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When I said what I wanted to do, we went to the music room on the first floor. The room was filled with various musical instruments. Strings, percussion, brass, and cord type musical instruments. Each article was made of high quality materials and had state-of-the-art details.

(As expected of the the Country of the Arts.)

The mansion we live on was a reward from the Kingdom of Astley. That means, the furnitures in the mansion was made with quality. The mansion itself had also state-of-the-art architecture.

"What do you want to play, Young Master?"

"Hmm. That one!"

I pretended to be naive and thought for a while even though I already had one in mind. I pointed out a cord-type instrument painted in black. A grand piano.

"Then, lets try that one." She guided me to the grand piano placed beside the window.

"Do you want to see how to play the piano?"

"Mmm." I nod.

Mary sit on the chair and put her hands on the keyboard. She pressed some keys to test the tune of the piano.

"Now then," she pressed the keys again, but unlike before, she started to play a piano piece.

It had a allegro-like upbeat tone. I do not recognize the melody and it could not be a piece from Earth. So maybe this piece is native to this world.

Mary played the piece with mastery and in fluid movements. She used to play piano to a certain degree. I totally forgot that she was from the Art Country until I see her piano.

She then finish the piece then bowed to the audience, still had her elegance, although we were the only people in the room. I applauded afterwards then gave her a compliment.

"That was amazing. I never thought that you were good at music."

"Thank you for your compliment, but I am not that amazing. This piece was a must for every noble in our country, after all."

The nobles in Astley probably obliged to learn how to play music in respect to the Mother of Arts. The piece must be a basic piece that all the kingdoms noble know.

"Still, your execution of the basic piece was very good."

"Then, would you like to try?"

"Yes." I replied then took the sit.

I activated my Computerized Mind and ran a MIDI player application. I installed several applications from the net to my brain to kill time. One of those was a MIDI player.

I planned to release new music pieces to this world. But it was today that I found out that there was an artist probably reborn in this world. The only difference between me and her, if she was reincarnated, was that I have a collection of five hundred years of music that she didn heard of.

I searched for the piece that I want to play. I press the G-note key that every fans of a certain emo band will immediately recognize what the song. I pressed the keys one by one with my right index finger until I finished the piano intro of the song.

I looked to Mary who was standing behind diagonal to me and saw her opened her mouth. She immediately regained her composure then stared at me with enthusiastic eyes.

"That was a beautiful even though it was still short and unfinished. If you continue to improve your skills, you will finish it and it will be a great piece."

The piece that I played was already good to the ears of an Art Country noble. So what will happen if I released the music of Baroque Period and later that even their former queen did not heard of? Well, I have to release it at the right time with interval to not rose a suspicion.

If I release music pieces nonstop, they might recognize me as the reincarnation of their former queen. Intervals between release should made people think that I took long time to composed it with effort.

"Then I have to practice piano and complete this composition."

"If that is the case, we have to hire a professional to teach you."

"Then I have to ask permission from my parents to have me a tutor."

"Leave it to me. I have known an acquaintance who is a professional pianist and a tutor."

I have a tutor to teach me for me to know how to play slowly. It would be strange if I already knew how to read the notes in the music sheets and knew what key to press. I have to take it slowly and just go with the flow.

"Thank you."

"For now, Ill teach you the basics first."

Then, she taught me the basics of music and before we knew it, its already evening.

A few days later, my piano tutor came to teach me piano. Apparently, she was a barons daughter like Mary.

I spent my days practicing piano and I became skillful with it, although I can still do octaves with my small hands. I also practiced other musical instruments like violin for me to play Vivaldi and Paganini in the future.

While at it, I study with my sister about this world and learned etiquette from Mary. I also trained my body and practiced my skills to become proficient with it.


I keep my training and practiced and before I knew it, a year had already passed. During my practice, I composed (copied and pasted) two easy piano pieces, Little Star and Minuet in G Major (Bach).

"I have nothing to teach you. You are already at the level of a professional despite your young age. Just keep practicing and improve your skills. I will spread your compositions when I get back to the capital."

"I understand and thank you for everything."

We did farewell to each other as she gave me a compliment and an advice. She will be spreading my compositions and popularize it.

Now that I am seven years old, I can start my practical training now. Sister Louise already started her training last year, but she was more excited to this than her studies.

The next day, the day of my training started. I will be trained martial arts and swordmanship by Mother Mylene and have magic lessons by Mother Claire.

Physical training in the morning and magic lessons in the afternoon. Each training consists of three hour session. We train five days a week and had break during weekends.

