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Mu Xuxin felt cornered now.

He had stayed in the capital for many days now, and he had to go back to City B to manage his company.…

After dinner, Zi Beiying left before Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting to leave them some private time and space.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting then went to have a walk.

When they walked through the hall, they heard people talking about them.

“Look at the young man and the girl over there.

They won over 600 jade raw materials!”

“Arent they afraid to lose money”

“I heard that President Ma had made many of the same bids as them, which means there could be jade in most of the jade raw materials that they won.

Even if you dont believe them, you should believe in President Mas ability.”

President Mas full name was Ma Jingshan, and he was the vice president of the Jade Association in County Yin, Province Yun, where jade raw materials were abundant.

The Ma family was the largest jade raw material provider in County Yin, and its business had a similar size as well as assets as the three biggest jade raw material providers in City Teng.

However, Ma Jingshan held a higher social status than Zhang Dequan.

Ma Jingshan was the well-known King of Stone-gambling in the jade industry of Province Yun, because he was able to cut jade out of most of the jade raw materials he picked.

Once Tang Aining appeared, people were distracted by her, and gave her the title of Queen of Jade.

Nevertheless, Tang Aining seldom showed up in public, so many people hadnt seen her in real life before.

They thought that Tang Aining would attend this public jade bid in Burma, but she didnt show up.

Actually, she did show up but as Gu Ning.

Gu Ning hadnt heard of the President Ma before, but he sounded like an important figure.

After hearing their discussion, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting left the hotel, but they kept on talking about them.

“What Do you mean that there is a lot of jade in the jade raw materials they won”

“I think its highly possible, and they could win a fortune.”

Hearing that, others all agreed.

At this time, Ma Jingshan was dining with some familiar jewelry businessmen and they talked about the jade bid too.

Ma Jingshan was 55 this year, but was still full of energy.

“Well, I actually also hoped to meet the Queen of Jade today, but I didnt see her.” Ma Jingshan was very disappointed.

He wasnt jealous of Tang Aining at all.

On the contrary, he admired her.

When the person was far better than you, you could only admire him or her.

Tang Aining was an unusually talented gambler, and Ma Jingshan simply relied on his luck.

Compared with common people, he was excellent, but he was barely comparable to Gu Ning.

“Since Tang Aining is good at stone gambling, she should come today!” someone said.

“If she really comes, I dont think we have a chance to win good jade raw materials.”

“Right, I think she better not come, ha-ha.”

Many people agreed.

Although they also ached to meet the legendary Queen of Jade, they preferred to buy more jade raw materials with jade of high quality inside.

They couldnt figure out her skills of stone gambling, but it was true that she was much better than them.

Actually, even if Tang Aining was absent, it still wasnt very likely for them to find good jade raw materials.

“Oh, I noticed a girl named Gu Ning, who won many jade raw materials and she bid a high price for each of them.”

“Its probably a coincidence.”

They all believed that it was a coincidence, but Ma Jingshan had a different idea.

He was curious about Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting.

Ma Jingshan didnt think that Gu Ning was able to pay for so many jade raw materials, because she was too young.

“Im curious to know how many pieces of jade can be cut out of the pile of jade raw materials Gu Ning just won.”

“No matter what, its impossible for her to lose money.”


Even though they didnt believe in Gu Nings ability, they believed Ma Jingshans choices.

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