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Each of the bidders had to register first, then got a bidding paddle for the auction.Although only Gu Ning would attend the auction, Leng Shaoting and the others also registered.

Nobody could have a seat without registration, and standing in the hall wasnt allowed.

Bidders without an invitation letter were classified as common guests, and they could only have seats at the rear rows.

When Gu Ning and her friends came to register, they met Qi Ziyue and his friends.

Qi Ziyue and Tang Yaxin didnt dare show any dislike towards Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting this time, but Ayumi Yamaguchi and Shouta Minamino were still unkind.

“Hi, Lord Leng, its so nice to meet you! Im the marketing director of the Tang Organization, Qi Ziyue.

Im sorry that I didnt realize it was you until yesterday.” Qi Ziyue greeted Leng Shaoting on his own initiative.

Leng Shaoting, however, only gave him a glance and said nothing.

He remembered that Gu Nings master was Tang Aining, who held a grudge against the Tang family and Qi Ziyue, so he had no good impression of them.

He understood that Gu Ning was going to pay the Tang family and Qi Ziyue back.

Qi Ziyue felt utterly embarrassed when Leng Shaoting ignored him.

He didnt expect that Leng Shaoting would directly ignore him, but even though he was mad, he didnt vent his anger.

Tang Yaxin wanted to greet Leng Shaoting too, but gave the idea up after Leng Shaoting ignored Qi Ziyue.

If there was another man who dared to ignore Qi Ziyue, she would argue with him, but she admired Leng Shaoting, so she did nothing about it.

Besides, she had also heard of Leng Shaotings cold character, so it wasnt strange that Qi Ziyue was ignored.

Ayumi Yamaguchi, instead, mocked Leng Shaoting, because she wasnt aware of his family background.

“How could you be so rude Didnt you hear Ziyues greeting”

Hearing that, Qi Ziyue was scared and interrupted Ayumi Yamaguchi at once, “Miss Yamaguchi, its not a big deal.”

He said it in a hurry, so it sounded as if he was criticizing her.

He clearly knew that Leng Shaoting wasnt someone that Ayumi Yamaguchi and Shouta Minamino could mess with.

Although the Minamino family was very influential in Country R, it wasnt the most powerful family, while the Leng family was the most powerful family in this country.

Ayumi Yamaguchi was angry when Qi Ziyue didnt side with her.


Shouta Minamino, however, realized that something wasnt right.

Not only was Qi Ziyue quite respectful of this young man, but he was also nervous when Ayumi Yamaguchi interrupted them.

It all proved that this young man wasnt an ordinary man.

“Ayumi, calm down.”

Although Shouta Minamino liked Ayumi Yamaguchi and he tolerated her bad temper most of the time, it didnt mean that he would allow her to cause trouble.

Hearing Shouta Minaminos warning, Ayumi Yamaguchi curbed her anger.

“Lord Leng, Im sorry.

Miss Yamaguchi is a foreigner, and she doesnt know much about the situation here.

Please dont mind it.” Qi Ziyue apologized to Leng Shaoting at once.

Leng Shaoting remained silent, and ignored him.

He never liked people from Country R.

Besides, from the beginning to the end, the two people from Country R kept causing them trouble.

Gu Ning said to Leng Shaoting at this time, “Lets go now.”

“Great,” Leng Shaoting said, then left with Gu Ning.

When they walked away, Zi Beiying gave Ayumi Yamaguchi a glance of disdain and said, “Dont think youre superior to others, otherwise you will probably be killed without any hints.”

After that, she turned around with pride.

Even if they didnt dare to annoy Leng Shaoting, they couldnt afford the result if Zi Beiying was mad.

Leng Shaoting couldnt kill anybody he wanted to, but Zi Beiying could.

It was super easy for a powerful munitioner to get rid of an enemy in Southeast Asia.

Ayumi Yamaguchi was angry when Zi Beiying said that to her face.

“Ziyue, who are they”

Once Gu Ning and the others were gone, Shouta Minamino asked Qi Ziyue.

“Lord Leng is the eldest grandson of the Leng family in the capital, and hes also the youngest major general in the military,” Qi Ziyue said.

“What” Hearing that, both Ayumi Yamaguchi and Shouta Minamino were shocked.

They had heard of the number one family in the capital, and a major general was a very high level in the army.

They were astonished by Leng Shaotings social status.

“Miss Yamaguchi, please forgive me for being a little rude just then,” Qi Ziyue said.

“Its fine,” Shouta Minamino said.

He felt lucky that Qi Ziyue had stopped Ayumi Yamaguchi in time.

Even though Shouta Minaminos family was very influential in Country R, he knew that he shouldnt offend the most powerful family in this country.

Ayumi Yamaguchi, at the same time, felt quite regretful.

Her family wasnt better than the Minamino family in Country R, so she absolutely had no intention to offend the Leng family.

A short while later, Dongfang Ziyu and Wu Shunhua came.

In the hall, all the people who were interested in jade raw materials were present.

The hall was very large and could accommodate about two thousand people.

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