"One more lap, Raphael!" Mother Mylene shouted.

Right now, I am running around the mansion to improve my stamina. For the early days of training, I have to improve my physical attributes first by doing exercises.

"Haah, haah."

"Take a rest for a while."

"Thank you, mother."

After finishing the final lap, I dropped my butt on the ground then catch my breath. Mother approached me to give me water to drink. She also wiped my sweating body using the towel in her hands.

We are in the front yard for training. I can see my sister swinging her wooden sword to fulfill her todays quota. Shes gotten a lot stronger than before even though shes still level one.

In this world, you can increase your stat without levelling up by training. You can increase your stats by levelling up but the growth rate varies with your effort before you level up.

Thats why we improve our base stats first before killing a monster and level up. That was our mothers said during our studies.

There were no guards or soldiers in the mansions vicinity. Theres no need for guards because the mansion was surrounded by a barrier.

The barrier had impregnable defense and continuously powered by a dragons magic crystal. This barrier was made from Mother Claires magic and the magic crystal was hunted by my mothers when conquering a dungeon.

Our mansion was located at the center of the exclusive district of the city. The city was surrounded with by a 20-foot tall stone wall. The city was divided by four district.

The residential district, where the citizens live. The commercial district, where merchants and craftsman sell their products. The downtown district where various establishments erected like the adventurers guild, the church, training grounds, red light district and other entertainment establishments. And the exclusive district where the government offices located and influential people stay.

The exclusive district were located at the center of the city surrounded by 15-foot tall circular walls. There are three main roads that separate the remaining three districts equally.

"Mother! Im done with my sword swing quota today."

"Then lets start the sparring."

Sister Claire exclaimed that she had already fulfill her a thousand swings quota. Mother took a wooden sword and face Sister Louise.

They took a fighting stance and launched at each other. Sister held her sword with her right hand and slashed it at mothers right torso horizontally. Mother raised her sword upward and put her left hand on the blade to block the attack. Sister stepped back and held the hilt of her sword with both hands.

"Speed Boost!"

She activated a Level 1 Martial Art Technique that enhances her raw speed. She charged at mother faster than before. Sister slashed her sword diagonally at high speed.


Sister activated a Level 1 sword technique this time. Unlike before, mother stepped back with minimal effort and let the sword pass in front of her. The sword sliced nothing but thin air leaving my sister wide open.

Art and techniques are a great factor for winning a battle. It made human enhanced their body and widen the vocabulary of their fighting styles.

In this world, an ordinary human being could lift a weight twice of theirs by applying martial arts technique in their own body. A skinny human with martial arts technique in this world can have a decent fight with a professional wrestler in my previous world.

Art techniques in this world consumes the users stamina instead of mana. Mana could also be used to strengthen the users body to increase the output of the technique.

Grabbing this opportunity, mother thrust her sword to my open sister like a rapier. Sister immediately rotated her body clockwise to avoid the sword and took a step back.

Mother moved her sword a little to the left horizontally, then suddenly swung it to the right where my sister was. Sister raised the sword on her right hand put her free left hand on the blade to block mothers attack.


Sister Louise stepped back a bit due to the impact of the swing. She took several step backs to distance herself from mother. Mother pursued her and thrust her sword again.


"Sword Wheel!"

Sister used a Level 3 Sword Art: Sword Wheel. She spin her sword clockwise to parry mothers Level 1 sword technique. Mother used the momentum to execute a Level 3 sword technique.

"Circular Swipe."


Mother rotated her body 360 degrees clockwise and swing her sword horizontally in circular motion. Sister tried to block attack by using a Level 1 Technique. Sister Louise held her sword tightly with her both hands but mothers swing were just to strong. If she block the attack the same as before, her arm would break.

Sisters sword flew out of her hands and knocked backward. She was on the butt then mother pointed her sword on her. The flying sword landed on the ground and the match decided.

"You were better than the last time. Keep it up and improve your sword."

"Thank you, mother."

Mother happily praised my sister for improving her sword. By the way, I used [Analysis] on mother and found out that she was just using her 1% of her power. Sister took her sword again and spar with mother one more.

After I took enough rest, I started to run around the mansion again. Seeing their sparring motivated me to improve my skills. But I have to improve my physique first.

Eat healthy foods, having enough sleep and do regular exercises. I have to do all of that to withstand the training of my parents.

"Raphael, its already lunch."

"Hah, yeah."

As I thought about the things that I have to do, mother call me out. I did not notice that it is already the time for lunch. I wiped off my sweat then came inside to eat my lunch.

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