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Meanwhile, many people were curious about the person who tried to trap Xia Yichu with that dirty trick.The person who did it also paid attention to the latest news about it, and she felt scared as well as mad after reading the announcement from Fenghua.

She knew that she shouldnt have messed with Fenghua.

She felt regretful, because her career would be affected by her stupid move.

Therefore, no matter how unwilling she was, she had to use a secret Weibo account to apologize to Xia Yichu.

Within minutes, hundreds of thousands of criticisms filled the page of the Weibo account, which almost drove her crazy.

She had made a terrible mistake, but fortunately not many people knew that she was the person who attacked Xia Yichu.

Xia Yichu wasnt affected by this mess too much, because she had done nothing wrong, and she believed that both Fenghua and Lu Xiao would handle it well.

She didnt even know the result until she walked out of the music studio.

Xia Yichu was a little surprised when she saw Gu Ning in the office.

She didnt expect that Gu Ning would visit the company today.

“Hi, boss,” Xia Yichu said to Gu Ning.

“It seems youre in a good mood,” Gu Ning joked.

“Well, it wasnt a problem in my eyes, because Ive done nothing wrong,” Xia Yichu said with a smile.

“I believed that the company and Manager Lu would handle it well.”

Gu Ning smiled and said to all of them, “No matter what trouble you might encounter in the future, you all should stay calm and trust the management of our company as long as youre confident that you havent made any mistakes.”

“Thanks, boss.” They felt touched that their boss was willing to protect them.

Gu Ning dined at the cafeteria of Fenghua at noon.

And after lunch, Gu Ning left for the stores of Jade Beauty Jewelry and Colaine.

She went to Jade Beauty Jewelry first, and there were many people in it.

Although Gu Ning owned this store, not many service staff members knew her, because she hadnt shown up before.

“Welcome, miss, please look around as you like.

You may try if you find anything you want to try,” a saleswoman said to Gu Ning politely at the counter.

They had received professional training, so they were always kind and gentle to any customers.

“Thanks,” Gu Ning said and walked around in the store.

At the front of a counter, a woman said to a saleswoman, “Please pack this up.”

Right at this moment, another woman stopped them.

“Wait a second, I want this necklace.”

Hearing that, the first woman was displeased.

It seemed that the two women werent strangers.

Some people around them looked over too.

A fat middle-aged man walked forward with a sexy, young woman in a dress which showed too much skin.

It was obvious that this woman wasnt a woman with moral standards, so people began to look at her with disdain.

“I saw this necklace before you.

Why should I give it to you” the first woman said.

“Please pack it up.”

“Sure.” The saleswoman reached out her hand to pick the necklace on the counter.

However, the scantily clad young woman grabbed it away.

It happened too fast and nobody was able to stop her.

“How dare you!” The woman was mad.

“Yao Lili, how could you be so shameless! Youve stolen my good friends husband, and now youre stealing my necklace”

Hearing that, onlookers began to hate the fat middle-aged man and his mistress.

They were a pair of shameless people!

Yao Lili, however, didnt look ashamed at all but argued, “So what Im proud that I can grab Dalin away from that ugly old woman.

Shes so unattractive in every mans eyes.”

Dalin was the fat middle-aged man, and his full name was Zhang Dalin.

Zhang Dalin didnt feel ashamed either, but supported Yao Lili.

He had indeed abandoned his wife for a beautiful young woman.

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