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Gu Ning firstly went to those shops that she had never been to before to buy several raw materials with medium-high-level jade and high-level jade.

She put them into the telepathic eye space secretly.

Then she went to the largest raw materials shop where she had met Zhou Zhenghong.

The shop was indeed the largest one with the most raw materials.

Many of them had jade inside too.

Gu Ning walked around the shop, and bought 15 raw materials.

All of them had high-level jade or medium-high-level jade.

Five of them weighed around 20 pounds, while one weighed around 50 pounds, and the rest all weighed four to eight pounds.

Gu Ning went on a shopping spree.

All of the customers in the shop paid attention to her suddenly, because they had never seen anyone else who bought so many raw materials at a time.

Four or five raw materials would be more than enough.

Nevertheless, it was universally acknowledged that it was very hard to cut out jade from raw materials, so everyone believed that Gu Ning was simply wasting her money.

Her raw materials weighed 280 pounds in total, and were worth about eight million yuan.

“Miss, do you want to cut out them” the shop owner asked.

Although he himself didnt think that there was jade in this pile of raw materials that belonged to Gu Ning, he was curious.

“Yes, please,” Gu Ning replied.

The shop owner immediately guided Gu Ning to the area where the raw materials were cut out.

Once there was someone going to cut out his or her raw materials, many onlookers would gather around.

“Please let two workers cut those raw materials out together!” There were two machines, and no one else was using it.

Gu Ning wanted to finish it soon, so she let two workers cut out her raw materials together.

In addition, Gu Ning had changed her clothes.

No one would recognize who she was.

Therefore, she gave up the idea of using waste raw materials to cover her behavior.

Gu Ning chose two raw materials with medium-high-level jade inside first.

One weighed 50 pounds, and the other one was as big as a basketball.

Gu Ning drew lines on them herself.

The machine started to work.

Before long, the first raw material was cut out, and the green showed along with a round of surprised voices.

“Wow, the green!”

“Its impossible! Just one cut, which is only two centimeters deep!”

“Can it be just a thin layer”

“If it isnt a thin layer, it must be huge!”

Yes, the jade was as large as a basketball, and the outer layer was as thin as two centimeters.

The shop owner immediately ran over with an unpleasant face.

He knew that such good news would attract more customers, but he still preferred to cut this huge jade out by himself.

However, he didnt dare to try himself.

It was highly risky to cut raw materials out randomly.

The worker continued his work, and the green jade gradually showed its type.

“Hibiscus type!”

“Hibiscus type! Its a medium-high-level jade!”

Everyone knew that the raw material belonged to Gu Ning.

They all looked at Gu Ning with envy, but Gu Ning stayed calm.

There was always someone bidding immediately after the window was cut, because the raw material was very likely to be valuable once the green showed.

Many people wanted to use less money to exchange a potentially precious jade.

Of course, the owner of the raw material normally wouldnt sell it right away.

Only a coward or an idiot would sell it at the beginning.

Everyone knew that once the green showed, the raw material was highly likely to be priceless.

So most people chose to gamble continuously.

Even if it was only a thin layer of green jade, the owner would accept it.

“Please dont rush to bid.

I wont sell it until the jade is fully cut out.

Please be patient,” Gu Ning comforted the crowd while they were busy bidding.

The owner had said it openly, so they stopped bidding.

Gu Ning had the right to sell it or not after all.

Then, Gu Ning let the worker continue to cut out the raw material.

One cut after another, a larger scale of the jade showed gradually.

The outer layer was indeed only as thin as two centimeters.

The jade had to be valuable.

Now everyone was even more envious of Gu Ning.

Within a few minutes, the green showed from the other raw material.

The crowd was greatly surprised again.

This woman was so unbelievably lucky!

Someone even remembered the young girl who had been so lucky last week too.

However, no one believed this woman before their eyes and the young girl were the same person.

One was an 18-year-old teenager, and the other was a mature woman.

They were so different.

The outer layer of the second raw material was only five centimeters thick.

Additionally, the second raw material was two times bigger than the first one.

It had to be valuable too!

“Its transparent like the water with shiny smooth texture.

Its jade of the water type.”

“Water type is medium-high-level jade!”

“Jesus! This woman is so lucky! She cut out two medium-high-level jade at a time.

And they both are so big! They must be worth at least a hundred million yuan.”

Everyone took a long breath in.

At least a hundred million yuan! Although people who loved stone gambling were all rich, not many of them could afford to buy the jade at the price of a hundred million yuan.

Right now, everyone was beyond jealous of Gu Ning, especially the shop owner.

Half an hour later, the jade of the hibiscus type was fully cut out.

It was as big as three quarters of a basketball.

This jade of the hibiscus type was five times larger than the one Zhou Zhenghong had cut out last time.

Its price was naturally five times higher.

It was worth around eighty million yuan.

The most generous buyer would get the jade.

In order to lower the price, everyone started to bid from a low price, but since the jade was so big, its lowest price was twenty million yuan.

“Twenty-five million yuan!”

“Twenty-six million yuan!”

“Thirty million yuan!”

While everyone was busy bidding, Gu Ning absorbed the power into the telepathic eye space.

“Seventy million yuan!”

Everyone stopped bidding once the price rose to seventy million yuan.

There werent many jewelry businessmen here right now after all.

Although seventy million yuan was ten million lower than Gu Nings expected price, she still made a fortune.

The shop owner was reluctant to accept the fact, but he still spread the good news immediately to attract customers.

However, he couldnt afford much more good news like that.

His heart would be broken.

The shop owner had been working in this industry for over 10 years.

He had seen people cut out valuable jade, but it only happened a few times a year.

The jade was mostly around the price of a few million yuan.


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