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After Tang Ainings death, Qi Ziyue and Tang Yaxin would be married soon, but Jason was too busy so Tang Yaxin had to wait.It would only take about a week to make the wedding gown, and their wedding would be two months later.

If Gu Ning knew that they were going to be married, she wouldnt let them enjoy it.

She wouldnt stop them from getting married, but would give them an unforgettable gift.

“Really Thats wonderful!” Tang Yaxin got excited at once.

Although she hadnt married Qi Ziyue yet, they already lived together like a couple, and every girl dreamed of having a romantic wedding.

Qi Ziyue was also excited, but he was looking forward to it only because he could make great progress by marrying Tang Yaxin.

After that, Tang Bingsen and Ji Yijing left.

Qi Ziyue and Tang Yaxin, however, had to stay in the hospital for a few more days.

Luckily they could chat with each other in the ward, so they didnt feel bored.

The next day, before Gu Ning left the capital, she went to the factory of Jade Beauty Jewelry with some jade raw materials.

The branches of Jade Beauty Jewelry in the capital, City B and City G all needed more jade raw materials, so she had kept a lot in her telepathic eye space.

With the help of the telepathic eye space, she could easily move it anywhere she wanted to go.

The jade raw materials occupied the whole telepathic eye space, so Gu Ning had to take some of it out to leave some space for other stuff and the jiao.

In the early morning, Gu Ning asked Leng Shaoting to help her find a small truck, and she took out one third of the jade raw materials before she left for the factory of Jade Beauty Jewelry in the capital.

The main factory of Jade Beauty Jewelry was set in the capital, with another two factories in City B and City G.

As a result, the factory in the capital was very big, but there were only three stores of Jade Beauty Jewelry in the capital, so they didnt hire many workers.

When they opened more stores of Jade Beauty Jewelry, they would hire more workers to work in the factory.

The factory of Jade Beauty Jewelry wasnt far away from the headquarters of her business corporation, so she soon arrived there.

Afterwards, Gu Ning went to have a look at Colaine.

Once Gu Ning took over Colaine, it was becoming increasingly popular and profitable, so Ning Changkai was in a good mood every day.

Kouzi also gained a lot of fame as time went by, because it was famous for its unbelievable effects and comparatively low price.

More and more female customers became its loyal fans.

Colaines medicines werent as profitable as Kouzi skincare products, but they were necessities.

Many households had a medicine box at home, so Colaines sales werent worse than Kouzis.

All in all, both Kouzi and Colaine became popular brands in the industry.

Ning Changkai beamed with happiness the second he saw Gu Ning.

He told Gu Ning that their products were in short supply now because of the increasing demand, and that they needed to hire more people.

Gu Ning was very confident in Kouzi and Colaine, and she was happy to know that both of them were popular now.

She and Leng Shaoting stayed in the factory for a while longer, then dined with Ning Changkai outside.

After lunch, Gu Ning had to leave for the airport.

Leng Shaoting was unwilling to leave her, but he had to watch her leaving in the plane.

Gu Ning arrived at City G an hour later, and took a taxi to the city center.

After that, she moved some of the jade raw materials to a rented truck.

The factory in City G lacked jade raw materials, so she came this time to send jade raw materials.

Gu Ning then called Zhou Zhenghong.

When Zhou Zhenghong heard that Gu Ning came with many jade raw materials, he was very happy.

He didnt ask further, and they decided that they would directly meet at the factory.

The moment Gu Ning showed up, Zhou Zhenghong walked over to welcome her with a broad smile.

“Hi, boss, did you get a lot of jade raw materials from Burma this time”

Although it was a question, he actually already had the answer.

He knew how talented Gu Ning was at stone-gambling.

“Yeah, I got all of them from Burma, but these are just a small part of what Ive got,” Gu Ning said with pride.

Knowing that, Zhou Zhenghong was surprised.

“Wow, boss, youre indeed incredible!” Zhou Zhenghong said.

Gu Ning smiled in silence and didnt explain further.

“Oh, boss, Ive arranged for someone to take my place here, and my son will transfer to the capital this semester,” Zhou Zhenghong said.

The headquarters of Gu Nings corporation was in the capital after all, and he, as a shareholder of Jade Beauty Jewelry, definitely had to work in the headquarters.

Zhou Zhenghong had no parents and his relatives all kept their distance from him when he was out of money.

So now, he only had his son, and his son would go with him.

In addition, there were better education resources in the capital, so his son could receive better education there.

Gu Ning was a very generous boss.

Since Zhou Zhenghong was a shareholder and the general manager of Jade Beauty Jewelry, she gave him a house and a car under his own name.

The house was very large and not far from the Shengning Organization, while the car was a Maserati which cost two million yuan.

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