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Chapter 1037 Gu Ning Stands ou

“How could this woman be so shameless!”

“She is so proud of her shameless behavior too.”

“If she had any sense of shame, she wouldnt have stolen another womans husband.”

“Right, theyre a pair of shameless people.”


When people were all criticizing Yao Lili and Zhang Dalin, the manager of the store walked over.

The manager recognized Gu Ning, and was surprised to see her here, but Gu Ning raised her hand to stop him from greeting her.

“Lets watch it for a while longer.”

“Sure,” the manager said.

Although Yao Lili and Zhang Dalin didnt feel ashamed of their behavior, they were mad when people criticized them.

“Shut up! Its none of your business,” Zhang Dalin snapped at the people around them.

“It is none of my business, but the young bi*ch shouldnt have grabbed my necklace!” The woman argued.

“How dare you say that” Yao Lili got furious and wanted to slap the woman.

However, before Yao Lilis hand fell on the womans face, a slim hand caught it.

When people turned to see Gu Ning, everyone was stunned by her beauty.

“Let me go!” Yao Lili struggled, but failed.

Yao Lili was jealous of Gu Ning the second she saw that Gu Ning was a beautiful young girl.

If she was as stunning as Gu Ning, she would have found a rich young heir as her boyfriend, instead of a fat old man.

When Zhang Dalin leered at Gu Ning, Yao Lili got angrier.

Even though she just became Zhang Dalins mistress for money, she wouldnt allow him to pay attention to another woman.

Zhang Dalin was totally attracted to Gu Ning now.

“Darling, my hand hurts!” Yao Lili interrupted Zhang Dalin.

Yao Lili knew that Zhang Dalin was lascivious, but he was a coward too.

As long as the girl was unwilling to be with him, he would give up.

Zhang Dalin heard Yao Lilis voice and got his mind back at once.

“Miss, let my wife go now.

Its none of your business, so please stay away,” Zhang Dalin said to Gu Ning.

He was very kind to her, because Gu Ning was a beautiful girl.

If Gu Ning were ugly or had a plain face, he would have sworn at her.

“Youre causing trouble in my store.

Shouldnt I stop you” Gu Ning sneered at Zhang Dalin.

Hearing that, everyone was shocked.

What Her store Is she the boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry

They had all heard that the boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry was a young girl named Gu Ning.

They had also seen Gu Nings photo on the Internet, but to their surprise, they were able to see the famous young businesswoman in real life today.

“Wow, she is the boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry”

“She must be Miss Gu, and she looks much prettier than her photo.”



More and more people surrounded them after knowing that Gu Ning was here.

Even staff members in the store gathered together talking about her.

They were all her fans.

“What Youre the boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry” Yao Lili couldnt believe her ears.

If so, she was even more jealous of Gu Ning, because Gu Ning was prettier and richer than her.

“Oh, Im so sorry, Miss Gu,” Zhang Dalin said and apologized at once.

He was barely comparable to Gu Ning after all.

Although he was rich, Gu Ning was much richer than him and she had powerful connections too.

Gu Ning let Yao Lili go and spread her palm open.

“Give it to me.”

She was telling Yao Lili to give the necklace back to her.

Yao Lili was reluctant to do it, and felt utterly embarrassed now, but she didnt dare act against Gu Ning.

In fact, she had no interest in this necklace, but was deliberately annoying the woman, because the woman was the friend of Zhang Dalins ex-wife.

The woman had slapped Yao Lili once to support Zhang Dalins ex-wife, so Yao Lili always wanted to pay her back.

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