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1285 Meeting the Parents (1)

Recently, Chen Menger had been unable to sleep at night.

Every night, she tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep no matter how hard she tried.

Chen Mengers actions frightened Yuwen Jing.

Finally, when Chen Menger turned over again, unable to fall asleep, Yuwen Jing turned on the light and sat up.

“Jing, youre not asleep yet.” Chen Menger looked at Yuwen Jing who was sitting up and asked in surprise.

“Do you think I can fall asleep with you tossing and turning in my arms” Yuwen Jing fired back.

“I dont think so.” Chen Menger also sat up.

“Menger, whats wrong You havent been sleeping well recently.

Could it be that youre pregnant” Yuwen Jing recalled when Chen Menger was pregnant, she had been suffering from insomnia for a period of time.

It was only after she entered her portable space that her sleep quality improved.

“What nonsense are you talking about” Chen Menger gently smacked Yuwen Jing.

She knew her own body.

Moreover, she was on birth control, so it was impossible for her to be pregnant.

“Then why do you always have insomnia at night” Yuwen Jing asked.

“Sigh, wasnt it last week when Tuan Tuan secretly told me that Mao Mao has a girlfriend I was very curious.

I kept thinking, what kind of girl could actually capture Mao Maos heart I was worried that Mao Maos girlfriend would not have a good character Anyway, I was thinking about this all day long.

Jing, do you think Im entering menopause”

“What nonsense are you thinking How old are you How can you have menopause” Yuwen Jing said, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

“You want to know what kind of girlfriend Mao Mao has, right You can ask him to bring his girlfriend back for dinner later.

You can meet her yourself.”

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Yuwen Jing didnt know why Chen Menger was so conflicted about this.

“Why didnt I think of that Okay, I think thats a good idea.

Ill tell Mao Mao tomorrow.” Chen Menger suddenly beamed with joy.

“Then can we go to sleep now” Yuwen Jing yawned and asked.


* * *

Early the next morning, Chen Menger originally picked up the phone to call her eldest son, but before dialing the number, she changed her mind and called her daughter.

When Liu Xiyi received the call from her mother, she was about to go out.

“Mommy, why did you suddenly think of calling me”

Her parents had always had a free-range policy towards the three of them.

Usually, unless there was something important, they would not call them.


Theres something I need your help with.”

“I knew it.

Tell me, Mommy, what is it that you need my help with”

“Its not a big deal.

I just want you to help me pass on a message to your brother.

Ask him to bring his girlfriend home for dinner tomorrow.” After saying that, Chen Menger hung up.

“Hey, Mommy, dont do this.

You cant do this.” Before Liu Xiyi could finish her sentence, her mother hung up.

She stared at the phone and went crazy.

“Ah, Mommy did this on purpose.

It must be on purpose.

Now hell know that Im the one who told Mommy!”

However, she didnt dare disobey her mothers words.

After all, her mother was the queen of their household.

Who dared challenge her authority That was courting death.


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