However, waiting for the yacht to actually arrive at the designated area and starting to shoot for real were much more difficult than when performing on the beach.

Whether it was the waves that hit from time to time or the movements of the two actors, they all would cause the 10-meter-long small boat to sway non-stop.


Both Lin Zixi and the middle-aged actor who played the villain had no military role background, so when they shot a scene under such circumstances, they would inevitably get NG because they were still not used to the swaying of the yacht and could not keep their balance.


"I'm sorry.

I have to trouble everyone to do it again." After the second NG, Lin Zixi bowed apologetically to the opposing actor and the crew.

When he straightened up, his line of sight swept to Su Yingqiu, who was standing on the beach not far away.


Su Yingqiu happened to be looking at him as well, so their lines of sight met.

Su Yingqiu raised his eyebrows and showed an undisguised mocking smile.


Lin Zixi never felt that he had a bad temper before.

Even when he was preempted by Mu Zhongran at a super low price for endorsements and TV series, he did not feel very angry.

But Su Yingqiu only made this expression, and he almost couldn’t stop himself from swearing.


Don't be angry, don't be angry; it's normal to be ridiculed if your professional work ability hasn’t reached the standard.

An overseas Chinese artist came to China from thousands of miles away and regards the movies and television projects of the Chinese people as his own.

What kind of spirit is this This is the spirit of internationalism and communism….

Lin Zixi took a deep breath while brainwashing himself.

He finally stabilized his emotions and signaled the director team to resume shooting.


It was probably because of the tension in his heart that Lin Zixi was more focused than ever during the subsequent shooting.

He stood firm in every step, and his every movement was confident, natural, and in place, as if he and the very skilled protagonist in the drama had been fused.

Even if his opponent actor needed a retake, it did not affect his performance.


Although the villain boss actor was not yet named a veteran actor, he could indeed be said to be a powerful actor, and he regained his strength after gradually getting used to the shooting on board the yacht.

The two of them cooperated well with each other after the shooting began, and the whole acrobatic fighting scene was completed in one go, from their first confrontation all the way to the filming of the protagonist being knocked off the yacht and falling into the sea.


"Cut! Very good, very good! You two have worked hard! This morning's filming was over, and we ended work an hour earlier than expected.

Zixi and Teacher An were in really good condition today.

Thanks for your trouble!" The director, standing on a raised tall platform, glanced at the picture on the monitor screen with satisfaction and said to Lin Zixi, who had been towed back to the yacht by the crew, "Zixi, hurry back to the shore to take a shower and change your clothes.

I’ve asked someone to prepare ginger soup.

You must drink it when you rest later.

We still have to work hard during the afternoon shooting.

You’ve stayed in the sea for a while; be careful not to catch a cold."


H City at the end of April was usually very hot already, but because of the continuous overcast and rainy weather the previous few days, the temperature today was still not very high even if the sun was out and the weather was fine.

Lin Zixi's whole body was wet by the sea water and blown by the sea breeze.

Even though he was wrapped in a large bath towel, he still felt cold.


Readily following the good advice, he went to the RV parked on the seashore.

After taking a shower, he changed into dry clothes.

Just as he was about to drink the ginger soup that was collected and kept warm by Assistant Xiao Zhang, he heard someone knocking rhythmically on the car door.


"Please come in." Lin Zixi was about to put the bowl in his hand on the table when he saw Su Yingqiu open the car door and walk in, so he immediately lifted up the soup bowl again.


"Are you looking for me" He took a sip of the ginger soup and felt a warm current spread all over his body.

Only after this feeling faded did he speak to the person next to him.


Su Yingqiu, without asking Lin Zixi's opinion, sat directly opposite him and examined him more closely than when he first met him in the morning.

Then he opened his mouth and said blithely, "You do have  good looks.

No wonder Zecheng would like you."


Lin Zixi originally thought that his dad's white moonlight hated him, an illegitimate son, but he did not expect that the other party actually knew, or to be more precise, only knew about his love relationship with Gu Zecheng.

He was momentarily stupefied and did not know how to reply to the obviously sarcastic remark.


Anyway, Big Artist Su did not want to listen to him talk and continued to say, "But you shouldn’t be happy with yourself that you’re leaning on such a golden mountain.

After all..."


Su Yingqiu sneered while scrutinizing Lin Zixi's appearance and said without concealing the contempt in his eyes, "A fake will always be a fake.

No matter how much you look alike, you’re just a substitute.

If the real one appears one day, he probably won't bother to give you another glance."


Hearing his words, Lin Zixi's expression could not help but become a little weird, "A substitute! Who do you think I'm a substitute for"


Gu Zeyi!


But if Gu Zeyi could reappear, wouldn’t his dad pick up a gun and go “bang bang” or find an expert to do it!


Su Yingqiu, seeing Lin Zixi's surprised look, pretended to pity him and sighed, "It seems that Zecheng really hasn’t mentioned it to you….

Ah, maybe you don’t know why a man like him hasn't gotten married yet."


...So it was really because of Gu Zeyi.


It would be really tragic for his dad if he was misunderstood by his first love as a twin brother incest.


Therefore, Lin Zixi, with a dying expression, listened to Big Artist Su going on, "Gu Zecheng had a first love girlfriend back then.

The two of them were far apart in identity, status, and age, so they’re eventually forced to break up miserably.

After her, he’s been single until you appear.


not only do you look like Zecheng's first love, you’re also surnamed 'Lin' like her.

You think it's really a coincidence..."


"Cough...cough cough.

It's a coincidence, it's a coincidence!" Lin Zixi almost choked on his own saliva and quickly spoke after his sudden coughs interrupted Su Yingqiu's words.


"Humph, you really don’t give up until you completely fail.

Or do you think I'm lying to you" Su Yingqiu, seeing him ‘obstinately persisting in going about things the wrong way’, sneered, "I seem to have forgotten to say that Gu Zecheng and I are best friends who grew up together.

I’ve known him for 30 years more than you, so I’d understand him better than you."


And Lin Zixi, who was sitting opposite him, had obviously been re-educated well by his rogue old father.

After listening to him say this, he opened his mouth and said, "Teacher, didn't you go to O continent when you were 18 Even if you grew up wearing open-crotch pants together, you’re not as informed as I am about how long his dick is now."


Lin Zixi drove a car in one speculative remark.

When he saw that Su Yingqiu looked as if he had seen an alien, he realized that he had been ruined by a certain Gu who ‘doesn't abide by the father's way’.


In order to ease the awkward atmosphere that filled the car, Lin Zixi quickly made a joke to break the silence, "Your best friend found a substitute for his first love, and you’re so worried that you rushed straight from O Continent to look for me….

Teacher, do you like my President Gu"


Who would have thought that after he said these words, Su Yingqiu's originally arrogant and self-controlled expression immediately collapsed, and he actually looked like the emperor whose new clothes had been exposed by an ignorant child, embarrassed and ridiculous.






Fuck! What's with this white moonlight!



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