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Chapter 1026 My Future Grand Daughter-in-law

The boy left with two policemen and Gu Ning went back to Xiangyun Antique-store.

The middle-aged man was in a terrible mood after paying the five hundred thousand yuan.

Although he had dozens of millions of yuan in wealth, five hundred thousand yuan was still a lot of money for him.

Especially because he paid the five hundred thousand yuan for some worthless, broken pieces of the teapot!

It was his fault after all, because he broke the Yixing clay teapot.

Actually, it was his younger brother-in-law who told him to buy the Yixing clay teapot.

The boss of Juxiang Shop saw that the Yixing clay teapot was real, and he wanted to buy it, but he was with a collector who saw the Yixing clay teapot before him.

The collector also wanted to buy it, but wasnt sure whether it was real or not.

In addition, the boy priced it at two hundred thousand yuan, which was a lot, so the collector hesitated to make the decision.

He planned to buy it when the collector gave up, but it seemed like the collector still wanted to buy it, so he played a trick and made the collector believe that it was a fake.

And because he told the collector that it was a fake, he couldnt buy it himself.

The collector was an influential figure, so he couldnt annoy him.

When he got back to his shop, he saw his older brother-in-law and asked him to buy the Yixing clay teapot for him.

However, he broke it by accident and even paid five hundred thousand yuan for it.

He could have bought it with only two hundred thousand yuan!

The middle-aged man went back to Juxiang Shop, and told its boss, who was also his younger brother-in-law, what he had been through just then.

His younger brother-in-law was mad after hearing it, and criticized him in anger.

However, it already happened, and it was the middle-aged mans fault anyway, so his younger brother-in-law had to accept the result.

Moreover, he was unwilling to mess with Xiangyun Antique-store.

The boss of the Juxiang Shop understood that it was his responsibility too, so he shared the compensation with his older brother-in-law.

He was willing to pay two hundred thousand yuan, and his older brother-in-law could suffer the loss of three hundred thousand yuan.

However, the middle-aged man was reluctant to accept it.

He didnt think that he should pay more than his younger brother-in-law for the broken teapot.

In the end, the boss of Juxiang Shop gave another fifty thousand yuan to the middle-aged man and they shared the compensation fifty-fifty.

The middle-aged man was left no choice, so he had to agree with it, but their close relationship came to an end that day.

When Gu Ning got back to the Xiangyun Antique-store, Master Leng and the others hadnt arrived yet, and Chen Darong told her what Jiang Zhongyu said to him on the phone, “Boss, Master Jiang said that hes coming soon, and asked that you please wait for him.

He has something to talk to you about.”

Hearing that, Gu Ning got a little nervous, because she knew that Jiang Zhongyu wouldnt come alone.

Master Leng would be there too.

Nevertheless, even though she was nervous, she couldnt leave and had to stay there waiting for them.

About twenty minutes later, Master Leng and the others arrived.

Once they showed up, Gu Ning walked out to welcome them.

“Hi, so nice to see you all, Grandpa Leng, Grandpa Jiang and Grandpa Xu!” Gu Ning beamed.

They werent strangers now, so there was no need for Gu Ning to call them masters.

“Nice to see you again, my future granddaughter-in-law!” Master Leng called Gu Ning his future grand daughter-in-law the moment he saw her.

Gu Ning flushed a little when Master Leng greeted her in that way.

Although she believed that Leng Shaoting was her Mr.

Right, they werent married yet after all.

Actually, Master Leng was willing to call her that because he approved of her.

“Leng, its too early to say that now.” Master Xu interrupted them.

“I dont think so.

What do you think, my future granddaughter-in-law” Master Leng asked Gu Ning.

He turned to Gu Ning for her opinion.

“I think its good,” Gu Ning said at once.

She obviously wouldnt argue against Master Leng.

It wasnt a big deal anyway.

“See My future granddaughter-in-law thinks its fine,” Master Leng said with pride.

When Gu Ning met Master Leng before, she felt a little stressed talking to him.

Master Leng was the leading role of a super-rich and powerful family in the capital, so he had a natural air of power.

However, now he looked very kind and gentle like a grandfather next door.

Gu Ning was surprised by his change.

“Come here, let me have a closer look at you.” Master Leng waved his hand at Gu Ning.

Gu Ning walked to him at once, and Master Leng held her hand complimenting her, “Look at my grandsons girlfriend! Shes so beautiful and smart too.”

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