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About an hour later, Gu Ning arrived at Leng Shaotings house.

She took a shower and went to sleep.The next morning, Gu Ning went to the office building of Fenghua Entertainment.

Fenghua Entertainment was still in another rented office building, and would soon move into the headquarters.

Nobody in Fenghua didnt know Gu Ning, so everyone greeted her with respect once she showed up.

Gu Ning also smiled at them kindly.

When she was about to walk inside, Lu Xiao, who looked annoyed, walked out.

“Oh, hi, boss,” Lu Xiao put on a smile at once.

“What happened You dont seem to be in a good mood,” Gu Ning asked with concern.

Although Gu Ning wasnt managing this company, she knew that it wasnt an easy job, especially when Fenghua Entertainment was a start-up.

Gu Ning was very successful as a young businesswoman, and knew that most people would encounter all kinds of difficulties if they wanted to build a company up.

Once a new company was founded, the competition would be fiercer.

In that case, the new company might be the target of those dominant companies in the industry.

After all, it was much easier to defeat a new company before it grew powerful.

Gu Ning could become so successful within a short time not only because she was very outstanding but also because of her connections.

There were many entertainment companies that still tried to seize a chance to suppress Fenghua.

“Um, when Xia Yichu went home yesterday, she met a man who recognized her in the parking lot.

They talked with each other for a while, and entered the same building, but were caught by the paparazzi.

The gossip about Xia Yichu is everywhere this morning,” Lu Xiao said.

Knowing that, Gu Ning cocked her eyebrow.

“Xia Yichu hasnt had her debut yet, and she isnt the focus of entertainment news.

Why does the paparazzi want to stalk her”

Since Xia Yichu hadnt made her debut yet, she wasnt worth public attention.

Normally, only the famous artists were targets of the paparazzi.

Gu Ning had a feeling that this gossip aimed to attack Fenghua Entertainment.

Although Xia Yichu wasnt worth public attention, Fenghua Entertainment was.

Xia Yichu was signed by Fenghua Entertainment.

If she had any scandals, Fenghua would be affected.

It wasnt a big trouble, but Gu Ning thought that they should take it seriously.

“Director Mu will find out the real information of the person who spread the gossip on the Internet.

Although Xia Yichu hasnt made her debut yet, the gossip will affect her career and Fenghua,” Lu Xiao said with a serious face.

Actually, it wasnt a big deal, but Lu Xiao looked too serious as if something terrible was going to happen.

It seemed like he cared too much about Xia Yichu.

An idea dawned on Gu Ning and she joked, “Why do I somehow feel that you are personally worried about Xia Yichu Is there anything going on between you two”

Gu Ning wasnt sure, but she thought that it was quite possible.

Artists didnt have as much freedom to date someone they liked as ordinary people did, and office romance wasnt allowed in many entertainment companies.

Gu Ning, however, wouldnt forbid her staff members to do that, but there were rules too in her company.

Lu Xiao flushed a little with embarrassment, but he also understood that office romance would affect a singers career, so he had no plan to admit it.

Therefore, he changed the topic.

“Boss, dont joke about me.

There is nothing special between us.

Do you have anything to deal with in the company”

Since Lu Xiao was unwilling to talk about it, Gu Ning wouldnt ask further, but she still said, “I wont interfere in my staff members personal affairs, and it totally depends on their willingness whether they should make it public or not.

Oh, where is Tang Xiaoxiao”

Hearing that, Lu Xiao was excited.

If Gu Ning wouldnt forbid them from dating colleagues, he could have more freedom to do what he wanted.

“Tang Xiaoxiao is reading a script in the office,” Lu Xiao said and his phone rang at this moment.

“Go do your job, and Ill go find her myself,” Gu Ning said.

“Its Director Mus call.

I think he must have the result.

Do you want to hear it” Lu Xiao asked.

Gu Ning nodded, and stayed.

Lu Xiao picked up the call and K told him that he had already found the photo of the man who took the pictures of Xia Yichu.

The man who took those pictures of Xia Yichu was different from the person who spread the gossip on the Internet, but they had to know each other.

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