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Chapter 1031 I Love this Drama

Hearing the warning, the other members of the Leng family didnt think that it was a bad thing, but Leng Shaojia and Jiang Shuyuan felt uncomfortable, because they had the intention to pick on Gu Ning in the future.

However, now they couldnt do that.

“Why does grandfather defend her so much She hasnt married into our family yet!” Leng Shaojia complained once Master Leng was gone.

“As long as grandfather and Shaoting accept her as a member of the Leng family, you can do nothing about it,” Leng Shaoxun said.

Leng Shaoxun was naughty, but wasnt dumb, while Leng Shaojia was always rude and unkind.

She knew that their grandfather cared about Leng Shaoting, but she still kept finding fault with him, which was very stupid behavior.

Besides, if she annoyed Leng Shaoting, it wouldnt do her any good.

“Shut up, its none of your business!” Leng Shaojia snapped at Leng Shaoxun.

“It is none of my business, but I love this drama,” Leng Shaoxun said, while sitting at ease on the sofa eating an apple.

“You…” Leng Shaojia was mad, but didnt know what to say.

She glared at Leng Shaoxun, but Leng Shaoxun ignored her.

“Well, Im looking forward to meeting Shaotings girlfriend,” Leng Shaoxun said with anticipation.

He was curious to see what kind of girl could attract Leng Shaoting, who was always cold and kept a distance from females.

Leng Shaoxun thought that normal girls might be scared of Leng Shaotings natural air of power.

In that case, Leng Shaotings girlfriend couldnt be an ordinary girl.

Master Leng appreciated the painting again when he was in the study, which cheered him up.

Master Xu went back home and talked about Gu Ning with Xu Qinyin.

Xu Qinyin was very happy to know that Gu Ning was in the capital now, but she was a little displeased that Gu Ning didnt come to meet her.

They werent very familiar with each other, but Xu Qinyin thought that they were close because of Leng Shaoting.

Moreover, she was also willing to become good friends with Gu Ning who was an unusually outstanding girl.

Thinking of that, she called Gu Ning without delay.

Gu Ning understood that Master Xu must have talked with Xu Qinyin about her when she received Xu Qinyins call.

Xu Qinyin questioned her about why she didnt come to meet her the second she picked up the phone.

Gu Ning told Xu Qinyin that she was busy today, and that she would meet with them tomorrow.

Hearing that, Xu Qinyin was pleased.

Since Gu Ning was busy today, Xu Qinyin hung up the call after chatting with her for a short while.

She called Gu Anna later, and invited Gu Anna to dine together tomorrow.

Gu Anna was Gu Nings loyal fan, so she would definitely join them.

Jiang Zhongyu also mentioned Gu Ning when he got home.

Jiang Ruiqin was home too, and he was a little upset when he heard Gu Nings name.

He liked Gu Ning, but unfortunately she was Leng Shaotings girlfriend, so he had to give up.

Shen Yanfeng talked about Master Leng and Leng Shaotings girlfriend too once he was home.

He didnt know the name of Leng Shaotings girlfriend, but he had to admit that the girl was really stunning, and that his daughter was barely comparable to her.

Shen Zhilin was unwilling to accept it, and she hoped to see Leng Shaotings girlfriend one day in real life.

She was curious to know what else the girl had to attract Leng Shaoting.

However, she knew nothing about the girls family background, so she had no idea where she could meet her.

Gu Ning, at this time, was on her way to Jiulong Mountain.

Jiulong Mountain was a little far from the city center, so it took her nearly two hours to get there.

She parked the car at the parking lot, then walked to a place without much light.

Afterwards, she let the female ghost out.

“Were at Jiulong Mountain now, where should we go next” Gu Ning asked.

Ghosts were different from human beings, because they could see things clearly at night.

The female ghost looked around trying to find a familiar place.

The mountains stayed the same, but the buildings around changed.

“We should go to the south of Jiulong Mountain,” the female ghost said.

Saying that, the female ghost pointed at a certain mountain, but then realized that Gu Ning was just a human, so it said, “You can follow me.” It didnt know that Gu Ning had a pair of Jade Eyes.

“Great,” Gu Ning said.

After that, they went to the mountain together.

Jiulong Mountain was very large, and it took a long time for them to get there.

Although the female ghost could float fast, it moved slowly for Gu Nings sake.

About half an hour later, they finally arrived.

The female ghost looked around again, then said, “The road here disappears.

I think we have to climb the mountain.”

“No problem,” Gu Ning said.

They werent far from the grave now, so Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes to help find it.

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