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Chapter 1014 Why Are You Helping Me

The female ghost subconsciously moved a few steps backwards.

It wasnt scared of Gu Ning, but stayed alert.

Gu Ning stopped when she was two meters away from it.

“Did you cause the collapse”

Although she asked it that question, she already had the answer.

Gu Ning thought that the female ghost must have done it for a reason.

There must be something hidden behind this store.

The female ghost was very surprised when Gu Ning talked to it.

It was true that this human could see it.

The female ghost stayed alert and asked, “So what Who are you How can you see me”

“Why did you do it” Gu Ning asked again.

It was obvious that the female ghost was annoyed by that question and it shouted in anger all of a sudden, “They tore the painting of me to pieces! Without the painting, I have nowhere to stay, and I can never meet my husband again!”

Speaking to the end, the female ghost seemed to want to kill.

The owner of Xianghe Antique just got a new batch of ancient objects last night, and there was a painting among it.

The female ghost was the figure in the painting.

In fact, the owner of Xianghe Antique was innocent because it was a staff member who tore the painting to pieces, not him.

When the owner of the Xianghe Antique and the staff member saw the painting of the beautiful woman, both of them were stunned by her beauty.

However, the staff member kept staring at the woman in the painting when he was at work.

All of a sudden, the beautiful woman became a ghost in his sight, which scared him and he tore it to pieces in fear.

As a result, the female ghost lost the place where it stayed, and it became homeless.

Out of fury, she made Xianghe Antique collapse.

As a ghost, it was unusually powerful, so it was very easy for it to destroy a small building.

The staff member was very lucky, because he wasnt killed but just got injured in the accident.

Even though the staff member survived, Gu Ning had no sympathy for him, because it was his fault which caused the collapse.

The staff member probably didnt think that he had done anything wrong, but he shouldnt have torn the painting to pieces.

Nevertheless, it wasnt appropriate for the female ghost to stay in this world, so Gu Ning thought that she should find a good way to deal with it.

At the same time, Gu Ning wondered who her husband was.

Gu Ning understood that it must have something to do with the painting.

“What will happen to you without the painting” Gu Ning asked.

The female ghost sneered, which was quite scary.

“Without the painting, Ill be trapped here forever.” It sounded very sad.

“If I cant leave here, this place will be haunted from now on.

No matter who walks near, he or she will be affected or killed,” the female ghost added in a cold tone.

Gu Ning knew that it wasnt kidding, because it was full of strong hatred now.

It wasnt surprising if it vented its anger on common humans.

As more humans were killed, the ghost would become increasingly strong.

It wouldnt be easy to persuade the female ghost not to hurt innocent human beings.

“Except for the painting, where else can you stay” Gu Ning asked.

Although it was a ghost, it wasnt suitable to eliminate it right now or right here.

Gu Ning had to remove it from here before she could get rid of it.

“Why should I tell you” the female ghost asked Gu Ning in annoyance.

Gu Ning smiled and looked kind.

“I can help you.”

“You can help me” The female ghost couldnt believe its ears.

“Who are you Why can you see me and why arent you afraid of me” it asked Gu Ning again.

“Um, Im a normal human, but more than just a normal human at the same time.

I have a pair of eyes which can see many things that others cant,” Gu Ning said.

“Ive seen many ghosts before, so Im not afraid of you at all.”

“Youve seen many ghosts before” The female ghost was shocked.

“Yes,” Gu Ning replied.

“Why do you want to help me” the female ghost asked.

“I dont want anything terrible to happen here again,” Gu Ning said with sincerity.

Gu Ning saw that this female ghost wasnt evil, just troublesome.

There was no need for Gu Ning to deceive it.

It would be better if she could solve this problem in harmony.

The female ghost hesitated for a while, because it indeed needed someones help to get back to the painting.

It seemed like only Gu Ning was able to help it right now.

“Well, I can go back to the painting as long as you can repair it,” the female ghost said pointing at the painting lying on the ground.

Gu Ning turned to see the painting, and found that except for the beautiful women, there was also a man along with beautiful mountain scenery in it.

The mans face was unclear in it, because he stood a little far away and was practicing with a sword.

The beautiful woman, who was this female ghost, was playing a zither, but not in the red clothing.

The beautiful woman was the main character in the painting, so her face was very clear with vivid features.

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