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Chapter 1025 Master Leng is Jealous

Before Gu Ning came to the antique street, she had told Chen Darong that she would bring some real antiques with her here, so Chen Darong wasnt surprised to see her.

Instead, he was looking forward to seeing her and the box of real antiques, but he didnt take the box at once because there were too many valuable and vulnerable objects inside.

If he broke any of them by accident, they would suffer a great loss.

“Hi, Uncle Chen, please put this box away properly; I need to deal with something else first,” Gu Ning said and put the box on the counter.

“No problem,” Chen Darong said.

“Its a little heavy, so you can carry it inside with another man,” Gu Ning said.

“Sure,” Chen Darong said.

After that, Gu Ning walked out with the boy and the middle-aged man.

Chen Darong also recognized the middle-aged man when he saw him, but he didnt ask any questions.

Once Gu Ning was gone, Chen Darong moved the box into an inside room with the help of a staff member.

It was indeed very heavy, and it was hard for a person to move it alone.

“Manager Chen, our boss is so strong!” the staff member said to Chen Darong.

“Right,” Chen Darong said and nodded.

The staff member left when the box was placed in the room and Chen Darong stayed to check the antiques.

He was shocked the second he opened the box.

Without delay, Chen Darong called those antique collectors and experts who had a good relationship with Xiangyun Antique-store to come over.

They had told Chen Darong to inform them once Xiangyun Antique-store had new real antiques.

If they found what they wanted, they would buy it.

If not, it wasnt a bad thing to appreciate those real antiques.

Even if they didnt buy those real antiques, their friends might pay for them, because they would share information about antiques with their friends in this industry.

Jiang Zhongyu received Chen Darongs call too.

When Chen Darong called him, he was playing chess with Master Xu and Master Leng in the Leng familys house.

“What Girl Gu is in the capital now”

Jiang Zhongyu got excited when he heard the news.

Gu Ning had cured his disease, so he was always grateful to her.

Master Leng and Master Xu were also surprised to hear that.

“Girl Gu is here” Master Leng asked with happiness.

He ached to see his future grand daughter-in-law.

“Yes, our boss is here,” Chen Darong said on the phone to Jiang Zhongyu.

“Where is she right now” Jiang Zhongyu asked.

“Um, she left to deal with something first and will be back soon,” Chen Darong said.

“Great, tell her to wait for me.

Im coming!” Jiang Zhongyu said.

“Sure, Ill tell our boss,” Chen Darong said.

After hanging up the call, Jiang Zhongyu stood up at once.

“Lets go meet Girl Gu at the antique street!”

“Were going to meet my future grand daughter-in-law.

Why are you so excited” Master Leng said.

In fact, he was a little unhappy to hear the news that his future grand daughter-in-law was in the capital from another persons mouth.

Gu Ning was his future grand daughter-in-law, and she should have called him first.

Master Leng blamed Leng Shaoting for that, because Leng Shaoting wouldnt bring Gu Ning to meet him until Gu Ning went to study in the Capital University.

He decided to meet Gu Ning himself.

“Ha-ha, Leng, are you jealous of me Why dont you tell Girl Gu that youre Shaotings grandfather later You can exchange phone numbers with her so that she can call you if she comes to the capital again in the future,” Jiang Zhongyu said.

As Master Lengs friend, Jiang Zhongyu was unwilling to see him being unhappy.

“I will do that later!” Master Leng said with determination.

After that, they left for the antique street together.

At the same time, Gu Ning arrived at the appraisal center.

It was an undeniable truth that the Yixing clay teapot was real, and it was of high quality too, so it was worth around five hundred thousand yuan.

Therefore, the middle-aged man had to pay five hundred thousand yuan for it.

However, the boy didnt have an ID card nor bank card, so he could only get a check, which wasnt safe.

On their way here, Gu Ning got to know that the boys parents died when he was very little and he grew up with his grandfather.

In that case, Gu Ning called the police for help, because she didnt have much time to take care of the boy.

Gu Ning told the police everything when they came.

She also told them that she was the boss of Xiangyun Antique-store.

The police at the antique street had also heard of Gu Nings name, so they promised to handle it well.

Afterwards, Gu Ning handed the police a bottle of power crystals, which was medicine for the boys grandfather.

Although Gu Ning didnt know what disease the boys grandfather had, she was confident that the power crystal could help.

Five hundred thousand yuan was also enough for the boys grandfather to recover from the disease.

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