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Gu Ning took out a box with real antiques inside from the telepathic eye space, then walked into the antique street.On her way inside, Gu Ning heard a boy crying in a distance.

She looked over and found that a 12-year-old boy was hugging a middle-aged mans leg crying on the ground.

The middle-aged man tried to get rid of him, but failed.

“You must pay for my Yixing clay teapot!” the boy cried out loud.

“Let me go! You broke it yourself.

Why should I pay for it” the middle-aged man said in anger.

“No, I didnt.

Its you who broke it.

You broke it!” The boy argued with certainty.

“Who witnessed that Who can prove it Let me go, or you cant bear the result!” The middle-aged man looked aggressive and threatened the boy.

People around them just stood aside watching the drama.

None of them stood out for the boy, even though they knew that the middle-aged man had broken the Yixing clay teapot.

Although the middle-aged man broke it, he refused to admit it, nor pay for it.

It was obvious that this middle-aged man wasnt someone that they could mess with.

“I wont! You must pay for the Yixing clay teapot.

It was my grandpas favorite antique.

Since you broke it, you should pay me money.

My grandpa needs the money to save his life!” the boy said.

“Get off!” The middle-aged man lost patience, and raised a foot.

He was about to kick the boy, but nobody stopped him.

Right at this moment, another foot reached over and stopped the middle-aged mans foot.

The middle-aged man felt hurt as if he just kicked a hard stone and screamed in pain.

Everyone was surprised by the scene.

The middle-aged man got furious and turned to look at Gu Ning.

However, his eyes lit up the moment he noticed that Gu Ning was a beautiful young girl.

“What a beautiful girl!” He leered at Gu Ning.

Gu Ning smiled and asked in a gentle voice, “Did you break his Yixing clay teapot”

She was trapping him with her beauty.

“Yeah.” The middle-aged man blurted out, and onlookers began to stare at him with dislike.

The second the middle-aged man said that, he realized that he shouldnt have blurted it out and changed his words at once.

“No, I didnt.

He broke it himself.”

“It was you, not me, who broke it!” The boy who was still on the ground argued in annoyance.

“Get back to your feet now.

Ill help you,” Gu Ning said to the boy.

Gu Ning was the first one who had the courage to side with him, so the boy chose to trust her and got back to his feet.

Afterwards, Gu Ning turned to face the middle-aged man and put on a cold expression.

“You didnt I think that everyone heard what you just said.”

Gu Ning understood that the boy told the truth and the middle-aged man must have broken the Yixing clay teapot, but no one here dared to annoy the middle-aged man.

It was highly possible that this middle-aged man was influential so nobody was willing to mess with him.

If the Yixing clay teapot was a fake, it wasnt a big deal, but it was real, and the boys grandfather needed the money to save his life! In that case, Gu Ning felt that she had to help them.

People around them also understood that it was the middle-aged mans fault, so they waited to see the result.

“So what Its just a fake and isnt valuable at all,” the middle-aged man said with arrogance.

“No, its not a fake!” The boy argued.

This Yixing clay teapot was his grandfathers favorite, and his grandfather told him that it was worth hundreds of thousands of yuan.

“Youre merely a kid, and you know nothing about antiques.

Its a fake!” the middle-aged man snapped at the boy.

In fact, the middle-aged man knew that this Yixing clay teapot wasnt a fake, so he refused to admit that he broke it.

He actually wanted to buy it, but broke it by accident.

He had to deny that he broke it, otherwise he would have to pay the boy a lot of money.

He didnt lack money, but this Yixing clay teapot was already broken to pieces.

If he paid for it, it would be a total waste of money.

“We can turn to an expert for help if you want to know whether its real or not,” Gu Ning said.

It was easy to do that.

“No problem,” the middle-aged man said with alacrity.

“Ill make a call right now.”

Saying that, he took out his phone and was about to call someone.

He agreed with Gu Ning because he was going to call someone who would help him.

However, Gu Ning wasnt dumb.

“Wait a second.” Gu Ning stopped him without delay.

“I dont trust the person youre going to call.

Why dont we both call an expert over”

The middle-aged man was struck dumb for a second.

If Gu Ning knew an antique expert as well, his lie would soon be exposed.

Thinking of that, the middle-aged man panicked a little.

“Which expert are you going to call” he asked Gu Ning.

He wanted to know whether the expert Gu Ning was going to call was an important figure in this industry.

“Well, Ill call an expert whos also a member of the Antiques Association, which is more persuasive, right” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, the middle-aged man started regretting.

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