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Getting the affirmative answer, Qin Yifan took a long breath in.

He looked at Gu Ning with surprise and admiration.

“Its unbelievable that youre so powerful!”

He clearly knew about the ability of Hao Ran and the two other boys.

Each one of them could fight against about five ordinary men.

However, Gu Ning alone was able to beat them down so easily.

Although Gu Ning was strong, and it was good to know no one could bully her, Qin Yifan felt bitter in his heart.

He now lost the qualification to protect her.

Gu Ning smiled but didnt say a word.

They continued to eat and drink afterwards.

When they were about to separate, it was already 1 am.

Chu Peihan didnt want to go back home.

She wanted to stay in the hotel with the rest of the girls to chat with each other.

Gu Ning thought for a while then agreed.

She had already put away everything she needed in the telepathic eye space.

Yu Mixi also told her families that she would be safe, so it was fine for her to stay out for a night too.

Qin Yifan had the intention to send Gu Ning home, but the girls werent going back home tonight.

Therefore, he could only drive those three girls to the hotel.

Hao Ran and the boys were still clear even after they had drunk so much.

They went back home as well.

The next day, Gu Ning got up at 6:30 am.

She needed to catch her plane at 8:30 am.

Yu Mixi immediately got up after Gu Ning.

She was going to help her father at home.

Chu Peihan let them leave first.

She hadnt had enough sleep yet.

Thus Gu Ning and Yu Mixi left earlier.

On her way to the airport, Gu Ning called Zhou Zhenghong and told him the time that she would land.

Around 6:40 am, Yu Mixi got home.

Her family ran a small breakfast stand.

There were continuously people comming to have breakfast at that time.

Seeing that her father was being busy, Yu Mixi immediately went up and helped him.

Yu Mixis father was just in his early forties, but due to years of labor work, he seemed like a fifty year old man.

“XIxi, why are you home so early” her father asked.

Yu Mixis father hoped that Yu Mixi could make friends and hang out with them sometimes.

He didnt want to see that his daughter only studied or helped him all day at home.

Without a good network, she couldnt make any difference in the future.

Gu Ning arrived at the airport of City G at 9:40 am.

Zhou Zhenghong was already waiting for her at the exit.

Seeing Gu Ning, Zhou Zhenghongs eyes brighten up as if he had seen gold.

In Zhou Zhenghongs eyes, Gu Ning was the gold.

No, she was more valuable than gold.

Gu Ning had brought him much more than money.

She was the one who found his talent.

Gu Ning had rescued him from desperation, and helped him live a meaningful life.

He respected Gu Ning deeply from his heart.

Zhou Zhenghong immediately came towards her with warmth.

“Boss, nice to see you again.”

“Hi, Uncle Zhou, nice to see you! I hope you havent waited for me for a long time,” Gu Ning said.

“No, Ive just waited for you around 10 minutes,” Zhou Zhenghong said airily.

Actually, he had been waiting for Gu Ning for almost an hour, but it was nothing for him.

Gu Ning knew that he told a white lie.

She didnt want to hurt his feelings either, so she didnt say anything further, but followed Zhou Zhenghong to the parking lot.

Zhou Zhenghong bought a Mercedes-Benz.

It was the same as Jiang Xus and was around five hundred thousand yuan.

The elder generation did like Mercedes-Benz very much.

Although Gu Ning had given him a one million yuan budget, Zhou Zhenghong didnt want to spend that much money on a car, so he only bought a car at the price of around five hundred thousand yuan.

However, the price wasnt low either.

Many people with hundreds of millions in wealth would drive a car at the same price too.

When they drove out of the airport, Zhou Zhenghong reported to Gu Ning, “Boss, Ive already visited the street of stone gambling.

Many shops have cut out jade last week, so their sales are very good these days, especially the one weve been to.

Thus all the shops have gotten a new batch of raw materials in several days ago.”

“Very well.

Lets go to the supermarket first.

I need to change.

Then we can dine before heading to the antique market,” Gu Ning said.

“Sure, boss,” Zhou Zhenghong answered.

Then he added, “Boss, the store contract has been signed.

Its under renovation now.

The processing plant is ready with security and anti-theft measures as well.

The equipment, designers and carvers are also in place.”

They were going to produce jewelry in large number.

And it was impossible to do it all by hand, so they needed machines.

The price of jewelry made by machines was lower than the price of jewelry made by hand.

Gu Ning planned to use machines to carve the medium-level jade, while the high-level and top-level jade would be carved by hand.

In that case, they could make the most of high-level and top-level jade.


Let the designers meet the carvers in the processing plant this afternoon.

Well start running tomorrow.

We need to prepare enough products before we open the store,” Gu Ning said.

“Sure,” Zhou Zhenghong answered.

“Oh, by the way, could you please tell me about the grudge between you and Shao Ping” Gu Ning asked.

She knew that she was adding insult to the injury, but if she didnt know what had happened, she couldnt help him properly.

Indeed, hearing the name of Shao Ping, Zhou Zhenghong immediately wore an unpleasant face filled with hatred, but he tried to curb his anger.

He didnt blame Gu Ning for bringing it up.

Since Gu Ning had asked, he didnt want to hide.

After he calmed himself down, he opened his mouth.

“Shao Ping and I were born in the same place.

Weve known each other since we were young.

However, we didnt get along well.

Many children hated me in my village because I was the boy who was always getting complimented by others.

Shao Ping hated me to the most.

He even found someone to beat me.

Then, I went to university, while he failed the exam.

He went to work afterwards, and we didnt meet for at least 10 years.”

“We met each other again about 10 years ago.

By then, my company was slightly profitable, while he was still living in poverty.

He turned to me for help.

I agreed without further thought.

He was clever, but not honest.

There was always jewelry missing in my store.

I found out that he was the thief in the end, so I laid him off.

After that, he left City G.

I had no idea where he was going.”

“A year ago, he came back.

He found me and bought me a meal.

He even apologized to me about his previous bad behavior.

Although I didnt want to have a close relationship with him, we kept in touch.

Half a year later, we got along well, but I still kept a polite distance from him.”


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