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Chapter 1004 What Happens to the Man at the End

Since the man was reluctant to tell Gu Ning what she wanted to hear, Gu Ning was unwilling to waste much more time on him.

As long as there were other members of the Evil Practice, she had plenty of time to attract them over.

The magical power around her body was something that members of the Evil Practice wanted most.

Leng Shaoting and the man were surprised when Gu Ning said that.

Leng Shaoting was worried about her safety.

The man, however, realized that his life could be in danger now.

It was true that she had what members of the Evil Practice wanted, and they would come to find her sooner or later.

Thinking of that, an idea dawned on the man.

Even if he was going to die, he wouldnt die alone.

In fact, people who were practicing their inner discipline were all competitors in each others eyes.

There were also grudges among them.

The man himself had a major enemy, and the two of them had acted against each other for over a hundred years, but neither of them could defeat the other.

Since Gu Ning was able to catch him, it wouldnt be hard for her to catch his enemy.

Therefore, he could seize this chance to destroy his major enemy.

“Fine, I can tell you whatever you want to know,” he said.

Gu Ning actually didnt believe that he would tell her the truth, but she was willing to hear some.

“How many people are practicing their inner discipline in this world now” she asked.

“Not many, but not a few either.

About hundreds I think, but most of them are at low levels,” the man said.

“Where are they now” Gu Ning asked.

“They live in their own areas, and stay away from normal human beings.

The parallel space where they are is as large as a village.

Only those who reach the middle rank can come to this world, and normal human beings arent able to go to the space where they live,” the man said.

Gu Ning had read it before in a certain novel.

Although she wasnt sure whether what the man said was true, it was highly possible to be the truth.

Leng Shaoting couldnt believe his ears, but he soon accepted it.

Since members of the Evil Practice really existed, there should be the space where they lived too.

The man continued, “Those who are practicing their inner discipline seldom move in this world.

Even if they come here, they prefer to stay in isolated mountains, because they can find magical power there.

I heard that there is another male member of the Evil Practice in the mountain area of Burma.

Its said that many treasure hunters were killed there, so the place is filled with Yin.

Since you can smell me, its easy for you to find him.”

Hearing that, Gu Ning understood that the man was trying to use her to destroy his enemy.

She didnt mind, because the jiao could help her.

She was only worried that the man just gave her a perfunctory answer.

The public jade bid in Burma would begin in half a month, so she would go to Burma as planned anyway.

“Ningning, if youre really going there, Ill go with you,” Leng Shaoting said.

He knew that he couldnt change her mind, but he could at least go there with her to protect her.

“There will be a public jade bid held in Burma about half a month later.

Im going to attend it anyway.

If you are free at that time, you can go with me, but if youll be busy with your work, you dont need to go with me,” Gu Ning said.

“Alright,” Leng Shaoting said.

He understood that Gu Ning didnt want to interrupt his work.

“Great, lets go now!” Gu Ning said.

Leng Shaoting knew that Gu Ning was going to punish the man.

No matter what she would do to the man, he wouldnt get involved.

The man was an evil person, and Leng Shaoting had no sympathy for him.

“Be careful,” Leng Shaoting said to Gu Ning, then went to sail the boat.

Gu Ning directly threw the man into the river, and let the jiao out to swallow him.

When she got back to Leng Shaotings side, she said, “I just threw him into the river.”

Hearing that, Leng Shaoting nodded, but said nothing.

The man was tied up before he was thrown into the river, so it was impossible for him to survive.

“Shaoting, do you think its too cruel” Gu Ning couldnt help asking him.

“No, he deserves it,” Leng Shaoting said.

“Well, I can do that for you in the future if youre going to kill someone.”

If one killed too many people, he or she would be dogged by misfortune.

Although it was a superstition, Leng Shaoting still hoped that he could do it for Gu Ning.

Gu Ning smiled, but said nothing.

She obviously felt touched because she understood that Leng Shaoting was doing his best to protect her, but she was unwilling to let him suffer misfortune for her either.

“Ningning, go dry your hair and clothing now, in case other people find out,” Leng Shaoting said.

“Sure,” Gu Ning said, then went to get the hair dryer.

They were in a private pleasure boat, and it had the same layout as their home would as was stocked with daily necessities.

Actually, there were dry clothes in Gu Nings telepathic eye space, but she couldnt take them out right in front of Leng Shaoting.

Luckily, it was much warmer now, and Gu Ning was only wearing a thin piece of clothing, so it was easy for her to dry it.

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